How can I Remove Rogue Advanced PC Tuneup Completely?

Hello, could you please now help me uninstall this fake security tool called Advanced PC Tuneup? It pops up again and again to ask me to remove all those threats it scanned out by purchasing its full version. I don’t need that full version. I just wonder why this software can’t remove all those threat it found out one time. But actually I didn’t specially download this application. I guess this crap should come when I download a video play to play a birthday gift video. I want to uninstall this application but can’t find it in control panel. So I don’t know what to do now.

Why is Advanced PC Tuneup Categorized as Rogue Antivirus Program?

Advanced PC Tuneup is a rogue antivirus program which mainly tricks people into purchasing other useless program at a high price. Your money will be taken by cyber criminals or scammer online if you really purchase its so-called full version. This kind of rogue program is specially designed by cyber criminals or online scammer to rip off people. Therefore, cyber criminals will try various methods to spread this rogue program to target more PC and extort more money from more victims. That’s the final goal of cyber hackers. Advanced PC Tuneup program will be bundled with free-charging application, popups, hacked websites, junk emails, fake updates, shareware or peer-to-peer files. Cyber hacker can add the files of this rogue program into free software installing package. When you download the free software you need, you’re also installing this harmful fake security tool. To avoid getting malicious additional application, you’re advised to choose customized installation to download the software. In addition, rogue Advanced PC Tuneup can be inserted into websites controlled by remote hackers. And then this fake program will be installed if you mistakenly click on random popups from that hacked website. So you should be careful with online actions in order to avoid computer threat.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on December 21, 2016 12:23 pm

Manually Remove Rogue Super PC Cleanup Step by Step

Hello, please help me! I just mistakenly installed this Super PC Cleanup when I downloaded free software into my Windows 10 laptop. Now this Super PC Cleanup is running and always popping up saying there are many threats in system and asking me to remove all risks by purchasing its full version. What is this program doing? I don’t want it to install into my system but it forcibly gets installed there. I even don’t know how to uninstall it as it is not in control panel. I even uninstall the software I just downloaded, but it doesn’t help to remove this nasty unwanted program. What should I do now? Please suggest me, thanks!

Why is Super PC Cleanup Categorized as Rogue Antivirus Program?

Super PC Cleanup is not a reliable and useful antivirus program but a potentially unwanted program or even a rogue antivirus program which mainly tricking people into purchasing other useless software. Super PC Cleanup is a rogue program bundled with free-charging software spread on the Internet. While some users download the free software, this fake program will also come into system without any permission. When it gets downloaded into system, it will implant its executable files into start-up items to change startup settings of computer. Then you will find that this Rogue Super PC Cleanup can automatically run while you’re starting your computer, and it can soon make a full scanning for whole computer, or it can set itself to run fake scanning every 30 or 45 mins. After a scanning, it will tell you that your computer has such problems as tons of Windows registry errors, performance issues, junk files and useless cache files and so on. Rogue Super PC Cleanup alerts that large number of registry errors indicate that your computer may be at a high risk of computer crashes, unwanted system errors, and slow software startups. And it offers a free trial to let you fix some errors it mentioned, but if you want to fix all errors, you have to purchase its full version to continue.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on December 1, 2016 10:00 am

How to Remove Fake Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202?

Hi there, I have an issue on my Windows computer. After I boot up my computer, I can receive a virus warning from a program called Windows Defender, it claims that there is an error on my system and the code is 0x80073afd or 0x80040202. I can’t close the message as it can always pop up. Is it a real message that shows me my computer is in great damage? How can I check about that? Please help!

Brief Introduction to Fake Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afd / 0x80040202

If you keep getting the message about Windows Defender error code 0x80073afd/0x80040202 on your computer, you need to be cautious as your computer is targeted by a rogue anti-virus program. Windows Defender is a free anti-virus program that created by Microsoft. It helps many PC users against virus attacks. But nowadays, cyber hackers utilize the name of this powerful anti-virus program to create malware to attack innocent computer users. We have learnt that many victims complain that they keep getting the error messages from this unreal Defender when they go online. The errors show the code 0x80073afd/0x80040202 and give users that their systems are greatly damaged by viruses. Do not believe what the errors say, it is a trick made by hackers to deceive inexperienced computer users. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 27, 2016 1:13 am

How to Get Rid of PC Accelerate Pro Completely?

Can’t get unwanted PC Accelerate Pro off my screen, why? I have been installed an anti-virus software which is named PC Accelerate Pro, it was always show that has found several issues, and then tell me call a remote tech support number. I can feel my computer become slowly after I use that anti-virus software, and there are many Advertising pop-up on my computer. I think it is abnormal, so I want to uninstall it, but I can’t did it even though I tried many kinds of methods, any good idea? PC Accelerate is popping up on my computer all the time telling me my computer has issues. I have not installed this program but I would like to get rid of the constant boxes that keep popping up. Thank you.

