Copilot Pro Hands-on Experience

In March last year, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot, announcing the integration of AI tools based on large language models into Microsoft Office, with features that include the use of AI for content creation, improving work efficiency, and more. Copilot, which is embedded into the Office suite, is able to generate content based on commands directly while editing documents, as well as analyze and organize documents in a pane via a sidebar, and more. As an office worker who has to deal with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook every day, I coveted this feature.
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Published by Tony Shepherd on March 1, 2024 2:05 am and last modified on April 13, 2024 8:23 am.

Apple Fitness+ Experience

Getting fit with Apple Fitness+ has been on my daily to-do list since I purchased my Apple TV. According to annual statistics, in 2023 I used Apple Fitness+ for dance, treadmill, cycling, core training, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, free weights, meditation, mindfulness, and more.
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Published by Tony Shepherd on February 13, 2024 6:34 am and last modified on April 13, 2024 8:23 am.

What’s Unlocator?

Unlocator is one of products from Linkwork ApS. Unlocator has become a reliable and professional VPN tool for steaming and bypassing censorship. It uses the bank-grade encryption mode to protect and encrypt user’s internet traffic from hackers and other prying eyes, and with the help of Smart DNS to allow you unblock geo restricted streaming services from anywhere and anytime. Unlocator offers an affordable price in different plans and packages to let customers to choose from, the lowest cost is just $4.99/month. Unlocator has offered many different strong and advanced internet security products for decades of years. And they have expertise and experience in building a professional VPN tool with different advanced security technologies. Unlocator devotes more efforts in internet security. It has a stronger ability in WiFi security protection. To illustrate, Unlocator can protect all the time your internet security even though you are connecting the low-secure WiFi hotspots in public network. Unlocator is also a logless VPN tool. That means Unlocator will never log any information about your details and never share any information with anyone as no personal information is collected from the customers. You can get complete privacy and security online with this Unlocator service, which is now on sale with 63% off. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on January 13, 2024 9:02 am and last modified on June 10, 2024 9:41 am.

Lok Board Review

After nearly a decade of development, is iPadOS really the desktop OS for productivity?

Since its independence from iOS, iPadOS has evolved around the future of the iPad. The diversity of the iPad lineup, from the powerful iPad Pro to the thin and light iPad Air, to the entry-level iPad and portable iPad Mini, has demonstrated the need for an operating system better suited to tablet devices.
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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 12, 2024 12:31 pm and last modified on April 13, 2024 8:23 am.

Screenity Review

Screenity is a free screen recording and editing tool. It is a powerful, privacy-conscious screen recording and annotation app developed by Alyssa X. The project is open-sourced on GitHub , and is currently available for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers on the desktop; users can use Screenity to create unlimited product demos, tutorials, presentations, and other work and educational videos. This article will introduce Sreenity. In this article, I will introduce the features of Sreenity and how to use Screenity to record videos.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 8, 2024 3:44 am and last modified on April 15, 2024 3:55 am.

Proton VPN Review 2024: Browse The Web Privately

Have you heard of Proton VPN? Why you need a VPN? Getting tired of limitations? Well, a VPN service will help you browse on the web privately. Why not suggest free account? A Pro account which has unlimited usage and more locations to connect to. And Proton VPN supports unlimited devices, you will get more details about this VPN provider after reading this Proton VPN review here.

What’s Proton VPN?

Proton VPN is a tool that secures WiFi and helps you safeguard your privacy online. Proton VPN provides free trial up to 10 GB of bandwidth per month. You can use this free trial to test all features of Proton VPN. It uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt all your data so nobody can spy on your internet activities. And it has a strict no-logging policy. You can access to servers in 91+ countries (including US, Canada, UK and more) and enjoy fast speed. There is unlimited bandwidth, unlimited connections. Proton VPN can prevent hackers from stealing your data while you use public WiFi and block annoying advertisers you online. Proton VPN offers complete anonymity and it protects your browsing history from network administrator, ISP, or hackers. Proton VPN uses the strongest AES-256 encryption to encrypt and protect all internet traffic. A range of ports and protocols including OpenVPN over UDP, OpenVPN over TCP, stealth and IKEv2. Since many networks have heavy restrictions on which ports you can use, Proton VPN does not restrict you to a single protocol or port, in order to give you the best chance of connecting.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 7, 2024 9:26 am and last modified on June 11, 2024 12:30 pm.

