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Safari Blocked by Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine – How to remove?


I was on my safari browser on my iPad when a message came up from the metropolitan police blocking my safari and saying that I have to pay £200 via an iTunes gift card to unblock my safari, I was wondering if you know how to get rid of this as I have read up on it and it seems like a scam. Safari has been locked by Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine, it said my device has been locked for illegal pornography. How do I get rid of a potential metropolitan police virus on an iPad or iPhone?

Metropolitan Police Virus Freezing Safari on iPad/iPhone – How Can I Unlock It?

Metropolitan Police Virus £200 fine is a ransomware hacking users most from UK or Europe. It is a variant of porn scam things created by hackers. When user browsed the web site on his/her iPad or iPhone and suddenly he got this Metropolitan Police warning block on google and Safari, and it said you had to pay a fine of £100 sometimes £200 immediately, or you will face prosecution for viewing illegal sites (which he/she actually didn’t do). Metropolitan Police notification popping up on your Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is actully a kind of virus or  ransomware which mainly defrauds money from victims. It is not from real Metropolitan Police department. This Metropolitan Police Virus pretends to be from Metropolitan Police to display false warning alert claiming victims viewing pornographic material and for this reason victims have to pay for a penalty of £100 or £200 through iTunes Gift Card. And it threatens that if you can’t send the fine within limited time, your data, pictures, contacts and other information will be taken by them, your case will be told to your friends and contacts and even your criminal prosecution will be transferred to court or Metropolitan police(the Federal Criminal Police Office). Actually this Metropolitan Police notice is just a hoax. victims should know that this is a scam and their device like iPhone or iPad now has a Metropolitan Police Virus(malware or ransomware?). Some victims contacted the device provider company for guidance but there is no luck as the company only produce products not provide virus removal service. No one knows how to get rid of the warning screen because people there have very little knowledge of fixing this iPad virus problem. Metropolitan Police Virus blocked iPhone or iPad? How do I actually take it off ? Where do I go to do it?

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 23, 2017 6:19 am and last modified on February 23, 2017 6:26 am.

How to Choose A VPN for TV & Movie Streaming


Do you like to steam TV and movies in your free time? If you answer “Yes”, I think you probably need to be using a VPN. The following blog will tell you what is a VPN? How is it works? Why, and how to choose a VPN for TV & movie streaming.

What is a VPN?

There are lots of great TV you can stream but is blocked based on your geographical location. Top sources like HBO, Netflix, BBC, ESPN, ITV, Sky Sports, and many more are all geo-blocked. VPN creates a network that is private but virtual. It is private because it guarantees privacy inside the organization. It is virtual because it does not use real private WANs; the network is physically public but virtually private.

It uses a technique known as tunneling to transfer data securely on the Internet to a remote access server on your workplace network. Using a VPN helps you save money by using the public Internet instead of making long-distance phone calls to connect securely with your private network. There are two ways to create a VPN connection, by dialing an ISP,or connecting directly to Internet. It’s very important to consider the privacy policy of a VPN provider and their legal jurisdiction. But I also believe the above is not enough for complete privacy. The most secure VPN provider should have apps with more security features that protect the users from data leaks (dns leak prevention and kill switch), tracking, ads, malware etc. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on February 22, 2017 5:59 am

Got a Call from Microsoft Saying My Windows License Key was Expired – How to Fix This?


Hey, yesterday I just received robot call from 800-558-9204 announcing EMERGENCY, Microsoft Windows license key has expired. To renew license please call 800-558-9204.” I returned the call and a woman’s voice (American accent) directed me to call a number regarding a Microsoft license key that had expired and told me my computer would be “shut down” if I did not renew my license key. I am not a computer literate and don’t understand if this phone message from real Microsoft. I’m afraid if someone will hack my computer but now my computer is really blocked by a license key needs to be renewed warning and I can’t go any further. Could you please help me?

Got a call from Microsoft saying my Windows license key was expired – Is it real?

Call from Microsoft saying my Windows license key was expired is a scam phone message which is from those scam tech support actually. Scam tech support mainly uses this scaring phone call message to scare and defraud people out of money. Scam tech support call and tell phone this fake message “Windows license key was expired” illegally in the name of Microsoft.  Once people scare and trust this phone message is from Microsoft, they will continue to redirect victims to call some toll free number, and then the person on the other side of phone will state your computer is seriously in terrible condition and urgently need a Microsoft Windows license renew as your Windows license key was expired, and you may asked to purchase their products or service at a high price or you may be asked to be remotely controlled by someone from other side of that phone number. Here, you should notice that the produces or services are not secured and even be bundled with malicious software, if you buy and install the products they offer, it would be a bid threat to computer security once malicious software is installed into system. Besides, if you let someone remotely control and check your computer, that person may put virus or malware into system or hack your system and get some important data and privacy. Anyway, don’t trust any words from scam phone message “Windows license key was expired”, as it just pretends to be Microsoft company, but there is no real Microsoft technician.

