NameCheap VPN now is on promotion sale. They are now providing 51% discount off Namecheap VPN coupon and promo code on their 2-Year plan. Besides, there is also a 17% discount on 1-Year plan. Right now many Namecheap customers are looking for Namecheap VPN coupon and promo code to help them save money while they are using Namecheap hosting service together with Namecheap VPN. Namecheap VPN is a new security solution and service developed by Namecheap now. Although their Namecheap VPN service is a new one, it does have advanced technologies and features to help internet user get complete privacy, security and anonymity on the internet. Secure, fast & anonymous browsing with Namecheap VPN. Many Namecheap hosting customers also choose to use this Namecheap VPN and purchase the package with 51% off Namecheap VPN coupon and promo code on their 2-Year plan. But if you want a short-period service, you also can choose buying their 1-Year plan with 17% Namecheap VPN coupon and promo code. All promotion sale and Namecheap VPN coupon, promo code and discount are provided in limited period. Don’t leave without empty hand, privacy and safe browsing from $1.88/mo!

Namecheap is a well-known Hosting service, and right now they provide the most important security solution VPN service which is the new feature. And Namecheap VPN will be integrated with their Hosting service to be offered to customers. With VPN tool, your online activities will get more security and privacy. Now Namecheap VPN has expanded over 1000 servers in more than 40 locations. And Namecheap will keep expanding their VPN server offerings. Namecheap VPN uses military-grade encryption to protect and encrypt all your internet traffic, so no one can access your VPN tunnel to get your information. Namecheap VPN allows 5 simultaneous connections on multiple devices. You can share the same Namecheap VPN account with your friends on multiple device. There is unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, unlimited server switching and no throttling. Namecheap VPN also practices a strict non-logging policy. Namecheap never logs your browsing history, online activities, VPN usage or others. Since there is no data logged, Namecheap never shares any customers’ data and information with any third parties. Like other VPN services, Namecheap VPN also increases multiple VPN protocols which mainly connect your devices and server securely. Multiple VPN protocols increase more security for customers. Namecheap VPN uses many advanced and powerful technologies like DNS Leak Protection and WiFi protection to increase more layers of security for customers. Namecheap VPN works in devices based on all popular systems including Android, Windows, iOS and macOS.

Choose Your Favorite Namecheap VPN Plan:

  • $2.88/Month (2-Year-Plan. Billed $69.12 every 2 Years. Save up to 51%)
  • $4.88/Month (1-Year-Plan. Billed $58.56 every 1 Year. Save up to 17%)
  • $5.88/Month (1-Month-Plan. Billed $5.88 every month. NO SAVINGS)

Namecheap VPN service provides three packages. The most popular is 1-year-plan, and the best deal is 2-year-plan. Now Namecheap gives the biggest discount on their 2-Year-Plan up to 51%.

Namecheap VPN Server Locations

Namecheap VPN is a new service provided by Namecheap. Namecheap VPN is the new VPN provider online market, but it does give solid and fast servers. Namecheap has expanded their network with over 1000 servers in over 40 countries and locations: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Italy, India and more. Although Namecheap does not provide as many servers and locations as other larger VPN service providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish VPN, it does scatter fast servers in all popular locations and countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia. All these popular countries are essential to most internet users, as users usually need to connect to these countries and access any websites and contents they want anywhere. Namecheap provides servers in popular and important countries. Namecheap keeps improving their network and expanding their network to meet customer’s requirement. Namecheap aims at giving people high speed, powerful servers, so that customers can use their Namecheap VPN to access any websites, live stream any contents, transfer data and play online game without lag. Namecheap can be used to stream movies, TV shows, programmes through such popular platforms like Hulu, Netflix and more even though Namecheap VPN is a new VPN. Now Namecheap provides up to 51% Namecheap coupon code, promo code or discount on their 2-Year plan. This is the biggest discount during the promotional sale. Use the Namecheap VPN coupon code, you not only can save money but also can enjoy the fast speed of Namecheap VPN. You can access any contents online and stream any popular contents.

What Device Can I Use Namecheap VPN?

Namecheap VPN right now is just compatible with such popular systems Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. Although it does not offer more software or apps in other devices and platforms like Linux, Chromebook, Apple TV, Smart TV, routers and game consoles, it does be compatible well with all these popular and essential systems. And Namecheap will also keep improving their technique to make their Namecheap VPN working on many other platforms and devices. Besides, it will also give extensions working with such popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Therefore, actually Namecheap VPN is also a professional and powerful VPN tool. It will keep updating their technique and give more powerful features to customers.

