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Remove Browser Hijacker


I think my Edge has been hacked by totally. Many popup ads keep displaying randomly on the webpage I browse. I always get redirected to some strange webpages. I even can’t close down the popup ads. I run Avast to scan the whole computer, but it said my computer was safe. So, why am I always hijacked? How to find out the malware thing to stop these disgusting popup and redirect problem?

Belief Introduce of Hijacker hijacker also is a big threat to computer security. At the beginning, it will just control your web browser, redirect you to some strange websites and change the default settings of browser. However, it has a strong ability to change the DNS settings to block your access to on the internet totally. Since this browser hijacker takes up too much internet resources, your web browser will start to run slowly. If you open many new tabs at the same time, your web browser will easily to be crashed down. Your Windows Explorer will stop working and your computer will be hang there. Gradually, computer will be more and more sluggish. System capacity will be taken up too much by junk files created by this hijacker. CPU usage becomes higher. Running many programs or performing too many tasks will make computer crash down soon. This browser hijacker even can introduce some malicious computer threats like Trojan horse, malware, ransomware or spyware into computer system. Many computer threats will worsen and damage computer system soon. Therefore, you should clean out this redirect as soon as you find it on your machine.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on May 1, 2017

Got a Call from Microsoft Saying My Windows License Key was Expired – How to Fix This?


Hey, yesterday I just received robot call from 800-558-9204 announcing EMERGENCY, Microsoft Windows license key has expired. To renew license please call 800-558-9204.” I returned the call and a woman’s voice (American accent) directed me to call a number regarding a Microsoft license key that had expired and told me my computer would be “shut down” if I did not renew my license key. I am not a computer literate and don’t understand if this phone message from real Microsoft. I’m afraid if someone will hack my computer but now my computer is really blocked by a license key needs to be renewed warning and I can’t go any further. Could you please help me?

Got a call from Microsoft saying my Windows license key was expired – Is it real?

Call from Microsoft saying my Windows license key was expired is a scam phone message which is from those scam tech support actually. Scam tech support mainly uses this scaring phone call message to scare and defraud people out of money. Scam tech support call and tell phone this fake message “Windows license key was expired” illegally in the name of Microsoft.  Once people scare and trust this phone message is from Microsoft, they will continue to redirect victims to call some toll free number, and then the person on the other side of phone will state your computer is seriously in terrible condition and urgently need a Microsoft Windows license renew as your Windows license key was expired, and you may asked to purchase their products or service at a high price or you may be asked to be remotely controlled by someone from other side of that phone number. Here, you should notice that the produces or services are not secured and even be bundled with malicious software, if you buy and install the products they offer, it would be a bid threat to computer security once malicious software is installed into system. Besides, if you let someone remotely control and check your computer, that person may put virus or malware into system or hack your system and get some important data and privacy. Anyway, don’t trust any words from scam phone message “Windows license key was expired”, as it just pretends to be Microsoft company, but there is no real Microsoft technician.

Here below is the screenshot of this fake Warning “Your Windows Licence was Expired” Lock Screen:

Your Windows Licence Has Expired

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 21, 2017

How to Remove ZEUS Virus Alert Manually?


When i open my computer in Windows 10, there is a warning comes out saying it is from the Microsoft, it tells”Windows has detected some suspicious activity” on my computer and i have to call the phone number designated to get the so called customer service. It drives me crazy as i can’t close the warning alerts. I know it is fake alert as i don’t visit any malicious websites. What can i do to bypass the warning?

Got A Warning ZEUS Virus Alert On Your PC’S Screen Stating From Microsoft?

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Published by Matt Johnston on February 16, 2017

How to Remove “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning


Hi, I got a pop up saying “Microsoft has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords.” on my computer, and it is telling me to call as certain number for service. They said .my computer has a virus, and I have to call Microsoft. It will not let me close my page or get it off my page. What can I do now? I am scared a lot! Please help me.

Internet Browser Gets Blocked by “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning? Is it Real from Microsoft?

