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How to Remove Vanilla Malware Virus on Samsung


I recently got a pop up when I was visiting The pop up blocked my browsing abbility and said that a porn virus was stealing information and picture and that I shouldn’t restart my Samsung tablet and that I had to call a number for help. I was very skeptical but called the number. I immediately realized it was a scam and hung up. I found your website. What can I do? Or do I even need to do anything?

Description of Vanilla Malware Virus

Vanilla Malware Virus is created by hacker and usually infects Android device. It always tells victims that they have violate some laws because of watching some porn videos and their device have been lock. If they want to unlock their device, they will need to pay a big fine using inactivated vanilla or other ways like paysafecard. The victims will be told that if they don’t pay the fine, the police would come to their home and they will be accused. In addition, generally this virus will ask victims to pay in 24 hours or XXX days. If the victims don’t pay in time, they will also be accused. Thus if your phone or tablet gets infected by this virus, please keep your mind clear that it is just a scam virus that want to get money from you, just don’t believe it and don’t pay to it. What you need to do is to remove it from your device without delay. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on March 18, 2017

How to Remove Virus on iPhone/iPad?


Hi, I have received a worrying notice on my ipad saying “Your device has been locked for illegal pornography, Send email to for unlocking’. I’m really worried that its a virus and I don’t know how to get rid of it? Virus Lock iPhone/iPad – What To Do? Virus may block your browser and tell you that you have visited illegal website, watch pornography with pedophilia, rape and zoophilia. When you are redirected to this malicious websites, a javascript will display a bogus notification that pretends to be from an official law enforcement agency and states that your browser has been blocked due to it being involved with the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content. The malicious website will lock you out of your Safari web browser, so whenever you’ll try to navigate to a webpage, it will display instead a lock screen asking you to pay a non-existing fine of $100 to $500 in the form of an MoneyPak, Ukash, Paysafecard or MoneyGram Xpress voucher. The malware’s authors prefer these payment services because transactions made through them cannot be reversed and are hard to trace. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on March 14, 2017

Safari Blocked by Scam Virus – How to Unlock?


I just got the thing that blocked my safari page and it said it was from the police. I cannot unlock iPad Safari from this page… it said I have to pay $100 via prepaid iTunes Card because it is blocked by what should I do? I just wanted to search some funny video on Yahoo, and then the message was coming up on the Safari on my iPad and blaming me for storing pornography and saying how I have broken all these laws. How do I unlock Safari and save my iPad? Is it really from Police department? Do I really need to pay a fine of $100? I don’t want to be caught by police or get any trouble with police.

Safari’s blocked by Scam Virus – Is it Real from FBI Department or Metropolitan Police? scam virus is actually same as ransomware, police-block site ransomware, police-pay malware, FBI ransomware and Metropolitan Police virus which all pretends to be from law enforcement, government department or police agency like FBI or British Metropolitan Police to falsely display a scam message saying you’re watching illegal pornographic material and have broken some laws and obligate to pay a penalty amount to $100, $500, £100, £200 or €100. However, this kind of ransomware or scam virus including this Blocked Police scam virus is a hoax malware created by cyber criminals to extort money from plenty of internet users of iPhone, iPad even android device like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola etc. malware illegally use the name of FBI or Metropolitan Police to scare people and claim that your Safari browser is blocked up for viewing prohibited pornography material and accuse you of doing illegal activates and breaking the laws, and then you are asked to pay for a penalty of $100, $500, £100, £200 or €100 via iTunes Prepaid Card or iTunes Gift Card. To urge victims to pay money immediately they see this page, this scam virus further threatens victims that you could involve criminal charges and case materials will be transferred to the FBI department or Metropolitan Police if you refuse to pay that fine payment or try to unblock the device personally.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on March 8, 2017

How to Unlock Safari from Virus


I recently got a pop up when I was visiting The pop up blocked my browsing ability and said that a porn virus was stealing information and picture and that I shouldn’t restart my iPad and that I had to call a number for help. I was very skeptical but called the number. I immediately realized it was a scam and hung up. I found your website. What can I do? Or do I even need to do anything? Virus on Safari – How to Unlock?

There are many viruses have been distributed on the Internet, it is common that device has been infected by some kind of virus. Some people may think that Apple device could be safe and won’t be infected by any virus. But we would like to remind you here: Apple device also could be infected. Virus is classified as a malicious virus that for now usually infects Apple device like iphone and ipad. Once this harmful virus infects the device successfully, the safari will be blocked. The infected device user will not be allowed to make a search on this browser. Thus the victim will be unable to use safari on the infected device. In some case, this malicious also could infect other browsers like chrome if your iphone or ipad has one. It may block all browsers on the infected device so that the infected device user could not surf on the Internet. If your iphone or ipad gets infected by this virus, please keep in mind do not believe what it says and you should manually remove the virus without delay. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on March 6, 2017

How to Remove “Cannot Open Page” Popup on iPad/iPhone?


