Remove Trojan.Trickybot!gm Virus Manually

Hello, can you help us? My sister’s computer has been attacked by Trojan.Trickybot!gm Virus. She has Norton installed into computer, and Norton reported this virus. We have run Norton to scan and deleted this kind of threat many times, and every time Norton said it solved all threat risks,  but this virus comes back again and again after restarting. So what can we do to deal with this virus completely? We don’t know much about computer. Do you have any ideas about that?

Brief Introduction of Trojan.Trickybot!gm Virus

Trojan.Trickybot!gm virus is a dangerous trojan horse to corrupt different windows computer. This Trojan can log in targeted computer by clicking on malicious popups on unsafe websites, spam email attachments, downloading free programs from unreliable resource or receiving strange files or links from unknown person and so on. Cyber criminals create this virus and add it into many resources online to attract and lure Internet users to click on it to open and activate the virus to run on targeted machine. So this Trojan.Trickybot!gm virus can affect your machine via many other ways on the Internet except what we mentioned above. Cyber criminals design this backdoor threat to hack users’ computer and access users’ important information stored on infected computer for illegal market profits. So if you save personal data like banking account info, identified card data or company materials or many online password things will be stolen by hackers. There is no doubt that Trojan.Trickybot!gm is a big threat to your personal information.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on November 4, 2016 11:17 am

Trojan.SlayerRAT Virus Removal Guides

Well, I got a Trojan.SlayerRAT Virus on my gaming laptop. this morning, while I was watching some video from Youtube, I found something flashing and then disappearing soon. I though there is something installed into my computer already, but I don’t think it should be a Trojan virus. Since this Trojan horse gets on my machine, many things are messed up a lot! I usually use Malwarebyte and malwarebytes allmost got done with its scan and let me know what files are infected with this vicious virus, but it stopped responding 🙁 I need help!!

Brief Introduction of Trojan.SlayerRAT Virus

Trojan.SlayerRAT virus is a dangerous and hazardous Trojan virus. This Trojan horse has a strong ability to monitor your online activities, help remove hackers control victims’ computer and access victims’ personal information. Cyber criminals design this virus and use it to steal people’s personal data for illegal benefits. To attack more targeted computers, cyber criminals spread it through many ways that you can’t imagine. They will embed Trojan.SlayerRAT virus’ executable file as pop-up ads, deals, discounts, coupons, fake security banner message or bogus updates into malicious websites, but in fact, the websites are also created by cyber criminal in order to control visitor easily. When visitor opens these websites, different popup ads will keep showing up to attract visitor to click on them. One click will activate and install this virus into system soon without your permission. Besides, spam email, free charging software, strange links, shareware or peer-to-peer file also can be added into this Trojan.SlayerRAT virus. If you accidentally download or click something unsafe, Trojan virus will go into system within few seconds. Therefore, to avoid virus and malware, you should be cautious to unsafe things from the Internet.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on October 28, 2016 12:06 pm

How to Eliminate Setsearchm.exe Virus Completely

Hello, here. Recently I found some Setsearchm.exe in my computer. I actually have tried to delete it, but it just will come back again and again after I restarted back my computer. it seems could create this process automatically by itself and this process has sneaked into many folders. I can’t delete them completely! Antivirus program still can’t help me. And antivirus said there are some threats risks related to this Setsearchm.exe. I checked in task manager and also found this process taking up too much CPU usage. Due to this malicious thing, computer runs slower than before. Can you help me completely remove it?

Brief Introduction of Setsearchm.exe Virus

Setsearchm.exe is actually a vicious and harmful process caused by Trojan virus, malware, adware or spyware. Hence, Setsearchm.exe is classified as a kind of virus and acts like a Trojan virus. That also means there should be some kind of computer threat staying on your computer when your computer is affected by this process. So antivirus program can detect and report it as it is a high risk and infects files of system. And some dangerous virus or malware should start to damage computer system in background if you can’t completely clean out this Setsearchm.exe virus. This virus gets into system like registry, startup item, windows folder, program files folder, task manager or any folders stored in disks and desktop. In background, it eats up the rest of system capacity and occupies too much CPU usage. Computer performance is slowed down soon by this virus. Some system files, windows process or program can be disabled by this Setsearchm.exe virus. Some victims said some program’s location can’t be found or some strange error message displayed when they wanted to open the problematic program. Webpage loads at a very slow speed even can’t be displayed. You’re even not allowed to download new programs into computer. Your DNS settings may be changed by this Setsearchm.exe virus to block your access to the internet. Some documents may be encrypted this nasty virus.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on October 25, 2016 11:03 am

Manually Remove Trojan.Encoder.6491 Virus

Hi, how to deal with Trojan.Encoder.6491 virus? Some of files are encrypted by this Trojan horse so I can’t open some programs or read some documents. I very worry this Trojan virus can create more damages to my computer system, but I don’t know where to start to get this virus removed completely.  I am actually not a computer literate and a little bit afraid I will do something wrong to result in more system problem if I clean this virus by myself. So do you have any solution to help me out of this issue?

