Hi there, I would like to play the most popular game- Overwatch on my computer. I have an I5 4590 processor, and 8G RAM. Also, my graphic card is a GTX 750 Ti. I think my computer can play this game using the highest quality. But what makes me puzzled is that when I play it, I keep getting frame drop. The FPS is not stable, and the computer is really slow. How can this happen? What is wrong with my machine? How can I solve this problem and have a better gaming experience?

How to Optimize Your Computer for Gaming?

Nowadays, many new released games can make game player really excited. However, in order to run those popular and big games, a good hardware configuration is needed. So, if you want to pay the games that interest you, do you need to keep changing your gaming hardware to the latest ones? The answer is negative. At present, the gaming hardware can be updated in a really fast pace which are hard for us to follow. And the newest hardware are really expensive. Of course, new released games are not only designed for those people who own computers with the latest hardware. If you want to play those new games with your current set up, some facts can hinder you to get a better performance on gaming.

Except the hardware part, some software problems can slow down the performance of your computer. Generally, virus can slow down the performance of the infected computers greatly. Cyber hackers can design different kinds of computer viruses to achieve their illegal purposes. It is hard for computer users to realize their computers are infected as some of the viruses can pretend to be programs hiding on the infected systems. Those vicious programs can waste a large part of precious CPU resources on the background.

If you have anti-virus program installed on your machine and get nothing wrong from the security tool, there are still some other facts can stop you having a good experience on game playing. One is the hard drive space. Some computer users would like to put all data to one drive. We don’t think it is a good idea as it can cause computer load programs slowly. Second, some outdate drives can cause your computer get poor performance on some operations. Also, there are too many reasons can slow down the gaming performance. To find out which is the main problem, you need to check the condition of your computer first.


If you don’t want to upgrade your hardware but still want to experience new games, you need to check if your system is capable to run the games in the minimum quality first. Then you can consider if your system can get a better performance. There are some facts can cause slowness and frame drop on game playing. In order to get a better game experience, if you feel laggy during the game playing, you can check if there is something wrong on your game settings and use your security tool to scan your computer for potential threat. In addition, if your system cannot even open the new game, the only way is to upgrade your hardware so that you can play the new games on your machine.

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