Here below is the screenshot of this fake Warning “Your Windows Licence was Expired” Lock Screen:

Your Windows Licence Has Expired

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 21, 2017 12:20 pm and last modified on February 23, 2017 2:11 am.

Best Europe VPN for 2017


I have one question, what’s the best Europe VPN for 2017? I have a business partner in Netherlands, and he yesterday sent me some details of the business cooperation on pottery and porcelain trade and asked me to download something important from their website based in Netherlands, but I can’t reach the website as the overseas sites are blocked by our government. So I want some tech guys to give some advises to select the best Europe VPN which can help me access any websites based in different European countries like United Kingdom, France, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, or Spain etc. I hope you can give me some suggestions.

What will the Best Europe VPN Help You? What’s the Best Europe VPN for 2017?

Nowadays, more and more internet users pay more attention to protect their privacy and secure their online data. Besides, VPN can let people to access websites blocked by geo-restrictions. Therefore, more VPNs become very popular and keep on the rise to meet great demands. Since there are bunches of Europe VPNs published and sold online market, it is very hard for internet users to select the best one. So what’s a VPN and how can it protect your privacy and secure your data? VPN is a type of Internet connection that allows users to establish a secure connection between a computer, a Mac or a mobile device and a server. The most awesome aspect of  this secure connection is that all traffic is “tunneled” through a cryptographic system that makes it almost impossible even very difficult for hackers or people who want to take a peek at your Internet traffic to access your data. Therefore, the best Europe VPN has a strong ability to protect your privacy and secure your data by using military technology encryption and unblock all geo-restricted websites of Europe.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 20, 2017 5:38 am and last modified on February 20, 2017 5:40 am.

How to Remove “Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam From Safari


Hi I had the Interpol scam on my iPad today so I sent an email as requested asking for my iPad to be unlocked. In the meantime my provider told me to reset my iPad and this has cured the lock down but I’ve received an email from the scammers saying I need to pay a fine. I obviously realize now this is a scam but can they still hack my iPad through email. Please tell me how to remove it?

“Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam – How it Works?

“Your device has been locked for illegal pornography” Scam is defined as a terrible thing that will lock your safari and ask you pay a fine to unlock your safari. According to our experience, some victims pay on that scam but their browser just keep locked, and they have no way to get their money back, the fine is about 100~500 US Dollar, Euro or pound. It means the virus has spread in many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Newzeland. Just like the FBI Moneypak scam, it seems as legitimate as possible so that innocent computer users will fall for it and pay for the fines. In this way, hackers can collect as much money as possible. Thus, please be careful when your computer gets locked by this fake Canadian Police warning page. The Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus is also treated as ransomware that is to extort money from as many mobile device users as quickly as possible by attempting to fool them into believing that they have participated in several serious violations online and must now quickly pay a fine or face severe consequences down the line in the form of legal action and additional monetary fines. This type of virus is spread for the sole purpose of tricking users into sending money to the hackers, and there is not a serious system threat from this ransomware unlike most viruses that give the hackers remote access to the Mobile device (Android phone or Tablet). The hackers only want to infect the mobile device with the Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus and then move onto a new victim. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on February 19, 2017 6:36 am and last modified on February 19, 2017 10:21 am.

How to Unlock Safari from Ransomware


Hi, I am scared right now! I was using my boyfriend’s iPad and a message came up to say it had been blocked by FBI police for looking at pornography and requested a fine to be paid. I was just watching something on website, but a sex website came up, I actually wanted to close it down but maybe click on something wrong, then this warning thing showed up. I clicked on OK to expect this page can be closed, but it didn’t exit. And next I tried to exit Safari, but it failed. All apps demanding Internet are blocked. I almost can’t access anything on iPad. My boyfriend should blame me if he knows this. What can I do?

Safari’s locked by Ransomware Warning – Is it Real from Department of the FBI Cyber Crime?