Brief Introduction of Trojan.Encoder.6491 Virus

Trojan.Encoder.6491 virus is an extremely harmful and vicious Trojan horse to severely attack Windows computer. Once it infiltrates into your system, it accesses the important system areas like registry, Users folder, Windows folder or Windows task manager to implant its malicious executable files. Some Windows files will be disabled or encrypted by this virus. Programs will run improperly or even have been deleted by this Trojan.Encoder.6491 virus. Web browser will be affected by this virus a lot. Homepage and search provider would be changed by some malicious extension or toolbar. Pop-ups are all over on the webpage you visit.  Some exe files are displayed on desktop but can’t be deleted. Wallpaper of desktop will be altered without your permission. Some programs or documents on the desktop are disappeared. Many junks will be created by Trojan.Encoder.6491 virus in system to take up too much system resources. If you check the CPU usage percentage, you will find the percentage become higher even up to 100%, but in fact, you didn’t open many programs. Computer performance becomes poor, so you will feel computer runs slower and slower. System loopholes will become more and more, and even worse this Trojan horse will introduce other malware or virus into system.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on October 24, 2016 5:07 am

Manually Remove HEUR.Trojan.Scritp.Generic

Hi, every time I try to access Google or YouTube, I am redirected to some “update your flash player” page, and it occurs on all the devices connected on the home network. Some websites work, other times “the webpage is unavailable”. Then there are times kaspersky internet security pops up with an access denied, saying ” HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic” is detected, but nothing is done about it. This thing “adapts” when I try accessing other search engines, looking for ways to deal with whatever is going on with the computers, such as yahoo or bing, these websites all of a sudden are redirected to the “update your flash player” page. Scanned full with kaspersky and malware bytes and nothing comes up. Please Help!


HEUR.Trojan.Scritp.Generic Description:

HEUR.Trojan.Scritp.Generic is a bogus Flash Player update page. It can generate many system errors to the systems. The registry can be added with its vicious data and system settings can be modified by this virus arbitrarily. Also, this Trojan infection can delete or infected system related files to avoid being removed. The main targets of this infection are the computers with Windows operating systems. Cyber hackers who make this infection can spread it with many ways. It is hard for computer users to prevent this infection from coming. As soon as this infection sneaks into target computers, it will begin to make chaos to the entire systems from many aspects. HEUR.Trojan.Scritp.Generic is not “intentionally” to infect other documents and it is good to camouflage itself to attract users to download. It can provide open the portal of infected computers to hackers, then allows hackers to destroy, steal those kinds of files, or even remotely infected computers. This Trojan program can obtain the right to use the computer even without the user’s permission. Its application capacity is very small, so it won’t take up too much memory resource when running, and the anti-virus software is difficult to find it out. It won’t take up too much memory resource when running, after you run a document with the Trojan, it will automatic login in the system boot area immediately. After that, it will run automatically when Windows loading, and then it will change the file name, stealth, or copied to other folder automatically at once. Read the rest of this post »

Published by James B. Gonzalez on October 23, 2016 3:41 pm and last modified on October 26, 2016 4:47 am.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From External Hard Drive?

My drives have been infected with shortcut virus, when I open a folder, there is a shortcut of the same folder present inside it, and tried removing it and when I restart it comes back. AVG does detect it and removes it but it comes again. Even in my USB flash drive, it goes away and then comes back again. My files don’t get hidden but a shortcut folder of the same name gets created inside it. How to remove this? The virus was killing my brains out. Please help me, thank you so much.

What is Shortcut Virus and How does it Spread?

Shortcut virus is a popular virus infection in the world. In the age of the internet, as a computer user you can’t avoid to copy the data to your external hard drive. External hard drive is a very common device to transfer data from one computer to another, also sometimes we get errors while connecting usbs to computer and during data transfer one of them is Shortcut Error, basically, this is a Virus known as Shortcut virus, it converts every file into shortcut in Pendrive / Hard drive. This virus infects a pendrive or any removable disk and when that particular disk is inserted into the system it affects the ’c:’ drive. Once it affects the ‘c:’ drive of a system, all the removable media inserted in the system will get infected and through that infected media, it affects other systems and so on. So, even if it is detected and removed from a removable disk, it still stays in the ‘c:’ drive and affects all the removable media inserted into the system.

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Published by James B. Gonzalez on October 22, 2016 5:37 am and last modified on October 22, 2016 5:47 am.

Computer’s attacked by Trojan.Wininfos Virus – What to do?

Hello, my computer is attacked by this Trojan.Wininfos virus which is detected by Avira, but Avira can’t remove it completely. So what should I do now? Many strange exe extension shows on desktop and can’t be deleted. Background of desktop is changed. I even don’t know how this can happen. I want to download something from Google Chrome or Firefox, but I can’t do that. Some program can’t be open or I got prompt saying ‘the file location cannot be found’. What exactly is the problem? I guess it should be caused by this Trojan virus. Do you guys have any ideas?

