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What’s VPN can be trusted?


Hi, I need to use a VPN and I’ve been looking into different providers, but there’s one thing I’m worried about. Can’t a VPN provider just look at my traffic all they want and see what I’m doing? Don’t I just have to trust them not to spy on me? If that’s true, how do I pick one I can trust, when they can all see what I’m doing?

The discussion about the security of VPN

If security is all you’re concerned with, and you have a VPN provided to you by your school or company, you’re already set. In fact, almost any VPN will cover you from the security angle, because you’re only really concerned about protecting your activity from prying eyes, presumably on the same network that you’re on—like a hotel, coffee shop, or airport’s free Wi-Fi. Of course, you still need to make sure that your VPN provider isn’t just sniffing your traffic themselves and making themselves the security issue, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

VPN mainly adopts 4 technologies to ensure the safety of the data communication: Tunneling, Encryption & Decryption, Key Management and Authentication. About the Authentication technology, VPN is the use of the PPP method for user authentication. These validation methods include: PAP, CHAP, SPAP, MS-CHAP and EAP. About the Encryption & Decryption and Key Management technology, VPN is use the MPPE and IPSec methods to encrypt data; and adopt the method of public and private key for Key Management. MPPE can make terminal for secure communication from anywhere around the world, and MPPE Encryption also can ensure the security of data transmission. The above technologies are enforced to remote VPN server. VPN connection can realize double data encryption, and make the network data transmission more secure. You can also use the VPN connect to the server to physical separation of highly sensitive data server physically separated. Only appropriate permissions users can access protected resources through the remote network by VPN server. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on January 16, 2017

How to Use Instagram from China


Hello, can you help me with an issue? I am now using my friend’s smartphone in China. I want to access Instagram from China. I want to upload and share some awesome Chinese street food pictures and videos with my friends and family in America, but Instagram is strictly blocked by government’s Great FireWall. Besides, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter also is not allowed to open. So How to Use Instagram from China? My friend suggests me now use a VPN service to unlock these geo-blocked websites. what kind of VPN should I use and how to set it up on my smartphone or tablet? My smartphone is a Samsung S7.

Why many people love to use Instagram?

More and more people have been spending a lot of time on Instagram, the app for sharing photos and videos.  Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. On Instagram, you can post photos and videos, edit them with filters and creative tools and add numerous clips into the video. The most enjoyable moment is when you share your photos and videos to your story. You can bring photos and video to life by using Instagram’s text and drawing tools. You also can follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. It’s also easy to send disappearing photos and videos, text messages and posts from your feed to groups and friends with Instagram Direct. Anyway, Instagram is an interesting way to express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day and experience the joy and sorrow of friends, family even people around you too. This is the reason why so many people choose to use Instagram and increasingly spend more and more time on it. But When travelers comes to China, they will be frustrated by a problem ‘How to Use Instagram from China’.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 14, 2017

The Best VPN for iOS


Hello, I usually use iPhone and iPad, now I want to go on a holiday abroad, but once we are outside, many popular TV and movie streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer etc will not access, as I know these worldwide streaming services are restricted by some countries and regions.  Someone online recommend using a VPN then I can have a special tunnel access different geo-restricted websites from different countries. But I don’t know where I should purchase one and how to install and set up it on iPhone and iPad. How to select the best VPN for iOS device like iPhone and iPad?

How the best VPN for iOS can help you access geo-restricted websites?

The Best VPN for iOS is a secure and encrypted network, created over the public internet connection to enable the users hide their identity over the worldwide web. Some websites are blocked in specific countries, but a VPN will help unblock all those websites if you use a VPN service. A VPN client on iOS device provides universal access to websites and apps which might be blocked due to geo-restrictions. You can easily access Geo-restricted sites such as Bloomberg News, the New York Times, Gmail, Google, Instragram, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter etc. For example, you’re in the United States but can’t access the BBC iPlayer because of geo-restricted block. When you connect your iOS device like iPhoen or iPas up to a VPN, your browsing is route through servers across the world, which provides a proxy I.P. address. For example, if you’re in Japan but want to access BBC iPlayer, you just need to connect to UK server on a VPN, and then it will assign you a proxy IP address, which seems like you’re from United Kingdom. All your Internet traffic is route to that server where you’ll be provided with a proxy I.P. address. So, if you’re based in Japan and are surfing the web, websites won’t see a Japan based I.P. address, but they’ll see a UK one.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 12, 2017

What is a VPN & How VPN Works


VPN has been developing rapidly in the world. According to incomplete statistics, the VPN market has reached hundreds of billions of dollars every year, if you still don’t know what is a VPN and how VPN works? Do you still have doubts about the VPN’s security and service quality? Don’t worry, this blog will tell you more about the VPN, you can also publish your views or questions to us, we are very happy to discuss with you.

