How to Remove Win32/ramnit.c?

Win32/ramnit.c is a dangerous and stubborn Trojan horse or worm infection. This vicious virus is designed and spread by cyber criminals mainly to monitor what you do online, steal your sensitive data and open backdoor access to your system. cyber hackers usually spread it through malicious sites, unwanted programs, popups, ad banners, flashing video banner, or bundling it into junk email. Malicious websites usually pop up different strange ads or fake warning to attract you to click on, but actually once you open this kind of website, maybe there is some unwanted program or apps automatically installing into your device without your knowledge. Sometimes you even can’t remove or uninstall the installed application or program. Unwanted application or program from this kind of malicious website possibly contains vicious add-on or extension even some virus file. This is the fastest way to spread virus into online user’s device. Cyber hacker can easily put virus or other malicious software like Win32/ramnit.c into malicious sites. Once you click on the website, this Trojan horse will soon sneak into the system. Popups and different ad banners are also dangerous and vicious as one click may bring this Win32/ramnit.c virus installing the system. therefore, usually you should visit legitimate and safe websites, don’t open strange links or websites randomly. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 24, 2018 8:45 am and last modified on October 24, 2018 4:08 am.

How Can You Remove Trojan.Zezin!gen1 Virus

My computer says there is a Trojan.Zezin!gen1 infection, then I soon run Avast to scan and clean infected files and programs, it says those are cleaned, but after restarting computer, it still says files are infected. How Can You Remove Trojan.Zezin!gen1 Virus? I just wonder how this happen and if the virus disables my Avast. Anyway, I want this virus have removed as soon as possible, or my files and programs will be totally messed up!

How Dangerous is Trojan.Zezin!gen1 Virus?

When your security tool reports that Trojan.Zezin!gen1 virus is on your computer, you should figure out a way to get it removed as soon as possible, as this dangerous Trojan virus will do many harmful activities to computer system. Generally, this Trojan malware can affect files, documents, folders and programs on computer. And then those stuff things would be damaged even disabled, which will be missing and can’t be found the location. Even if you plug your USB drive into computer, the USB drive would be in a risk of being infected with this Trojan files. Besides, this Trojan.Zezin!gen1 malware would modify the settings of web browser like IE, Firefox or Google Chrome, so the homepage or search bar will be totally changed. You would be hacked by the virus when you’re surfing on the Internet. The browser is controlled by the virus and hackers can spy on the information you input into the online form like payment form. The DNS settings also can be somehow changed and your access to Internet will be blocked. Even worse, the Trojan.Zezin!gen1 infection will severely damage system files, so that some system files are disabled and some functions are weakened soon. So the computer performance will be slowed down soon. The firewall would be even damaged by this aggressive Trojan virus. Therefore, you should eradicate this virus soon as you find it on your machine.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on December 30, 2017 2:17 am and last modified on January 2, 2018 2:28 am.

How to Remove Virus

I recently got a pop up when I was visiting The pop up blocked my browsing ability and said that a porn virus was stealing information and picture and that I shouldn’t restart my iPad and that I had to call a number for help. I was very skeptical but called the number. I immediately realized it was a scam and hung up. I found your website. What can I do? Or do I even need to do anything?

Description of Virus virus generally tells you that your device has been blocked for watching illegal pornography and asks you to pay a big fine to it for unlocking your device. It really looks like a legal webpage and many people may believe it then be very scared then pay to it without thinking. It also says you must pay a fine about 100 pounds or US Dollar, or you will be accused, also data in your phone will be deleted. In a word, as soon as you power on the phone or whenever you try to unlock your phone, it will not allow you to do that and display this fake message to further scare you to death. Beware that currently there are dozens of Ransomware like that, using a name of police of other institutions to scare smart phone users and get their money like the Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Department of Justice and FBI Virus. However, after the payment, they will find that the webpage still be in their phones and they still can’t close it. They pay the fine but get nothing. So please don’t trust this harmful virus. What it tells you are not real, the hacker who create this virus just want to cheat people and get money from them. Therefore, once you get this Virus, please don’t be scared and don’t believe what it says. What you should do first is to completely remove this harmful virus from your device without delay. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on October 12, 2017 5:41 am and last modified on October 12, 2017 5:42 am.

How to Get Rid of Info.Stealer.B Virus

My Windows 10 just got infected with Info.Stealer.B virus and everything stored on computer get messed up. Some of my documents seem to be damaged and every time I tried to open them, I just got some error dialog. The most annoying is that web browser works slowly, and computer performance also becomes very slow. I even can’t run 5 different programs and tasks at the same time, or my computer will get stuck and frozen. My antivirus has no way to completely delete this virus.

How Dangerous is Info.Stealer.B Virus?