Brief Introduction of Trojan.Wininfos Virus

Trojan.Wininfos Virus hijacks web browser, blocks Internet access, corrupts files and program and destroy troubleshooting mode of your computer. This virus implants its malicious files into important system field like Windows folder, Host folder, startup items and so on. Once it corrupts system important areas, the system will receive many system failures, so sometimes computer cannot start normally but instead is blocked by some error codes. Trojan.Wininfos Virus hijacks the web browser and changes internet settings, redirects you to suspicious websites, and meanwhile installs malicious adware or other malicious extension to display endless popups. This virus even can change the DNS settings to blocks you access the Internet. Internet speed is very slow, and webpage cannot load up but a white blank screen or you will get prompt like “This webpage is not available” or “The data cannot be found” and so on. You even cannot download new programs into computer. This Trojan virus will gradually eat up system resource and slow down computer performance.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on October 18, 2016 6:50 am

Trojan.Lethic!g2 Manual Removal Guides

Hey! I was told that there is a Trojan virus called Trojan.Lethic!g2 in my computer, how could I remove it? I know Trojan virus is totally harmful as I have made some search on the Internet but I don’t know how to get rid of it. I have tried to use some antivirus software to remove it but it seems that the antivirus software is useless. My computer has become abnormally slow since I was told that my computer got infected by this malicious Trojan virus. Please give me some suggestions if you are familiar with this malicious Trojan virus and know the effective way to remove it. Thank you very much.

Brief introduction of this Trojan.Lethic!g2 virus

As you know that Trojan.Lethic!g2 is a Trojan virus. It is a member of Trojan.Lethic family that usually infects Windows computer. Once your computer gets infected by this Trojan virus, you should pay a serious attention to it and remove it from your computer as soon as you can. This Trojan virus usually is bundled with the free software. Once you download and install the free software that bundles with this Trojan virus, your computer could get infected this virus. When this Trojan virus gets to your computer, it will have the ability to mess up your computer and do something harmful to your computer. It is capable to disable your computer firewall then get to your computer. It can change the settings of your computer then do what it wants to. It can install some useless and risky programs to your computer then your computer will get worse. At the same time, your computer resources will be eaten up by these harmful programs then your computer will become slower and slower. If you leave this Trojan.Lethic!g2 virus alone, your computer will crash down. So it is very necessary for you to remove this Trojan virus as soon as possible. Don’t know how to remove it? Let’s see below.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on October 12, 2016 12:14 pm

How to Remove JS.Downloader!gen23 Virus

Hello, I have a trojan virus called JS.Downloader!gen23 detected by Norton, but I have many times to run a full scanning and then removing infected files, but this virus is still in system. I enter the Registry trying to delete something malicious, but I can’t figure out which files and entries are corrupted and worry I will do some wrong with the system. Do you guys have more effective way to help me completely clean this virus?

Brief Introduction of JS.Downloader!gen23 Virus

JS.Downloader!gen23 virus is a harmful and hazardous Trojan virus to attack Windows version computer. If your computer is hit by this Trojan virus, the virus will soon enter the system settings to change important files, change the settings of operating system and insert harmful files deeply into crucial system files as well folders. It also can change the DNS to block you to access the network. Internet speed will become very slow, and it’s hard to load a new tab on the web browser, and web browser may sometimes crash down, which will frustrate you a lot. JS.Downloader!gen23 virus is capable to replicate and implant itself into another place of system to make computer run abnormally. In this way, antivirus cannot detect it. Then it can sneak into startup items, registry editor or task manager to change or disable some function. Computer will always get files fragmentation, get stuck and crash down or even cannot start up. Windows program might be disabled by this dangerous virus. If you run many programs or perform many tasks at the same time, computer will crash down immediately. Antivirus would act in a malfunctioned way even be damaged by this virus and system loopholes will severely generate. Many other computer threats will root into system. it’s wise to clean out this virus as soon as possible.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on October 11, 2016 5:22 am

How to Remove Heur:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic?

I can’t find a way to get rid of this Heur:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic infection from my computer. I keep getting the virus message from my anti-virus program, but my security tool can only quarantine it for me. I don’t know what to do now as all I have done went in vain. How can I remove this bad virus without having to wipe off my hard drive? I have many important data saved on my machine. Please advise.

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

This Heur:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic is a newly designed Trojan horse infection that released by cyber hackers recently. The main targets of this infection are the computers with Windows operating systems. Cyber hackers who make this infection can spread it with many ways. It is hard for computer users to prevent this infection from coming. As soon as this infection sneaks into target computers, it will begin to make chaos to the entire systems from many aspects. What’s worse, this infection never comes to the target computers alone. That’s to say, when you realize that your computer is targeted by this infection, your system can have already been attacked by many other kinds of computer viruses. In one word, it is a necessity to have this infection removed in time. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on September 24, 2016 6:10 am


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