For the global of users, what is the biggest attraction of VPN (Virtual Private Network)? It is the price. According to industry survey, the companies with the VPN compared the companies with the traditional remote access private wire network, Modem pool and dial-up line companies can save 30% to 70% of the cost.

What is a VPN?

Now there are a lot of connection is referred to as VPN, but some users often points not clear what is a VPN. Actually, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not a really special network, but it can realize functions for the private network. Virtual Private Network refers to establish a private data communication network in public network technology depend on ISP and other NSP. On the VPN, the connection between any two nodes is not needed for the traditional private network end-to-end physical link, but it is needed the resources of a public sites of dynamic. The draft of IETF for the VPN what is based on IP understood as: “Using an IP mechanism simulation of a private wan”. It is a private technology what simulates of a point-to-point line through private tunnel on the public data network. Virtual means users no longer need to use the actual long distance data lines, but using the long distance data lines of Internet public data network. Private Network means users can set one of the most suitable network requirements for themselves. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on January 10, 2017

How to Set up VPN on Android


Hey, I feel my LG phone is hacked while I was browsing on the internet and doing some online shopping. I am afraid my phone number, personal information, and Facebook have been hacked by someone. Recently, some strange ransom message is sent into my phone and my friends on Facebook said I once asked them some money, my Google email sent some spam or porn contents to my contacts, but I didn’t do anything. I guess someone should take my personal information by hacking my network, as my phone has not lost or stolen before, and it is always with me. But I did using my phone to do email over an open-wifi at coffee bar. Is it the culprit bringing hacker? Is it Android VPN useful to protect my personal information and prevent such problem happening?

Why is Your Email and Android Device is Hacked while Using Public Internet (Free WiFi) ?

We now use mobile device especially android device more frequently than windows computer or Mac, as android device can be used to perform such activities as surfing online, contacting friends, reading emails, shopping online etc. at anytime and anywhere. It’s more actually convenient to use android and also more functions on android device are improved. So we usually don’t care about what we perform online over public internet or free Wifi. As a matter of factor, open Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, airports, and other public places are opportunities for hackers to steal information and more. Everywhere, from coffee shop or airport Wi-Fi to the internet provided by convention centers and other public facilities, there’s an IT department in the background that absolutely can examine your unencrypted internet traffic. To further illustrate, when you stay in a hotel and use their network and the hotel will be you Internet Service Provider. They offer the connectivity, routers, and other equipment which enable you to connect with the internet. So actually you’re using the network owned and controlled by the hotel, and they have the right to monitor its usage. Also like your own traditional ISP, they have the ability to supervise any and all traffic on the network. So if you don’t take appropriate precautions, some technical savvy guys will be able to monitor the websites you’re browsing. They even could potentially see your login information and password of email, Facebook, online banking account, or credit card. Your important personal data and privacy can be exposed a lot.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 9, 2017

The Best VPN for Android


Hello, could you please kindly suggest me a good VPN service? I am going to have a trip to China, but I heard that many websites like Facebook, twitter, Youtube and Netflix etc are blocked in China, so my friend suggested me to sign up one VPN service online then I can visit any websites I expect freely from China even from other countries. I have a habit that I usually write down feeling about the travelling and upload picture and blog to my Facebook to share with my friends and family. If I can’t access Facebook to update blogs in time, I feel I lost connection with friends and family. However, there are too many VPNs published online, and I don’t know how to choose from these recommended VPNs. By the way, I will just take my Samsung phone and tablet while I’m on journey. So what’s the best VPN for android especially for Samsung device?

What a VPN will do on Android Device?

VPN service is created and upgraded to have a strong ability to bypass geo-restrictions and help internet users to access any abroad websites successfully.VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and encrypted network, created over the public internet connection to enable the users hide their identity over the worldwide web. Some websites are blocked in specific countries, but a VPN will help unblock all those websites if you use a VPN service. VPN not only works well with Windows computer and Mac but also runs greatly on Android device and iOS device.  With fast development of mobile device especially Android device, more and more people choose to use android device for daily social contact and communication. You can visit websites, purchase online, watch video, listen to music and play games on your android device whenever and wherever you get the network. Therefore, VPN for android becomes more and more popular. With installing a VPN app on your phone or tablet, you can easily access numerous server located around the world and any your favorite websites around the world at any time. Namely, a VPN client provides universal access to websites and apps which might be blocked due to geo-restrictions. Many people choose VPN services because of its strong security, privacy and anonymity. A VPN prevents websites spying on and monitoring you by hiding your data that could identify you.  IP Your address, location, browser and operating system, screen resolution, ISP and more will not be revealed.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 8, 2017

The Best VPN for Windows


With the development of the Internet era, VPN is more and more importent for us. There are many different VPN products in the market, but you may be puzzled about VPN and what is the best VPN for Windows? VPN means Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel between two devices. It will change your IP address and allowing you to reach the limited web sources. What you choose to do with a VPN is a different story. Through this article, you will know more about the working principle of VPN and the best VPN for Windows.