Info.Stealer.B virus is a hazardous and stubborn Trojan virus which can severely damage programs and system and destroy computer hardware. This Trojan virus inserts unknown add-ons and extension, then whenever and whatever you browse online, you will be disturbed by many random popups and links. Some unwanted webpages pop up suddenly. Some malicious files even can automatically install into system without your knowledge when random popups happen. This aggressive Trojan horse implants and roots its executable files into many crucial folders of system files to mess up system settings totally. Info.Stealer.B virus enters start up items, registry, system files or windows task manager to change system settings, replace some system files with other malware files or disable and delete system files, which will surely result in error codes. Once your computer system triggers error code, it means the important settings are damaged and you may not log into system. Also some system errors would occur while you’re running some application, opening some documents or visiting websites. Some strange exe files caused by Info.Stealer.B virus may display on desktop of your PC, but they can’t be easily deleted. Or some unknown and malicious files keep generating in every folders.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on August 2, 2017 5:59 am and last modified on November 9, 2017 1:45 am.

How to Remove Ghost Push Trojan Virus

My Samsung galaxy mobile phone has been locked when I’m watching movie on Google Chrome browser. It is named Ghost Push and I know it is a virus, but I can’t close my phone and it wont go away, this is stressing me out. Please tell me how do I get rid of it?

Descriptions of Ghost Push Trojan Virus

Ghost Push Trojan Virus is a stubborn malware and infected all the system resources, making the phone unresponsive and draining the battery. Advertisements continually appear either as full or partial screen ads or in the status bar. Unwanted apps and malicious software are automatically downloaded and installed when connected to the internet. The malware is hard to detect. The virus can root your Android device slinkingly and takes full control the whole system, after your phone has been rooted, the hacker can run special applications that require root access on your phone. When compared to regular applications, root applications provide more features. As these special apps can directly deal with the Android system files, they can tweak your Android in more extensive ways. Simply put, the Ghost Push Trojan hijacks Android smart phones and tablets. To take full control of an Android device, it inputs encrypted core codes into the system directory “to disguise the malware as the built-in apps of the phone.” Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 29, 2017 6:11 am

How to Remove W97M.Dowloader.EQK Completely

My new laptop Asus just gets compromised with a Trojan virus called W97M.Dowloader.EQK which is detected by my Norton, but Norton seems just can scan it but can’t remove the virus completely. Every time when I restart my laptop, this virus is still scanned by Norton. I know there should be many infected files in the deep system and important places like registry, start up items and so on, but I don’t know how to eradicate it?

Brief Introduction of W97M.Dowloader.EQK Virus

W97M.Dowloader.EQK is a Trojan horse that downloads malicious files on the compromised computer. This Trojan virus is very stubborn and hazardous to the system security. Once it gets into the system, it will soon change the default settings of your Windows. It changes the start-up item, which will make computer automatically restart, shut down. As soon as you run the computer, the virus will soon run at the same time. And meanwhile, it will change or disable the important system settings. The critical files, programs and documents are changed and disabled by malicious files of the virus. W97M.Dowloader.EQK virus even can keep implanting and reduplicating its executable files in system, which can bypass the detection of the antivirus tool. This Trojan horse can root deeply into system. That is the main reason why antivirus can’t completely remove it. When system important files are damaged and disabled, computer will run abnormally. When you start up computer, some error codes will show on screen or you even cannot boot up the machine. Some unwanted files with extension of .exe will show on some system folders, which will take up some capacity of system. Some .exe files on desktop even can’t be deleted. Computer performance also slows down. If you open many programs or processes, computer will get stuck or windows explorer often stops working. While this W97M.Dowloader.EQK infection affects your computer, you will find web browser also runs slower than before, because many junk files are created to take up too much system capacity and Internet resources.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on June 10, 2017 6:14 am

How to Remove Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Permanently

This morning, my Windows Defender told me Exploit:SWF/Meadgive has been on my laptop. I am freaked out a lot as it is a stubborn Trojan horse. I have tored many times to scan and remove it, but Windows Defender still warns this risk alert. And now my laptop acts slower, webpage sometimes can’t be displayed, and I just open one program, it becomes sluggish, and I check task manager, the CPU usage percentage suddenly becomes up to 90%. I guess if I can’t remove this Trojan horse as quickly as possible, my laptop would experience blue screen of death. Can you help me figure out?