Hi,i need your help urgently. There is ransomware on my iPad mini. It is something saying “Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” It is really nasty and annoying. My Safari is completely blocked and i can’t use it to browser anything on the Internet. I can’t watch videos, view pictures, read articles at all on the internet. It accuses me of watching child porn or something like this and asks me to pay a fine. I have not done such things. I was reading an article on Facebook, and an ad popped up, i intended to click it out. This is all i have done. Is it real or just a scam? How can i get rid of it without paying the fine? Please help me!

“Cannot Open Page” Popup Description:

The “Cannot Open Page” popup is actually a scam virus that will cause lots of problems and inconveniences. It usually identify Safraris on iPad/iPhone as its targets. More than often, the virus will disguise itself as a powerful law enforcement agency to accuse the victims of viewing and distributing illegal pornography with the elements of child pornography and rape. The ultimate purppose of the virus like “Cannot Open Page” Popup is to steal money from the victims. So, it will at last end up asking the victims to pay a unreal fine of a certain amount to earn illegal incomes. In many cases, the victims ask if it is real authority or just a scam. Whether the accusation of watching porn is true or not. Here is the truth. In order to drive the victims to pay the imaginary fine as soon as possible, the virus claims to be a powerful law enforcement authority to threaten the victims into panic. While, Even though it is just a trick to fool victims into paying money, many users still hurry to make the payment because of being nervous at the sight of the virus. To make it look more like a real authority, the virus often steals name and logo of the agency to display together with a message. Many victims come to report that their Safaris on the iPad or iPhone is completely blocked to reach the Internet. They can’t stream videos, viewing photos and reading articles at all. This is the practical and direct inconveniences caused by the “Cannot Open Page” popup scam virus. To unblock the Safari, the virus will demand a fine of a certain amount. As a matter of fact, the Safari will stay blocked all the time even if the fine is paid by the victims. And the victims can unblock the Safari web browser at much lower cost. So, it is suggested not to pay any money as the virus says when you have the “Cannot Open Page” popup on your iPad/iPhone. The most important thing is to turn to an expert to get the virus removed completely. After removal, the Safari will be unblocked. Finally, the virus will ask for a fine paid by MoneyPak, Green Dot or Paysafecart to fix the problem. To select a prepaid card is an elaborate plan. With this payment methord, which is untraceable and irreversible, the cyber criminals will be able to protect themselves from be brought to justice. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on March 1, 2017

How to Unlock Safari from Ransomware Asking £200 iTunes Fine


Hey, Safari browser on Apple iPad has been blocked by asking for £200 iTunes prepaid card. I am scared really. It said my safari browser has been locked for viewing illegal pornography, but I didn’t anything about porn. I just got one link popping up while I was watching TV show on Netflix, and I accidentally clicked on the link, then this popped up and locked my Safari. If I don’t pay £200 iTunes prepaid card, will I be trouble with Met Police really? Until now, I have no clue to unblock it. Do I really need to pay that £200 iTunes Fine?

Safari’s locked by Ransomware Asking £200 iTunes Fine – Is it Real from Metropolitan Police? Ransomware is actually same with Metropolitan Police virus which mainly targets Safari browser of mobile users from European countries especially United Kingdom, Netherland, France and Ireland. virus is developed and spread by cyber criminals who mainly want to use this ransomware to attack Safari browser and extort money from iphone or ipad users. The is associated with malicious software and scareware to display fake police warning alert accusing internet users of doing illegal activities. Therefore, once your mobile device gets this blocked police ransomware, it will soon take control web browser like Safari and Chrome, then it displays this kind of Metropolitan Police warning saying ‘your safari browser has been locked due to viewing and dissemination of materials forbidden by law of England, namely pornography with pedophilia, rape and zoophilia’. It threatens victims to pay £200 fine with iTunes prepaid card, or victims will be prosecuted by the Federal Criminal Police Office of Metropolitan Police. Ransomware illegally use Metropolitan Police logo to make people believe the warning is from police office and think they did something illegal to violate the law. As a result, many victims trust it and pay the required fine of £200 with iTunes prepaid card in order to avoid prosecution, criminal case record or jail.

Screenshot of Ransomware Asking £200 iTunes Fine

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 27, 2017

Got HTTP://POLICE.UK Popup Block On Safari – How to Unlock?


“I got pop up block that state fine of £200 GBP. I can’t open my safari, I don’t know what to do next?”

“I have this virus on my phone that just popped up and after doing some research concluded it is absolute BS but it won’t go off my Safari, I can’t use my safari now, and all the instructions say my safari browser has been blocked up for viewing and distributing illegal materials prohibited by the law. I swear I didn’t do anything violating the law and I have not watched the child pornography. Don’t know what happened to my phone? It just appear and I did nothing wrong. That is crazy that telling me to pay for the thing I never did. please help.”