PC Accelerate Pro Description:

PC Accelerate Pro is a fake as an anti-virus program to deceive PC users. It disguised as a reliable and practical program, induced customers to install and use it, and then creates a series of computer security problems. You need to pay attention to that is trap, even if it looks like an useful software, but it contains a hidden code damage to run the program system. Once you click the PC Accelerate Pro executable file, the file starts to download additional files which are embedded with the unsafe malware intended to penetrate your internet browser and try to make modifications without you knowing. It will allows a lot of false advertisements, and accompanying installation bundle of malicious software. You should know that they are extremely annoying, the PC Accelerate Pro pop-ups are also very dangerous. The virus generates fake alerts and bogus security warnings, misleading pop-ups and corrupted web links. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 15, 2016 1:16 pm and last modified on February 10, 2020 3:26 pm.

How to Uninstall Rogue SpeedUpMyPC 2016 Permanently

Hey, could you guys help me uninstall this SpeedUpMyPC 2016 from my windows 10 computer, as it always gives different scanning reports about infected files there. That is annoying. I want to uninstall it from Apps settings in regular way, but I failed. By the way, I also have installed other antivirus programs, but they can’t help me uninstall this program. I even don’t know how and when this program got installed into my computer. Anyway, I need urgent help to remove this popup thing as soon as possible.

Why is SpeedUpMyPC 2016 Categorized as Rogue Antivirus Program?

SpeedUpMyPC 2016 is a kind of rogue antivirus program which will not help fix any computer programs or remove any computer infections for you. Once this fake antivirus program gets into your system, it will soon root its own files into start-up items, so it can automatically start up and do a scanning while you’re booting up your machine. Or this fake program can make a fake scanning every 30 or 45 mins. After SpeedUpMyPC 2016 does so-called scanning, it usually reports that your computer has such problems as tons of Windows registry errors, performance issues, junk files and useless cache files and so on. Also it tells you all those problems will lead to PC crashes, poor performance and system instability. All those scanning message seem to be very severe and urgent to be repaired. So on this rogue window screen, it will offer you a ‘Start Repair’ button, but when you click on that button, you will be lead to another window that requires you to purchase a full version of SpeedUpMyPC 2016 and get serial number and next activate it. Thus you can totally use that rogue harmful program. Don’t trust this rogue pogram.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on August 13, 2016 8:49 am and last modified on August 13, 2016 8:57 am.

How to Remove PC Backup 360 for Windows

Hello, could you please help me clear up those stuff things related with this PC Backup 360 for Windows. Since I use this PC Backup 360, I found there are many advertisements popping on the webpage I opened and I can’t stop those annoying pop-ups at all. I click to close then another new one coming up! That is crazy! And internet speed begins to slow down and when I open many webpages at the same time, web browser begins to get stuck there. And that PC Backup 360 webpage seems insert some malware into web browser, as the homepage is changed to be another unwanted one. Anyway, some computer problem happens.

Brief Introduction to PC Backup 360 for Windows

PC Backup 360 for Windows is not a useful and trustful security tool, but it has been classified as a kind of rogue antispyware. On the website, it promotes and claims that this tool can help back up all your files on Windows for free. However, that is not a free program to help back up files on your computer. At the beginning, it will so some online backup for some small files to attract you then later it will soon pop up a prompt window to tell you that if you want to continue to finish backing up all the files on your computer, you have to purchase the real PC Backup 360 for Windows. And the price is very high. And what’s worse, what it does an online backup can’t be back to your computer until your purchase its real version and install that version into your computer. For example, if it help backup some music files online, it will be hard to take back if you can’t purchase its so-called real version. It actually aims at scam people’s money. And to further convince you, it will keep popping up a fake warning alert telling you that your computer is at high risk and needs to be back up all files online in case the files are infected with computer threats. That is a fake warning message just to further deceive you.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on June 12, 2016 10:08 am

Remove AV Defender Professional

Hello, can you help me solve this problem here? I guess my computer has some kind of malware, as this prompt message always pop up and asks me to install AV Defender Professional. What is this? I don’t want to install it, and I have installed AVG and Avira on computer. I don’t need this one, but it always pop up, sometimes my computer just gets stuck there and I have to restart computer. I go to control panel but don’t find any suspicious program there. I don’t what happen to computer. Something should be downloaded in computer.