Namecheap VPN No-logs policy

Namecheap VPN gives a strict no-logging policy in order to give customers more privacy on the internet. And as we all know that, no-logging policy is always an important selling point for VPN service provider. And similarly, this important factor is also the essential reason why people or customers would choose your VPN service. Internet users now pay more attention to personal privacy on the internet. They don’t want their personal privacy to be hacked by anyone including VPN service providers themselves, ISP, government, hackers and snoopers. It is necessary for internet users to choose a complete secure and private VPN tool when they come to use a VPN service on their devices. Some unreliable and untrusted VPN service providers like Free VPN will never take your personal privacy seriously, and Free VPN even logs customer’s data, track their online activities, collect browsing history and other important information in order to record these necessary data and transfer to other third parties to make money. That’s why Free VPN is not recommended to use as it is not really secure and can’t give any private policy. And all your information or data will be leaked out in public. However, those professional and solid VPN providers like Namecheap VPN will practice strict Non-logging policy. Namecheap never trace what you do online or record your browsing history or collect any data you’re sending and receiving. Namecheap will never do data retention or cooperate with any third partied or government to transfer your metadata. Your data will never be shared with anyone or leaked out in public. Namecheap is a reliable and large hosting service and always take customer’s privacy seriously, so you can use Namecheap VPN service with total ease. But Namecheap would keep you email address for the purpose of troubleshooting or diagnose when the VPN account connection has problem, then they can give you immediate feedback and help solve the problem for you.

You Can Enjoy Privacy and Security Online with Namecheap VPN

In fact, the first important usage of a VPN is to keep private and secure on the internet. Internet users now care more about their privacy and security on the internet. Keeping private and secure on the internet is their ideal internet activities. Usually when we don’t use a VPN tool on our devices, all your internet traffic will just directly go through your ISP’s server by default. When you want to browse the website, you will first have to connect to your ISP, and then the server of your ISP will redirect you to wanted websites or other internet resources. In other word, all your internet traffic will travel through your ISP’s servers and easily seen by your ISP actually. That’s why some government issue some laws and regulations on these ISPs in order to press ISPs to make data retention and collect internet user’s online activities. Government also has the right to monitor what internet users do on the internet. Once your internet activities are monitored by someone, you lose privacy. Your personal privacy and other important data will be collected by others easily. Therefore, without a VPN tool, all your internet traffic will be easily exposed to ISP and government. They can easily collect any information and data anytime. Even your personal data or browsing history will be sold to other parties or organization. In this case, your privacy is exposed in the public without your permission.

Besides, if you don’t have a VPN protecting on your device, your internet traffic will be easily hacked by cyber criminals. Many cyber hackers have professional network and computer technology and knowledge, and they have their professional tools to interrupt your network and intrude your network to spy on what you do on the internet. Cyber hackers usually intrude internet user’s network in order to spy on what internet user do online and collect any important sensitive information for illegal selling to other parties. They even can put malware or virus through network to control and remotely access your device to collect any important sensitive information stored on your device. Those malware or virus can do severe damages and harms to the device’s system and even break the system completely to make your device useless. Therefore, internet users also care more about online security and want a clear and safe online environment, so that they can surf anything, purchase goods or doing billing transfer online freely.

However, if you are using a strong and reliable VPN tool like Namecheap VPN, it can surely protect your internet traffic and other important sensitive information completely. Namecheap VPN uses the strongest and most advance encryption method to encrypt all your internet traffic first. That means the Namecheap VPN just all you to connect to the internet through Namecheap’s remote server. And all your data and information going from your devices like computer, Mac, smartphone or tablet will be transferred via an encrypted tunnel which is VPN tunnel. Anyway, all your internet traffic coming from your device in completely encrypted by the most advanced encryption which is unbreakable encryption. Then no one including your ISP, government, cyber hackers and other prying eye have no way to break into this strongest encryption to spy on and get your information. All your connection is encrypted and protected by Namecheap military-grade encryption, so internet users can browse online with total ease. Now you can use Namecheap VPN Coupon & Promo Code to experience Namecheap VPN service!

NameCheap VPN Protects Your WiFi Connection

Now we use WiFi connection more frequently. We can connect to the public WiFi in hospital, café, restaurant, airport, supermarket and many other places anytime and anywhere. However, public WiFi hotspot is always a great place for breading cyber hackers, snoopers and other internet criminals who always want to break into your network and spy on what you do on the internet. Actually all these hacking activities conducted by cyber hackers is related to identity information. Public WiFi connection usually is not in a high level of security and never protected by any security measures or solutions. Public WiFi connection becomes vulnerable to cyber hackers completely. Cyber hackers can easily intrude your network if you are connecting to compromised WiFi connection, cyber hackers can easily spy on what you are browse online, what item you usually browse, what payment type you usually use online and what websites you usually visit. And then cyber hacker can coon target your action and first may put some spyware, phishing, scareware or other malware to control your device, next they will send you something attractive to your email or just show some luring videos to click on. If you click on these attractive but malicious things, you will next be redirected to other websites which always ask you to enter sensitive information like credit card number, online bank account, logins, password, email address and other important data. If you are fooled to fill in these sensitive information, the cyber hackers will soon collect all your information and conduct other scamming action on you. They may defraud your money. Besides, your sensitive information may be sold to other third parties.