If your computer especially Windows computer gets blocked by “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning, you should notice that your computer is actually infected with scam malware. The message is not really related with authentic Microsoft. In fact, this kind of warning alert has been classified as a tech support scam by professional and certified tech support team. This fake warning alert is associated with scareware and ransomware and also specifically designed by cyber criminals to scare and defraud online users. Once the computer is infected with this kind of malware, it will soon pop up this warning alert saying “Microsoft has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords.” And it blocks the whole page of your web browser, and you can’t close the page or open a new tab. When online users find “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning, they believe their computer has the virus and Microsoft notices them. Actually it mainly wants victims to call that free toll number 1844-786-8921. When people call this number, the agent on the other side of phone will pretends to be a professional technician from Microsoft and tells your computer really has the virus and asks people to purchase their products or service to get rid of the virus.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 14, 2017

How to Remove Browser Hijacker?


When I open chrome, I always get a site named I never experienced this problem before until 2 days ago. I never visited this site before and don’t know how could it just appear. I have restarted my computer but this site is still there. I want to get my homepage back and I can’t. Could you please help me? I want to set as my homepage and don’t want to use this strange site again. What do I do?

Description of Browser Hijacker is one kind of browser hijacker that could make computer chaotic. Its URL is which you can see on its address bar. Once your computer gets infected by this browser hijacker, you should pay attention to it and remove it immediately from your computer. You are not supposed to ignore it and use it as usual. This browser hijacker is a malicious infection. It has been distributed widely on the Internet and mostly has infected many online windows computer users. Generally, it infects popular browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge. No matter how many browsers you have on your computer, once one of them are infected, others will also be infected soon. Additionally, restarting your computer won’t help to get rid of this browser hijacker. The effective way to remove this browser hijacker is to remove it manually. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on January 31, 2017

How to Remove Browser Hijacker


Have you ever met this browser hijacker problem? It is the one called which has controlled by web browser Mozilla Firefox and now whatever I want to search, I will be just redirected to some strange webpage where endless popups are here and there. It even can’t be closed by clicking on X button. Norton told me computer was safe, but why I always be hijacked. Can you please help me check and fix this problem completely?

Belief Introduce of Hijacker

If your web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge is controlled by this domain, you should notice that your browser is actually infected with a redirect infection. is not a safe and reliable start page like google, Bing, or Yahoo, but instead it’s categorized into browser hijacker which usually comes from online contents and changes default settings of the targeted browser. So once this browser hijacker gets installed into your computer system, the start page and search engine tool will soon change to be this page and browser’s settings but you’re not allowed to change back any settings. The toolbar, bookmark or extension part will be inserted with some unknown extension, toolbar, cookie or plugin. This browser hijacker uses its specific cookie to track your online trace and record your important information like login passwords, online banking details or credit card password. It is very dangerous that your personal information or privacy will be leaked out to public or used illegally. hijacker can send these critical personal information to remote hacker. These cyber hackers will take advantage of this opportunity to use your information illegally for big profitable money.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 28, 2017

Easy Guides to Remove Ads by Lyrics Virus in Chrome, FireFox and IE


I got the Ads by Lyrics virus message and I downloaded that app they link me to and created an account because I was scared. What do I do about the app they link me to that I will have to pay after the 7 day trial period? I’m guessing it has since I clicked the link and downloaded their app and made an account on it, but I have not seen anything strange happening yet. Is this virus dangerous for my data? How to remove it?

Description of Ads by Lyrics Virus

Ads by Lyrics Virus is created by hacker to promote its products. It is a home page browser hijacker that should get people’s attention and it is able to infected many popular browsers like Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer on every computer. Once computer gets infected by this browser hijacker, the victims will be always redirected to this hijacker webpage no matter when they open the browser. Changing the browser’s default homepage is always browser hijacker’s approach to affect the infected computer. It usually doesn’t allow the victims to do any changes about the homepage. These in-page deals and coupons appear on random websites regardless of what type they are: e-commerce pages, news sites, blogs, whatnot. Another category of intrusive objects propped by this infection encompasses interstitial advertisements, some of which are full-page windows opening up in the background once a victim clicks anywhere on an arbitrary website. Furthermore, the Lyrics adware also generates a slew of in-text ads, which trigger small splash screens every time the mouse cursor hovers over them. The unwanted program will be gradually affecting the performance of web browsers on the targeted system. Incidentally, it accommodates cross-browser features so that the potential victim base is as big as possible. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on January 26, 2017 Hijacker Removal Guides