Brief Introduction to AV Defender Professional

AV Defender Professional has been classified as a fake antivirus or rogue program which aims defrauding PC users’ money. One this fake program is installed into targeted computer; it will create many harmful activities. After it’s installed, it will activate itself and immediately make a full scan for a whole computer automatically. After a full scan, it will tell you that your computer now is infected with many viruses or malware and shows you that many files and programs are infected. When users find that their computer has so many infections, they will worry their computer security state, and then soon choose to clear those so-called viruses. Once you click on ‘’Remove All “button, this program will continue to guide you buy a full or registered version of this program to clear all threats on computer. Actually those warning alerts and infected files listed by this AV Defender Professional after a so-called security scanning are fake and don’t exist on targeted computer at all, since this fake antivirus has no ability to load and update its virus definition database or any features that would allow this application to detect any of  security infections listed. The real aim of AV Defender Professional virus is to trick computer users into paying money for a fake advanced version.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on September 3, 2015 3:46 am

Shield Plus Cleaner Removal Guide

Last night, I downloaded a program called Shield Plus Cleaner on my XP computer. After I installed it, I turned off my computer and went to sleep. Today, after I boot up my machine, this program started to scan my system automatically and I can’t stop it. So I have to wait for it to finish the scan. Several minutes later, the result shocks me that I have hundreds of issues on my system. I tried to solve but I need to register to program and pay money to it. Can I trust this program and let it help me protect my machine? Please advise.

Brief Introduction to Shield Plus Cleaner

Shield Plus Cleaner sounds like a good program that can protect your system from virus attack and help you tune up your system for a better performance. On the contrary, the fact can be out of people’s judgment. It is classified as a rogue anti-virus program that cannot protection your computer, that’s to say, it is a computer virus which can damage your system and weaken the defense system to help more computer viruses to come and make more damages. What’s worse, this fake anti-virus program can always pop up when people get the system loaded, PC users will not able to close or bypass the page of this program. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on September 1, 2015 11:52 am

How to Remove Antivirus Pro 2017

Okay, so basically yesterday I was on Google Chrome and I had something saying I needed a java update. So I installed it and I got so many programs I did not want, especially Antivirus Pro 2017. I cannot uninstall it and cannot find in the control panel. It is very annoying and always running scanning every time when I start up computer. So I was hoping you’d be able to assist me in removing this virus.

Brief Introduction to Antivirus Pro 2017

Antivirus Pro 2017 is fake antivirus program to defraud people out of money. It has no ability to detect and remove infections and protect computer from being compromised with threats.  But instead, Antivirus Pro 2017 will be a bid threat to computer security. Once it is installed in to computer system, it will configure a Windows registry key to start the program every time when you login Windows. In this way, Antivirus Pro 2017 can automatically run a scan for your computer, after scanning it will show that your computer is at risk and many files and programs are compromised. When users find that their computer has so many threats, they will worry and need a soon removal. But this rouge antivirus just throw false message to scare people to convince that there are really infections on computer. Actually your computer is in good state without any threats. And when people scare and trust it, they will choose Antivirus Pro 2017 to help remove all threats, but this program will recommend you to purchase and install the full version or so-called advanced version, and then all infections will be removed. Even though you pay money for so-called full version, it has no ability to prevent malware infiltration and protect your computer, as no virus database. It just wants to defraud your money, instead if you get this rouge antivirus, please remove it soon.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on May 27, 2015 3:17 am and last modified on May 27, 2015 6:44 am.

How to Remove Obrona Cleaner

How do I uninstall this Obrona Cleaner from my new laptop? It is not in control panel. Where can I find it out? Yesterday when my son clicked on something strange from a wired website, then I find it somehow gets on the desktop. I have tried to delete it from the desktop, but it fails. This strange Obrona Cleaner always reports that my computer is in high risk. I don’t believe that, because my computer is a new one. But that pop ups are very annoying. So please help me remove it completely soon here, thanks!

Brief Introduction to Obrona Cleaner

Obrona Cleaner is not a reliable security tool that can protect and take care well of your computer. To the contrary, it is a rogue antivirus program to invade computer running system from windows XP, Vista to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Obrona Cleaner usually runs a full and automatic scan and tells you that your computer is infected with many threats which indicate that the security of computer is very low. However, in fact, your computer has no viruses at all, this fake program just throws fake security message as a tactic to scare innocent and inexperienced users to make them convince that their computer is really under high risk. And then when users try to remove those threats, this Obrona Cleaner program will pop up a message to recommend you to purchase its full or registered version. If you are at this step, you should notice that Obrona Cleaner is a scam and this program is a fake.  And if you really pay money for so-called registered version, this fake program will activates its full function and also disables some important system functions to keep you out from the computer system. You even cannot close the virus window to access your files on your disk. Obrona Cleaner virus sometimes also damages the troubleshoot modes to make it harder to remove. Don’t trust this fake program, it only bring bad damages to computer but cannot do good to computer. If you find it on your device, please just remove it soon.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on April 20, 2015 9:30 pm


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