Brief Introduction of Exploit:SWF/Meadgive Virus

Exploit:SWF/Meadgive is a stubborn and aggressive Trojan horse to attack Windows computer. Once it gets on your computer, it will insert its malicious extension or plugin as codes into kernel system, next it will modify default system configuration and sneak into start-up item to change the setting. In this way, this virus will run automatically as soon as the system boots up. It will change the settings of operating system and insert harmful files deeply into crucial system files as well folders. If this aggressive Trojan horse infiltrates into startup items, registry editor or task manager, it can easily change or disable some function and worsen computer performance. Computer will always get files fragmentation, get stuck and crash down or cannot start up. Windows program like antivirus program may be disabled by this dangerous Exploit:SWF/Meadgive virus, and some programs will run in a malfunctioned way. It’s difficult to run many programs at the same time; otherwise computer will crash down immediately. Even worse, since this Trojan virus can destroy antivirus program, and many loopholes will be generated, then other threats will get into infected computer easily. In a word, this Trojan virus must be removed as soon as possible to avoid more damages on computer.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on May 14, 2017 6:15 am

How to Remove Trtrash.gen Virus Completely?

I have somehow got trtrash.gen pop up on my PC. Is this a bad virus? Do people need to worry about anything since there’s antivirus to deal with it? But my antivirus software didn’t seem to pick it up. Do I have to get another one just because of this infection? How do i remove permanently?

Trtrash.gen Virus Description

Many computers have been infected by different kinds of virus. Trtrash.gen is one of puplar virus released Trojan which can be spread by many means. Cyber criminals can implant this virus into many websites, and once the unwitting people come to those sites for visit, this virus can infiltrate into the computer with a secret way. The anti-virus program can detect its invasion for you, and gives you a warning about its coming. However, when the anti-virus software announces you this threat, your computer has already been infected seriously. Trojan infection can also hide its content in other programs. When people try to install those applications into their computer, after the installations, this virus can also be installed in your hard drive. There are so many places that this Trojan virus can hide without drawing attentions from PC owners. And yet antivirus programs can’t seem to stop this virus from attacking computers. After all, if computers don’t provide such chances, they won’t be targeted in the first place. That’s also why computer users should take good care of their own PCs during usage. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on May 12, 2017 1:04 pm and last modified on May 12, 2017 1:09 pm.

Win32.Viking.JJ Virus Manual Removal Guides

I was just told by Avira that my laptop is infected with a virus file called Win32.Viking.JJ. I have let Avira to run a full scanning then click on “Remove” to clean all infected files, but many damaged files are still there after restarting laptop. So what security tool I can use to remove this kind of virus completely? Avira tells where the infected files are located in, but I can’t dare to delete it manually as I am afraid my stupid action would create another computer problem. I don’t know much about computer, so could you please help me?

Brief Introduction of Win32.Viking.JJ Virus

Win32.Viking.JJ Virus hits your computer and damages your system, and how to remove it? This virus has been classified as a aggressive and dangerous backdoor Trojan virus which has a strong ability to exploit system vulnerability and bring other computer threats like rogue program, ransomware or spyware. This backdoor virus hijacks your web browser like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox or Edge by changing the browser’s homepage and search tool. It adds different unknown and unwanted tool bar, adware, malicious links or bookmark into infected web browser. You will be annoyed by tons of popup ads on the webpage you visit even though you open legitimate sites. But you should not click on these random popups as popup ads usually contains malicious virus files, and one click will soon activate the virus. Win32.Viking.JJ Virus implants its executable files into crucial system folder, changes or disables important system files to totally mess up system. Your computer will suffer a series of problems, for example, it can’t turn on or shut down properly because of some severe error codes. It even can suddenly shut down while you’re still performing some tasks on computer. This is because this virus has change the startup items or mess up system files severely.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on February 1, 2017 4:51 am and last modified on February 10, 2017 1:56 am.

Manually Remove Trojan:Win32/Dhodare Virus

My laptop just gets infected with Trojan:Win32/Dhodare virus, many exe files are damaged and displayed on desktop, and I even can’t delete these infected exe files. My laptop become more sluggish and it always gets stuck even when I just run one or two programs. It always prompts a message saying ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ and then every gets frozen there. I plan to download and install other antivirus program, but I’m not allowed to install anything. Sometimes, I even get blocked to access the Internet.

Brief Introduction of Trojan:Win32/Dhodare Virus

Trojan:Win32/Dhodare virus is a very dangerous and aggressive Trojan virus to attack Windows computer. This virus is usually from the internet. It can be bundled with free software installation package, inserted into spam email attachment, added into random popup or spread via peer-to-peer files or shareware. Free software installation package is usually used by cyber hackers to spread virus or malware. Cyber hackers bundle the files of this virus into the installing package, and when internet users download the package without any check, this Trojan virus will get installed into system soon. So you’re suggested to select customized installation to install the software you need, and you can check if there is unwanted attached program trying to install during your installing. Trojan:Win32/Dhodare virus also can be put into popup ads to attract internet users to click. Random popups are created by chyber criminals and inserted with virus files. One click will soon activate and automatically install the virus without your permission. Therefore, you should not visit unsafe websites as unsafe websites are added into different malicious popup.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 30, 2017 11:43 am and last modified on February 10, 2017 1:49 am.


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