However, if you are using solid and reliable VPN tool like Namecheap VPN on your device, all your internet traffic will be completely secured and protected by VPN tunnel. This is because Namecheap VPN uses military grade encryption and other advanced security technology. When you are running Namecheap VPN on your device, all your internet traffic will just go through an encrypted VPN tunnel or connection. Even though you are connecting to unsecured WiFi network, your internet traffic is still protected and encrypted by military grade encryption. No one has the ability to break or decrypt this strongest encryption method. The military grade encryption is used by US government and military to store sensitive and most important files and data. Therefore, there is no problem for Namecheap VPN to protect your WiFi connection. Namecheap VPN can surely guarantee your WiFi connection security. Now you can save money by using Namecheap VPN Coupon & Promo Code to purchase Namecheap VPN service and protect your WiFi!

You Can Use Namecheap VPN to Access Any Websites and Stream Any Contents

Namecheap VPN have developed itself to be the strong VPN tools to access any blocked websites due to any reasons. Using VPN to access blocked websites is one of the most important functions. Namecheap VPN scatters over 1000 fast servers in over 40 countries, so Namecheap first have the ability to let you connect to all popular locations and countries then connect to wanted websites. Usually some popular websites are not allowed to access in some countries due to internet censorship carried by the local government. Especially those popular foreign social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, YouTube TV, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber messenger and more are blocked by different internet censorship in different internet-censored countries. The strongest and most sophisticated internet censorship should the Great Firewall in China. China practices strongest censorship to control and supervise their national internet security, which is a well-known fact. Therefore, any internet users whoever live in China or just travel to China will need a VPN if they want to use those popular foreign social networking and messaging apps and websites from anywhere. Internet users know that China’s internet censorship severely blocks all foreign social networking sites and apps, and any potentially unfavorable contents on the internet will be immediately prohibited without any prompt. In addition to China, other countries like Russia, India, Syria, Israel, Iran, UAE, North Korea and other countries are practicing strict internet censorship on selected or certain websites and apps. Therefore, if you live or just travel to these internet-censored countries, you will not be able to access any popular social media websites or apps. To circumvent internet censorship, it is better to use a strong and reliable VPN tool like Namecheap VPN on your device. Namecheap VPN can help you defeat internet censorship and access any websites and apps anywhere and anytime.

Besides, websites are also limited accessing due to other big barrier called geographical restriction which is usually used by the website that you want to access to restrict or limit only people in certain locations to access their service. The most typical example is Netflix, BBC iPlayer, BT Sports, Hulu, HBO and more. Netflix is just available to resident in the United States, and BBC and BT Sports are only available to UK residents. Therefore, if you want to access and use these popular streaming service from other countries without VPN tools, it will not be possible to access the streaming service at all. Geo-restrictions or geo-blocking is usually used by website owner to limit people in specific locations to use their service, and actually some videos uploader of YouTube also apply this technology to limit people in specific locations to watch their videos. To defeat geographical restriction and access the popular streaming service, you have to use the strong and high-performance VPN tool like Namecheap VPN. Usually VPN tool can hides your real IP address and give you a new one, which actually change and mask your real identity and locations. Other internet users and websites you want to access will just see your new IP address and location, but will never find your original IP address and real location. For example, you are running Namecheap VPN on your device in China and connect to servers in the US, then you will be given a new IP address based in United States, then you access Netflix, and Netflix website will just see your US IP address but not your real IP address in China. Then you can successfully access and stream Netflix from China. VPN tools like Namecheap VPN is usually the first choice to defeat internet censorship and geo-blocking restrictions to access any websites and stream any contents from anywhere and anytime.

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Namecheap VPN is a solid and reliable VPN tool. It provides you unlimited, secure, and ultra-reliable VPN solution to keep you safe on the internet. You can get complete privacy and security on the internet. And meanwhile, Namecheap VPN protect your WiFi connection from hackers and cyber criminals, so you can keep secure on public WiFi networks. Your sensitive information and other personal data will also be protected by Namecheap VPN military grade encryption. You also can get complete anonymity online as Namecheap VPN can hide your real IP address and mask your real location, and then other internet users will not find where you are exactly from. You can securely do shopping online and make billing transferring without worrying cyber hackers. Namecheap VPN has thousands of servers scatted in over 40 countries and offers a medium-side network. You can experience Namecheap VPN’s fast speed and stable connection when you are connecting to websites and stream popular videos. Namecheap VPN helps you avoid geographical restrictions and defeat different internet censorship to keep you accessing any websites from anywhere. No one can track you as you are protected by military grade encryption and you are provided with an anonymous IP address from Namecheap VPN provider. In a word, it is reliable to use a Namecheap VPN.

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