Description of HTTP://POLICE.UK Popup Block On Safari

This illegal pornography HTTP://POLICE.UK Popup is such disgusting that can block your browser. They invade your system because they’re sneaky. They use every known trick in the book to slip past you, and dupe you into allowing them in. Yes, you read it right. You allow them into your safari. If you find that confusing, it’s rather simple. Hijackers have to ask whether you agree to install them. Only after you confirm that you do, can they proceed with installment. So, remember or not, you complied with the threat’s install. You can’t close it and can’t do anything on your browser. Generally, it always says that your device has been locked for porn reason or something. If you get this Trojan virus, you should think about this and google it. After you google it, you will find that this is actually a virus and scam. The hacker just wants to get money from the victims. This Trojan virus aims to infect online user’s device to cheat them into believing that if they pay the money, their devices will be unlocked. Unfortunately, paying to NSA won’t help to unlock your device. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on February 26, 2017

Safari locked by scam – How to get rid of it?


Hi. I was doing some online shopping on my iPhone when I got the message ‘your device has been locked for illegal pornography. Send email to for unlocking’. I cannot seem to get rid of this message and now my safari cannot work on my iPhone. Can you advise me how I can get rid of this? Thanks.

Hi I have a pop up on my safari that is blocking me from using it on my iPad. It’s not letting me close the window it says it’s blocked because I have been watching illegal pornography and that I should email

Hi. I’m speaking behalf of my friend. She had iPhone Safari blocked. And she get emails from saying she have to pay 200 £ to unblock. It’s from Interpol UK. And on second email they ask for home address or work address. What she can do to access again Safari in her phone. Every time she tries to go on internet, it shows that message.

More Information about the Virus

The is in fact a wicked scam virus developed by hackers to steal money from the victims. The virus is designed to target iPhone or iPad users in United Kingdom. This is easy to identify by the email address of, which is supposed to imply the victims it is the authority of the UK. There are several common tricks such a virus like the often plays to fool the victims into paying money as it demand.
First of all, it usually disguises itself as a local law enforcement agency to frighten the victims and turn them into nervous. In many cases of the virus and its variants, the logo, badge and name of the authority it pretends to be are all stolen to confuse the victims. Generally, these marks or symbols come together with a message to drive the victims believe what they come across. In the message, the victims are accused of watching and spreading illegal pornography prohibited by local law. They are asked to pay a fine of certain amount to fix the problem. For the virus, Interpol UK is the law enforcement agency it wants to pretend.

Secondly, the virus works to block the infected users from using the Safari on the condemned iPad/iPhone to reach Internet again. Streaming interesting videos, viewing photos and reading posts are all blocked. In the cases of the variants of , the message is presented with a button to close itself, but the truth is it will not disappear no matter how many times you press on the button. Many victims also try getting rid of it by restarting the Safari or rebooting the iPad/iPhone. But every time they turn back on the iPad or iPhone, no sooner than they can do anything, the virus pops up at once to block the Safari again. It sticks there all the time in despair.

Finally, the victims are often asked to pay a penalty of certain amount to unblock the Safari in the ways it requires. In a case mentioned in this article, the fine is 200 £. Usually, the cyber criminals prefer to choose such payment methods as iTunes Prepaid Card, Green Dot card, or Money Pak to collect the payments. This is because these methods are untraceable and irreversible. It will help the criminals escape from being tracked and punished by law.
Screenshot of Safari-blocked and Similar Virus


Please Contact YooCare 24/7 Online PC Expert now if you don’t know how to start the virus removal on your iphone or ipad.

How Do You Get Virus on iPhone/iPad? How to Remove It?

We used to think that Apple iOS gadgets were well immune to viruses and malware programs. Unfortunately, over the past years, hackers have turned their attention to our iOS mobile gears. Usually, the introduction of the safari-blocked pop-up scam virus can be completed in a short time. And as soon as infection, it pops up immediately to lock your iPhone or iPad without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source. In addtion, your devices will be easily infected by this virus after jailbreaking of the system. As to the removal of the safari-blocked, manual removal performed by the expert in this field proves to be the only effective way to get rid of this scam virus.

What Possible Dangers of the Safari-blocked Virus?

1. No sooner than infection, the safari-blocked alert takes control of your iPhone/iPad at once by blocking your Safari.
2. After being infected, you cannot use the Safari to browse the Internet any more. Streaming interesting videos, viewing photos and reading blogs online are all blocked.
3. The pop-up alert accuses you of viewing and distributing pornography and sticks to the Safari all the time unless it is removed, which will embarrass the victims a lot while using the device publicly.
4. It will pretend itself as a legit warning and ask for a ransom.If you pay as it demands, you can’t get back the money any more.
5. As time passes, the virus may vary into more violent infection, thus will bring more serious threats or losses.