Many iPhone or iPad users now are scared by this warning of which blocks the Safari browser, accuses user of watch or viewing illegal porn material and demands users to pay a penalty amount to $500 with an iTunes Prepaid Card. The most terrible is that this warning is labeled with FBI logo and badge, which looks like it’s really from FBI department of USA! The usually claims the warning alert as below:

Your Safari browser has been blocked up for viewing and distributing illegal materials prohibited by the criminal law of the United States of America, called pornography with elements of child pornography, rape and zoophilia.

In order to unblock your safari browser, you are obligated to pay a fine in the amount of $500.00 with an iTunes Prepaid Card.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 18, 2017 1:05 pm

How to Fix CPU 100% Issue on Windows 10


I have an ASUS computer, and have upgraded it from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for a week or two. But I find it has been running so sluggishly that I can’t do anything with the computer. It usually takes 10 or 20 minutes or even up to 40 minutes to start up. When it does load up to login screen, it takes an additional about 10 minutes for me to even load up task manager. And the CPU is constantly running at 100% even when I just run one program or application. Web browser constantly crashes down when I open two or three tabs at the same time. So How to Fix CPU 100% Issue on Windows 10? How to improve my computer performance?

How Can CPU 100% Issue on Windows 10 Happen?

You may encounter such a problem that your Windows 10 computer runs slowly as CPU usage becomes 100%. However, you just run one or two programs. So how comes to this CPU 100% Issue on Windows 10. Many users complained that they just have Windows 10 for one or two weeks and wondered how it becomes sluggish frequently. How to Fix CPU 100% Issue on Windows 10? There are many reasons why the CPU suddenly becomes high even up to 100%. Here below we will explain some main reasons in detail for PC users:

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 17, 2017 5:40 am and last modified on February 17, 2017 5:43 am.

How to Remove ZEUS Virus Alert Manually?


When i open my computer in Windows 10, there is a warning comes out saying it is from the Microsoft, it tells”Windows has detected some suspicious activity” on my computer and i have to call the phone number designated to get the so called customer service. It drives me crazy as i can’t close the warning alerts. I know it is fake alert as i don’t visit any malicious websites. What can i do to bypass the warning?

Got A Warning ZEUS Virus Alert On Your PC’S Screen Stating From Microsoft?

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Published by Matt Johnston on February 16, 2017 2:00 pm and last modified on February 16, 2017 2:04 pm.

What’s The Best VPN Service For 2017?


If you are an Internet user then use VPN. VPN(virtual private network) injects security & privacy to private & public network. One recommended it, because it makes your browsing the Internet safer. If you use a VPN, it makes an encrypted tunnel from where your Internet requests are sent. Without VPN, your information can be grab. So use VPN to make your Internet connection more secure. If don’t know how to choose a good VPN, the following article will help you know about what’s the best VPN service for 2017:

More Information about VPN

With multiple countries and people constantly trying to hack and or steal passwords VPN is very important. In some countries where Skype and certain social medias networks are censured and/or blocked, the best VPN service provides you a fast, user-friendly, stable connection opportunities where information and the truth can be shared freely. In some countries, the people are being forced to not access videos, documents and reality with regards to the corrupt government officials. But VPN represents a clean and honest information flow where people can learn and love each other in a day like Valentine’s day. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on February 15, 2017 1:32 pm

How to Remove “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning


Hi, I got a pop up saying “Microsoft has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords.” on my computer, and it is telling me to call as certain number for service. They said .my computer has a virus, and I have to call Microsoft. It will not let me close my page or get it off my page. What can I do now? I am scared a lot! Please help me.

Internet Browser Gets Blocked by “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning? Is it Real from Microsoft?

If your computer especially Windows computer gets blocked by “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning, you should notice that your computer is actually infected with scam malware. The message is not really related with authentic Microsoft. In fact, this kind of warning alert has been classified as a tech support scam by professional and certified tech support team. This fake warning alert is associated with scareware and ransomware and also specifically designed by cyber criminals to scare and defraud online users. Once the computer is infected with this kind of malware, it will soon pop up this warning alert saying “Microsoft has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords.” And it blocks the whole page of your web browser, and you can’t close the page or open a new tab. When online users find “Microsoft has Detected a Porn Virus on Computer” Warning, they believe their computer has the virus and Microsoft notices them. Actually it mainly wants victims to call that free toll number 1844-786-8921. When people call this number, the agent on the other side of phone will pretends to be a professional technician from Microsoft and tells your computer really has the virus and asks people to purchase their products or service to get rid of the virus.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 14, 2017 12:48 pm


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