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Review: The Best Mac Uninstaller Everyone Should Have

The US-based Osx Uninstaller is the go-to app removal tool our editors have been using on our test Mac devices for nearly 10 years. It is a lightweight yet powerful utility dedicated to completely getting rid of all associated items of the apps to be removed in just a few clicks. Osx Uninstaller has just announced its major upgrade release Osx Uninstaller 2024, which is completely rewritten and redesigned from the ground up with fresh & modern UI and rebuilt app removal core. All users with lifetime license can upgrade to this version for free. The newer version has also won our editor’s choice as the best Mac uninstaller for the year 2024, beating other tools in the best combination of ease of use, powerful removal capability and most effective one-time cost.
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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 6, 2024 2:05 am and last modified on June 2, 2024 2:02 am.

MacRemover Review: The Most Compatible Mac Uninstaller

If you’re using a Mac, you may have encountered problems such as applications that can’t be updated or upgraded due to previous incomplete uninstallations, or unwanted applications with useless leftovers that take up your precious hard drive space. And if you have an older Mac, you may find that most cleanup tools won’t work on your device. Fortunately, there are other options. From manually uninstalling by locating and deleting these files step by step to the one-time purchase app MacRemover (the latest version MacRemover 2024 just released), popular among average Mac users, professionals and reviewers. In this MacRemover review, we’ll take a look at the features and perform a real-world test, so you can make a decision for yourself if you want to try it. In short, MacRemover and the latest MacRemover 2024 do it all, and it is our editor’s choice for the most compatible Mac application uninstaller that can completely remove any Mac application and its associated files, even if you’re using a Mac with older specifications.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 4, 2024 8:17 am and last modified on May 11, 2024 8:11 am.

Is Total Uninstaller still The Best Windows Uninstaller? Roundtable Discussion

Total Uninstaller, founded in Chicago, US, this week announced its flagship app Total Uninstaller has released the latest version Total Uninstaller 2024, an app removal utility that has become the Windows uninstaller of choice for PC users. The new version is completely rebuilt for thorough core removal capability, and the UI is redesigned with fresh and modern look. This Windows app empowers users to get rid of unwanted apps in just a few clicks. Select the to-be-removed app, start the uninstallation and then clean up the leftovers. All the operations are seamless and completed with ease. In addition, the newly-added tools like Shortcut Cleaner and Folder Cleaner are very handy to clean up invalid shortcuts and empty folders, in case that you need to find and delete all these useless remnants previously left by incomplete uninstallation.
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Published by Tony Shepherd on January 1, 2024 12:48 am and last modified on June 3, 2024 9:04 am.

UninstallService Review: Well-rounded Windows and Mac Uninstallers in a Single & Affordable Price

A good Windows or Mac uninstaller is essential for managing your apps and keeping your computers in good health. UninstallService is praised for its ease of use, powerful app removal capability, robust customer support and an affordable one-time price for both Windows and Mac uninstallers in a single price. Both of the uninstallers are very built for app removal, allowing you to thoroughly uninstall the apps and clean up associated files, entries and services. The interface is modern and intuitive, and the app removal workflow is seamless and blazingly fast. The comprehensive toolset, combined with its continuous improvements & responsive development and the one-time purchase option, makes US an attractive choice for both new users and professionals looking for a well-rounded and cost-effective app removal utility to manage all apps in one place.

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Published by Tony Shepherd on November 24, 2023 4:27 am and last modified on May 2, 2024 4:37 am.


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