With the time goes on, now computer games have become a great part for people to relax themselves from hard work and high stress. There are many great games which require powerful hardware configuration. For those people who don’t have the latest hardware on their machines, can they play those popular but large games? The answer is positive. Apart from the hardwarerequirements, system tune-up can also give you a chance to get a better performance on gaming.

How to Get a Better Performance on Gaming?

We can find that if you want to play the games in the highest quality, your hardware must achieve the optimal configuration of the game you want to play. However, the hardware can be updated in a really fast pace which makes us hard to follow. And the newest CPUs and graphic cards are expensive for computer owners to accept. A good configuration can give you a better performance on picture quality and running speed in games. If your machine can run the game you want to play in the lowest quality and you want to get a better experience in game, you can check your system from some aspects as some software issues can slow down your machine as well.

First of all, you can check if your system is infected with some kinds of something unwanted or viruses. Nowadays, cyber criminals created many different types of viruses with misleading names and appearances. Generally, if you have a reputable anti-virus program installed on your system, it can help you against many computer threats. However, if your system is targeted by some strong viruses, a manual removal is needed. You can go to the task manager and check if there are some unknown processes as virus can always be activated on the background.

Except potentially unwanted programs, you can check if your drivers are updated properly. It is necessary for you to update drivers. The outdate drives can cause some unwanted problems during the use and give you a poor performance in games. New drivers can help you fix the known bugs on your machine and provide a better experience for you. In addition, if your machine has a small RAM usage, you need to run programs as less as you can when you play games. Programs can always consume your precious resource on the background. Under this case, system will distribute less CPU and RAM usages on your game which can make the performance slow.


Computer games can make players excited. To get a nice experience of playing, a good hardware configuration is required. But games are not only designed for the people who have the latest hardware on their machines, people who want to play those popular games on their current set up. The first thing is to check if their hardware are able to run the games. After that, some optimization on systems can make the systems run more smoothly on game playing. If you keep getting frame drops and slowness on your computer, except checking your hardware, you can check the software part on your system to get a better performance on game playing.

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Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on September 9, 2016 3:35 am

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