Important Things You Have To Know If Your Device Has Been Blocked by Such A Scam Virus:

1. The safari-blocked warning pop-up and its variants can attack smartphones running with Android or Mac OS X system.
2. Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help get rid of the warning pop-up but just waste your money.
3. Current antivirus apps are not able to detect or remove this malware, and there is no app for the moment can prevent the virus from attacking the mobile device.


The pop up message is a nasty scam virus target Safaris on iPhone/iPad. It is developed by cyber criminals to steal money from the victims by playing some disgusting tricks. Usually, such infections pretend to be a local law enforcement agency to accuse the victims of viewing and distributing illegal pornography. After infection, the virus will pop up immediately to block Safaris on iPhone or iPad. And the victims have to pay a fine of certain amount to fix the problem.When you are coming across this infection, the most important thing is to stay calm all the time. Never pay for anything as the virus says. Never send emails to the Although it says there is charge against you, it is not true. There is no charge against you. Even though your Safari is blocked completely form reaching the internet, you can fix it by turning to an expert for help at much lower cost. All in all, you can resolve all the problems just by removing the virus completely. To completely get the safari-blocked warning pop-up off iPhone or iPad, you can contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

Published by Matt Johnston on February 25, 2017

Safari Blocked by Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine – How to remove?


I was on my safari browser on my iPad when a message came up from the metropolitan police blocking my safari and saying that I have to pay £200 via an iTunes gift card to unblock my safari, I was wondering if you know how to get rid of this as I have read up on it and it seems like a scam. Safari has been locked by Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine, it said my device has been locked for illegal pornography. How do I get rid of a potential metropolitan police virus on an iPad or iPhone?

Metropolitan Police Virus Freezing Safari on iPad/iPhone – How Can I Unlock It?

Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine is a ransomware hacking users most from UK or Europe. It is a variant of porn scam things created by hackers. When user browsed the web site on his/her iPad or iPhone and suddenly he got this Metropolitan Police warning block on google and Safari, and it said you had to pay a fine of £100 sometimes £200 immediately, or you will face prosecution for viewing illegal sites (which he/she actually didn’t do). Metropolitan Police notification popping up on your Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is actully a kind of virus or  ransomware which mainly defrauds money from victims. It is not from real Metropolitan Police department. This Metropolitan Police Virus pretends to be from Metropolitan Police to display false warning alert claiming victims viewing pornographic material and for this reason victims have to pay for a penalty of £100 or £200 through iTunes Gift Card. And it threatens that if you can’t send the fine within limited time, your data, pictures, contacts and other information will be taken by them, your case will be told to your friends and contacts and even your criminal prosecution will be transferred to court or Metropolitan police(the Federal Criminal Police Office). Actually this Metropolitan Police notice is just a hoax. victims should know that this is a scam and their device like iPhone or iPad now has a Metropolitan Police Virus(malware or ransomware?). Some victims contacted the device provider company for guidance but there is no luck as the company only produce products not provide virus removal service. No one knows how to get rid of the warning screen because people there have very little knowledge of fixing this iPad virus problem. Metropolitan Police Virus blocked iPhone or iPad? How do I actually take it off ? Where do I go to do it?

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 23, 2017

How to Remove “Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam From Safari


Hi I had the Interpol scam on my iPad today so I sent an email as requested asking for my iPad to be unlocked. In the meantime my provider told me to reset my iPad and this has cured the lock down but I’ve received an email from the scammers saying I need to pay a fine. I obviously realize now this is a scam but can they still hack my iPad through email. Please tell me how to remove it?

“Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam – How it Works?

“Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam is defined as a terrible thing that will lock your safari and ask you pay a fine to unlock your safari. According to our experience, some victims pay on that scam but their browser just keep locked, and they have no way to get their money back, the fine is about 100~500 US Dollar, Euro or pound. It means the virus has spread in many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Newzeland. Just like the FBI Moneypak scam, it seems as legitimate as possible so that innocent computer users will fall for it and pay for the fines. In this way, hackers can collect as much money as possible. Thus, please be careful when your computer gets locked by this fake Canadian Police warning page. The Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus is also treated as ransomware that is to extort money from as many mobile device users as quickly as possible by attempting to fool them into believing that they have participated in several serious violations online and must now quickly pay a fine or face severe consequences down the line in the form of legal action and additional monetary fines. This type of virus is spread for the sole purpose of tricking users into sending money to the hackers, and there is not a serious system threat from this ransomware unlike most viruses that give the hackers remote access to the Mobile device (Android phone or Tablet). The hackers only want to infect the mobile device with the Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus and then move onto a new victim. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on February 19, 2017

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