Hi, someone seems hijack my Windows 10 laptop. the start page on Google Chrome is changed to this domain, I’ve never visited this website, but now it becomes the homepage, redirects me to some strange websites and pops up different ads even though I open legit site. And I can’t change back the homepage and Google search engine! Many prompt messages always pop up to ask me to download some cookie and Java updates. Is there any way can help me solve this problem?

Belief Introduce of Hijacker is not a trustful website to be used as a homepage but instead it is categorized into a browser hijacker. Browser hijacker usually can comes into targeted computer by bundling with free-charging software from unknown resources, phishing and hacked websites, spam email attachments, free shareware, peer-to-peer files, files or links sent from unknown person. When redirect attacks the web browser, the browser will be hijacked, homepage is changed to be its domain, search engine also is modified by its own search tool. What drives victims a lot is that thousands of popups keep displaying on webpage whenever you browse online. popup is the way to collect more internet traffic. More people click on thease popup, more internet traffic it will collect and more money will be gained by some website designer or cyber hacker who creates this browser hijacker. What’s more, this hijacker can be treated a platform to promote sponsor’s products, different discount items, deals, coupons and even spyware or rogue program. One click may soon install mawalre, spyware or rogue program into system without your permission. Many computer infections will mess up and damage computer system.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 13, 2017

How to remove Browser Hijacker?


I need help on fixing a browser problem on my computer. Every time I open my Google, I can be taken to a page called, I don’t know too much about this page as my computer knowledge is short. It is super annoying as it keeps popping up unknown advertisements to my machine. I can clearly feel that my computer runs slower and slower. How can I get rid of this page totally? Any suggestion?

What is Browser Hijacker? How is it works in your computer? Browser Hijacker looks like a legit search engine as there is only a search box showing on this page. As a matter of fact, this page is designed by cyber hackers. It can be categorized to be a computer threat which can be called browser hijacker. It is not a virus programs, this browser hijacker can sneak into target computer are troubles. The default homepages and search engines can be replaced by this hijacker. Whenever people go online, they will be redirected to this page. If people use this fake search engine to find information on the web, they will never get the satisfied answers, instead, they will be given countless pop-ups which can contain many other types of computer malware. Those malware can be downloaded automatically and make further damages to the infected computers. What’s worse, the sensitive information saved on the infected computers is no longer safe as this hijacker can help cyber criminals collect the personal information. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on December 30, 2016

Manually Remove Redirect


Hey, could you please now help me remove this redirect thing from my Google Chrome? It has been on my web browser for several days but I have no clue dealing with it. I tried to change back the start page, but after restarting browser back, this redirect page is still there. I have installed some antivirus, but they can’t find anything malicious. Crazy advertisements caused by this redirect infection always pop up and interrupt me a lot. Please help me completely remove this browser redirect.

Belief Introduce of Hijacker is categorized as a browser redirect which can change default settings of attacked browser, modify the homepage and search engine and pops up endless ads. It’s reported that this browser redirect is actually associated with adware, malware, virus and spyware thing. Even though at the beginning it looks no harm to computer system, it gradually will bring attack and damage to system for a long time. It replaces the start page of web browser with this domain, and it even doesn’t allow you to change back or download any new program. Some strange toolbars may also be inserted into web browser, unwanted extension even automatically adds into background of browser. Pop-up ads like deals, product items, discount and coupon keep displaying on every webpage you open. Thousands of junk and temporary files are created by redirect to occupy system capacity and internet resources. You will find it takes a long time to load up one page or web browser crashes down once you open many new tabs at the same time. Your PC will start to run slowly. It will get stuck if you run many programs at the same time. The error “Windows Explorer stops working“will happen frequently.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on December 30, 2016

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