Steps about VPN communication process

Step 1: The client-side takes a request to the VPN server.

Step 2: VPN server respond to the request and make invitation to the client-side, the client-side will sent the encrypted user authentication response information to VPN server.

Step 3: VPN server will check the response according to the user database. If the account is valid, VPN server will check whether the user have remote access permission, and VPN server will Accept connections if the user have remote access permission. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on January 7, 2017

What is the Best VPN for China?


What is the Best VPN for China? I am now encountering an internet problem! Our sales team now is negotiating with our business partner, and I want to send gmail about trading details to my boss in America, but it’s weird that Gmail can’t open here in China, also Facebook. It’s very hard for me to visit some websites. Is there some problem with my MacBook? I’m now using my iPhone. Ii hope you can help me fix this issue soon. I urgently need to send email to boss.

Why can’t you access Google, Gmail, FaceBook, Instragram, YouTube or Twitter etc. from China?

Every country has a department to rule its national internet infrastructure. The quality of the infrastructure is an important factor in determining connection speed. Browsing and downloading contents from the country you’re in will be relatively fast. However, if you want to access servers abroad, there will be much difference. For different reasons, some websites also are blocked in some countries. It’s reported that to preserve China’s “cyberspace sovereignty”, Chinese government creates and operates its filtering system dubbed the Great Firewall (GFW) to censor its Internet. And every year, this GFW system keeps upgrading. This sophisticated net censorship system both limits the places people can go online and what they can search for and discuss. The GFW system severely restricts access to certain websites, blocks the Tor anonymity network and all public relays, prevents news and social-media websites like Bloomberg News, the New York Times, Twitter, Instragram and Facebook and free hosting services owned by foreigner. As a result, many foreign websites and service are severely hindered. It’s reported that more than 2,600 websites are blocked in China. It’s actually very inconvenient for Chinese people and people travelling to China to connect overseas websites.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 6, 2017

What Are The Benefits of a Good VPN?


What are the benefits of a Good VPN? I am an employee to work for a trading company, I need to travel to different cities and countries frequently. But not like in my country when i am abroad i can’t access google or yahoo and many other websites. That is why i need a good tool help me with the problem. VPN is an essential tool in my company, there are many different VPN products in the market, but I want to know the benefits of a good VPN before i choose one. Should I only need to select the VPN according to the prices? Do you have detailed instructions?

What Are The Benefits of a Good VPN And Why People Use VPN?

Are you sick of your ISP throttling your connection, you want to secure your browsing sessions while on the road, or you just want to download whatever the heck you want without the man on your back, there’s no substitution for a securely deployed Virtual Private Network. If you say “Yes”, I think now you’re armed with the knowledge necessary to pick a good VPN. Before you choose, the following article can let you know more about What are The Benefits of a Good VPN:

1. Saving Cost
This is one of the most important advantages of VPN, and it is the key to win the traditional private wire network. According to industry survey, the companies with the VPN compared the companies with the traditional remote access private wire network, Modem pool and dial-up line companies can save 30% to 70% of the cost. There are four areas can save the cost: Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on January 5, 2017

How can I Watch EPL Live Streaming from Any Countries on iPhone


How can I Watch EPL Live Streaming from Any Countries on iPhone? Hello, I am a football fan and crazy about watching EPL (English Premier League) game. Usually I watch English football season via TV channel, but now I want to watch its live streaming online on my iPhone, as I bring iPhone at hand everywhere and prefer to use iPhone to visit online, listen to music, visit websites, but I don’t know if there is website offering such online sport live broadcasting and how to access such websites or apps on iPhone as many abroad websites are blocked and regulated by my government here. I have no idea about internet thing. Could you please help me figure out and give some suggestion?

How can I Watch EPL Live Streaming from Any Countries on iPhone? Is it a VPN useful really?

EPL (English Premier League) soccer game is very popular with football fans all over the world, and it is always focused on. For thousands of soccer fans, they will not miss such a great event. EPL live streaming is only available for specific channel in different countries (as Pictures below). However, these live broadcasts are restricted to some countries and regions. That means if you are in such geo-block region, you will not be allowed to watch EPL streaming video online. For example, a Sky Sport live stream is only available in the United Kingdom, so if you’re on holiday or business trip in France, it will not be much fun watching soccer game of EPL in French. It will be difficult for you to follow the commentators. But if you speak French well, you can understand well and enjoy a lot. Now it comes to the problem that how we can watch our favorite programs or channels like this EPL soccer game broadcasting in Sky Sport live stream geo-restricted by some countries or regions while we are in these countries. A VPN on iPhone will bypass geo-restrictions to let you access the websites you need. If you want to watch English Premier League live stream, you just need to connect to a UK server on VPN which will assigns you an IP address from the UK, then you can watch it on Sky Sports. And of course, the public IP address will show as if you’re in the United Kingdom.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 5, 2017

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