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How to Speed up Android Device?


“Hi, I have a Samsung s6 and I just bought in June 2015, it runs quickly before. I used it about one year, but now my phone run slower and slower. It took my time when I opened an app, typed text, searched site, used map navigation and etc. Is there any way to speed up my Android phone?”

Do you also want to speed up your Android Device? Please refer to the following content:

The android system has been listed for 5 years in a twinkling. But android device have a common fault that is the system slow down as the use time longer and longer. Actually Android hardware level and optimize performance has greatly improved after these years of development, the situation of Android running slow has a big degree of ease. It is a powerful hardware configuration of dual-core models, if the Android device still running slow means there is an optimization problem about ROM, RAM or bad CPU. CPU is a hardware issue, there is no way to optimize only if you want to buy a new phone. So we can try to optimize the ROM and free up RAM. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on September 13, 2016

How to restore your computer?


Do you know how to restore your computer? Hi! I want to restore my computer, could you please help me? I changed some settings of my computer then now obviously there is something wrong with my computer. It seems weird and I forget what I have changed so I can’t change the settings back, so now I want to restore my computer. Please help me!

What you should know about restore computer?

How to restore your computer? Restore computer is a windows feature that allows windows users to get previous computer state. When you do a computer restore, you can revert the computer settings, system files, windows registries and installed applications to a former point. It means if you changed your system settings, installed a software or accidently deleted system files, you can restore your computer then you can get the previous computer state back. For example, if you changed your computer system settings about 2 days ago, now you want to change back but you don’t remember what you have changed. In this case, you can restore your computer then you can get the previous settings back. Restoring a computer looks like an easy work, but the fact is it is a technical job. If you want to do a computer restore, you need to know that you should have a restore point first. This is a necessary premise. And you also need a level of computer knowledge or your computer may get worse.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on September 7, 2016

How to Get a Better Performance on Gaming?


With the time goes on, now computer games have become a great part for people to relax themselves from hard work and high stress. There are many great games which require powerful hardware configuration. For those people who don’t have the latest hardware on their machines, can they play those popular but large games? The answer is positive. Apart from the hardwarerequirements, system tune-up can also give you a chance to get a better performance on gaming.

How to Get a Better Performance on Gaming?

We can find that if you want to play the games in the highest quality, your hardware must achieve the optimal configuration of the game you want to play. However, the hardware can be updated in a really fast pace which makes us hard to follow. And the newest CPUs and graphic cards are expensive for computer owners to accept. A good configuration can give you a better performance on picture quality and running speed in games. If your machine can run the game you want to play in the lowest quality and you want to get a better experience in game, you can check your system from some aspects as some software issues can slow down your machine as well. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on September 6, 2016

How to Clean Registry to Speed up PC’s Performance


Hi, my PC seems very sluggish and I even have to wait for a long time to load up one new tab on the web browser. And mostly web browser would just directly get stuck there or crash down when I open many tabs and sites at the same time. Well, even I open some big programs while doing any other tasks like editing on Word or Excel document, my PC will get frozen a while and then a prompt pops up and says Windows explorer has stop working, and then I have wait for a few minutes until it goes back to normal. I guess there should be many junks and useless files generated in my PC and I need to clean to speed up PC’s performance, but I don’t know how to start and where to locate and clean up all junks and useless files. My stupid operation even would cause severe computer problem. I am not confident with it. Could you please help me?

What We should Know about Windows Registry?

Windows registry is essentially a massive internal database that contains crucial settings and configurations of programs and applications like system settings, system hardware, installed software and drivers and profile information. It is the recorder of all the acts of your pc. For example, it will record the URL of the site you browsed, the paths of pictures, documents, files or programs and applications you opened and also the details of programs you just have installed or uninstalled etc. All the acts you perform will be generated as entries in registry editor. What Registry records will be applied by system components, third party applications, hardware, user profiles, and other lots of system things.

Why We Have to Clean Up Window Registry? Is it Really helpful to Speed up PC’s Performance?

Windows indeed keeps updating the registry and fixing loopholes, but it can’t neaten or sort out itself well. And also entries will be easily added in registry by changes happen on computer while you copy, delete or move files, open documents, web browsers or other programs, surf on the Internet, change some settings of system or Internet, install new drivers or programs and uninstall unwanted programs etc. Hence, as the time passes, many old entries will gradually litter and pile up registry when you install and uninstall programs or perform any other tasks on PC.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on September 5, 2016

How to free up Hard Drive on Windows/Mac?


Do you want to free up your hard drive? Does your computer always get stuck? Freeing up your hard drive would help. A hard drive which used to store any kind of data like pictures, music, videos and text documents is very important to a computer. If your computer always gets stuck, it could be the hard drive issue. Freeing up your hard drive could make your computer run fluently. Want to make your computer perform smoothly and want to free up your hard drive? Let’s help you.

Hard drive: an important hardware device

A hard drive can be used to store many types of data. When you run programs on your computer, there will be many files and other data store in your hard drive. If the hard drive has a little space, your computer will run slowly. So please be aware that cleaning your hard drive regularly is really necessary. If you find that you need a long time to open a document or run a program, you should check your “C drive” to see if it is full or just have a low space first, if it is, it is time to free up your hard drive. Nevertheless, how to free up the hard drive?
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Published by Karen Lawrence on September 5, 2016

Windows10 startup slowly – How to speed up?


I just wonder if you can fix my problem. I have a Dell laptop and when I updated my windows7 to windows10, my laptop became slowly to startup, and it is always loading for a long time. I feel tired because I don’t have much patience to wait for it. Is there any way to speed up it? Thanks in advance.

Why the Windows10 startup slowly?

Recently, there are many users have got this problem. When they use U disk installed the Windows10 successfully, this system seems not as good as we imagine, because the boot speed change slowly. This phenomenon is only waste user’s time. Windows 10 as the latest window system have been used by many people. According to the official, Windows 10 startup slowly is caused by “Fast startup” function. Because the function is based on the graphics card driver and power management, but there are many current drivers are not compatible with quick start function, so lead to startup slowly. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on September 2, 2016

How to Optimize Your Computer for Gaming


Hi there, I would like to play the most popular game- Overwatch on my computer. I have an I5 4590 processor, and 8G RAM. Also, my graphic card is a GTX 750 Ti. I think my computer can play this game using the highest quality. But what makes me puzzled is that when I play it, I keep getting frame drop. The FPS is not stable, and the computer is really slow. How can this happen? What is wrong with my machine? How can I solve this problem and have a better gaming experience?

How to Optimize Your Computer for Gaming?

Nowadays, many new released games can make game player really excited. However, in order to run those popular and big games, a good hardware configuration is needed. So, if you want to pay the games that interest you, do you need to keep changing your gaming hardware to the latest ones? The answer is negative. At present, the gaming hardware can be updated in a really fast pace which are hard for us to follow. And the newest hardware are really expensive. Of course, new released games are not only designed for those people who own computers with the latest hardware. If you want to play those new games with your current set up, some facts can hinder you to get a better performance on gaming. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on September 2, 2016

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