My tablet is just blocked by this warning message asking me to “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card”, and what is it? Is it real? I was on iPad looking at some adult material that wasn’t illegal like it was normal stuff and it locked me and said you have to buy a 300 dollar iTunes gift card to get it unblocked I need it unblocked by tomorrow. I don’t have much money, but it threatened that if I can’t pay 300 dollars by tomorrow, I will be in trouble with crime case. I don’t want to have any crime record in police. Do you have any solution to help me get rid of it? My iPad tablet is completely blocked by this warning alert and I can’t do anything with iPad.

What’s “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card”? Is it Fake?

If your web browser like Safari or Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad is blocked by this warning alert asking you to “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card”, your device actually gets a malware or ransomware. In other words, “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” is caused by the malware or ransomware installed into your iPhone or iPad. In reality, this kind of malware or ransowmare can attack android smartphone and tablet. Once the malware or ransowmare gets installed into the targeted device, it will soon pop up a scaring warning message accusing of your illegal activities like watching or viewing pornographic material, and your device is blocked up for this reason. You are demanded to pay $300 via prepaid card or iTunes gift card within 24 hours. Once victims see this scaring “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” warning, they think it is from real police department as this message can’t be closed in normal way, and the attacked browser like Safari or Google Chrome can’t be shut down or exited even though victims have tried many times to restart the targeted device. Actually the cyber criminal designing this malware uses JavaScript technique to hijack the browser first then install the application to lock up the whole device, and then you are not able to do anything with attacked device.

“Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” fake message masquerades as law enforcement, government department, police agency or other judicial institutions and organizations like FBI department, cyber crime center, Department of Justice or British Metropolitan Police to scare victims first. In fact, pretending to be these law enforcement is a tricking tactic developed by cyber criminals to scare people, and make people believe they did something illegally and should be responsible for their behavior and conduct. Many victims choose to pay the fine of $300 as soon as they get this fake message as they are afraid of being caught by the police. To urge people to submit money, this malware or ransomware threatens that you could involve criminal charges and case materials will be transferred to the department of the FBI Cyber Crime if you refuse to send fine payment or try to unblock the device personally.  Even though you pay the fine payment, your device will still be blocked by “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card”, as the cyber criminals just want to swindle your money, and they don’t care if the device is unlocked or not. Even more, they would ask you the fine payment second time for other reason if the device is still blocked after you did pay the fine. Therefore, don’t be a fool to trust it; the ransomware just wants to swindle money out from more people.

The Main Symptoms of “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” Fake Message

1. It is designed to lock iPhone or iPad and asks you to pay for a fine of 300 dollars or 200 pounds to unlock your device. In fact, it is just a big hoax.

2. It locks your Apple device, claiming that you’ve violated the law of local office by visiting illegal information online.

3. As soon as this Ransomware message targets your Apple device, it totally blocks your access to the Internet and prevents you from doing anything there.

4. It allows cyber criminals to remotely access your Apple device iphone/ipad for stealing your personal information and other sensitive information.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your iPhone or iPad, then your device must be suffered with a malware infection(which can be this FBI crime warning, Mandiant USA Cyber Security virus, Department of Justice Virus, Ukash Paysafecard Virus, FBI warning notice virus, Australian Federal Police virus and RCMP Ukash virus etc.) that blocks your access to your device. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for device literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing this fake “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card”warning alert from iPhone or iPad? Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts, we are here to help you:

Similar Screenshot of Ransomware Blocking Safari on iPhone/iPad

Stop and Remove Safari-Blocked Ransomware Warning on iPhone/iPad Immediately

I was trying to get on Safari on my phone and then “Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” warning pop-up blocked my access to my internet on my iphone with something regarding pornography, how can I get the tab off of my internet viewing to continue using my internet? Fake government warning is upgraded by hackers to target more and more iPhone or iPad or other Mac OS X system product to get more illegal profits. We used to believe that Apple products with Mac OS X system is greatly immune to viruses and malware. However, since this version of virus is improved to attack iPhone/iPad, this Blocked Police malware will easily spread online and hits Apple iOS device.

1.Fake government warning asking non-existed fine of $500 or £100 will pop up and lock your iPhone/iPad when you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source, especially after you jailbreak your device.

2.Once you’re asked to Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card on your iPhone or iPad, please get this ransomware off your iPhone/iPad manually.

3.Currently no app is able to detect or remove this kind of Blocked Police virus, even for preventing the virus from attacking the mobile device again.

4.Manual removal process requires sufficient expertise. To safely deal with the malware from iPhone/iPad, you are recommended to contact an expert online for further removal help.


“Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card” fake message may get into your device by clicking on malicious links, open vicious sites or installing virus-infected apps or read spam email. However, recently even though victims visit legitimate and normal website or just view normal material, this Blocked Police malware still can pop up. This is because cyber criminals have the ability to distribute this ransomware randomly and attack Safari on different devices through network. So when you get online, you need to take cautious and don’t visit malicious sites and click on strange popping up links first. And once your device gets this fake warning, you should first calm down and think it logically and then do some search online to check if there is someone who has met the same issue as you. But don’t rush to pay the requested so-called penalty. In reality, this fine of $300 is ridiculous and non-existed. The money is actually swindled by cyber criminals and collected by them illegally. Blocked Police ransomware will use different tricking tactics to scare and scam people into thinking that they did something illegal and may get into trouble with lawsuit and jail and must send money to avoid any troubles. If your safari is blocked by scam virus asking to Pay $300 to a number through PayPal or a prepaid card, you should figure out the effective way to unblock it first. Paying a fine of $300 will not help; they just want to extort money from you but will not help remove ransomware to unblock your device. At last, you will just lose money but your device is still blocked by Blocked Police malware there.

Kindly Reminder: Fake warning on iPhone/iPad wants you to pay them and it won’t go away? Contact online experts for help now!

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