Apple Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone

Apple is going to add a new feature that would allow uses to automatically download and check parts of their medical records on their iPhones devices.

This medical check feature will become part of Apple’s popular Health app.users can use this app with this medical checking feature to transfer clinical data like cholesterol levels and lists of medications prescribed by their doctors — directly from their medical providers to their iPhones. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Karen Lawrence on January 25, 2018 9:35 am and last modified on January 31, 2018 7:04 am.

Linux chief Linus Torvalds criticises Intel’s ‘garbage’ Spectre and Meltdown patches

Linus Torvalds, Linux creator, is not happy about the Intel patches.

The Linux creator criticised differences in the way that Intel approached patches for the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. He said of the patches: “They do literally insane things. They do things that do not make sense.” Torvalds added: “And I really don’t want to see these garbage patches just mindlessly sent around.”

Spectre and Meltdown are design flaws in modern CPUs which may make hackers easily escape from system protections on a wide range of PCs, servers, and smartphones. Moreover, attackers can access data including passwords, from memory. Since the flaws were discovered, the tech industry has been scrambling to fix them before they can be exploited.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on January 23, 2018 8:22 am and last modified on January 31, 2018 7:02 am.

How to Remove Infection?

My computer is just infected with this Infection. I have run my antivirus to kill the infection, but it seems no work, as every time when I restart back my computer, and open the Chrome, is still showing as the homepage. The original start page is Google, but it was changed somehow without my permission. Many popup ads and banners coming from this site keeps displaying. How to remove Infection?

What’s Infection?

If you see popping up on your computer, it will say that your computer now is especially infected with a browser hijack or virus infection. Browser hijacker always pops up on the browser as soon as you run the browser as the homepage or start page. It usually infected web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and your Mac OS devices. It aims to promotes some products by popping the advertisement banners and some flash video to attract you to click on it. it takes over the whole web browser, changes the default settings, alter the homepage aggressively without your permission. And it even adds some malware, extension, add-on or plugin into the web browser. So as soon as you run the web browser, this pops up immediately and other malicious programs and extension will also run at the same time. This browser infection can be treated a platform to promote sponsor’s products, different discount items, deals, coupons and even spyware or rogue program. One click may soon install malware, spyware or rogue program into system without your permission. Many computer infections will mess up and damage computer system. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on January 23, 2018 7:28 am and last modified on January 23, 2018 8:12 am.

IPVanish VPN Review 2018: 57% OFF Coupon Code

Brief Description of IPVanish

Are you now concerning more about your online privacy like your sensitive information, financial information and anti-malware security? You’re looking a tool to help safeguard your security and privacy? IPVanish VPN is the best choice for. IPVanish is the only true TOP Tier VPN service in the world. It provides users to enjoy the best VPN speed, the most secure connections and the most competitive pricing anywhere. It uses the military-grade 256-AES encryption to encrypt customers’online data and information. IPVanish extends its network to 40,000+ IPs on 1,000+ servers in 60+ countries, which will absolutely let you access any websites and services fast, surf on the internet anonymously and bypass the censorship and geo-restrictions. You don’t worry if your online activities would be logged by IPVanish, as IPVanish has strict Zero-logs policy. That means it will never store the metadata about your VPN session or information about how you used the service. It’s now offering 57% OFF coupon code for NEW Customer for Yearly Plan, which really saves up to 57% on your budget. Get an IPVanish account to experience all features and performance of IPVanish Now!

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Published by Matt Johnston on January 23, 2018 4:50 am and last modified on January 25, 2018 1:36 am.

Selfie app Snow, Asian Snapchat Clone, raises $50M from SoftBank and Sequoia China

Snow is a selfie app which once was bought by Faceboook. Today, the company behind Snow has scooped up a $50 million investment from SoftBank and Sequoia China.

Snow was started by Naver, the Korean firm behind popular messaging app Line, and it had proven popular in Japan, Korea, China and other markets in Asia thanks to a focus on localized filters, stickers and features.

A major updated that dropped last week removed Snow’s user-to-user communication features and turned it into a dedicated selfie camera app. Without chat, the app doubles down on filters, stickers, augmented reality (AR), and other selfie-related features to make photos and other media that can be exported to social networks or chat groups. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Michael Myn on January 22, 2018 9:51 am and last modified on January 31, 2018 7:03 am.

IPVanish Coupon Code: 57% OFF A-YEAR Deal 2018

You’re now just a beginner of IPVanish VPN and looking for Coupon Code, Promo Code or special discount for IPVanish VPN service? Here we will give you the best suggestion with best value on IPVanish Coupon Code.

IPVanish Coupon Code: 57% OFF A-YEAR Deal

IPVanish now is offering a better offer for new customers. It provides an extra 20% off new customer’s first billing on any plan. For example, if you’re a new customer and contract with 1-YEAR deal, you will actually save totally up to 57%. In fact, you will just cost down to $5.20/month. The original price for one-year plan costs $143.88 annually. Also IPVanish provides 20% OFF coupon code for new customer. If you are a new customer, please apply for the 20% OFF IPVanish Coupon Code before you fill in the payment form.

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Published by Matt Johnston on January 20, 2018 4:11 pm and last modified on January 25, 2018 1:34 am.

“Your iPhone has been locked due to illegal activity” – How to Unlock?

Hello, could you please help me with this issue right now? My iPhone just gets locked by this message “Your iPhone has been locked due to illegal activity.” It says I have been violated with some law articles and blames me for watching and viewing some porn contents on the internet. but I never do that. It gives an email address which seems from FBI department, but I am not sure if it is real. Should I just disregard the email sent from Interpol requesting the payment for a fine of $300? It said if I don’t pay within 24 hours, my bank accounts etc would be frozen. do you think Interpol would use this type of payment for fines? It is an embarrassing and I don’t want any other one know this matter even though I don’t do as it mentioned in the warning message. So please help me!

“Your iPhone has been locked due to illegal activity”  Warning Message Blocks Your iPhone?

When you see warning message showing on your iOS device like iPhone and iPad saying “Your iPhone has been locked due to illegal activity”, you should notice that this warning alert is actually a fake notification not from the real police department, law enforcement or other authentic organization. This fake warning alert is actually cause by adware, scareware, malware or virus which is put by those cyber criminals who want to defraud more illegal money from internet users with some tricking tactics. This kind of fake warning message is classified into ransomware actually. When it targets your iPhone or iPad, it will soon take over your browser like Safari, then pops up the warning message “Your iPhone has been locked due to illegal activity.” And it demands you to pay a penalty ranging from $300 to $500 through different payment methods or prepaid card like OneVanilla card, iTunes Gift Card and more. In fact, this ransomware is not newly released but just updated and changed its face layout. Cyber scammer still utilizes JavaScript to first hijack your internet browser like Safari or Chrome on iPhone/iPad, then install some malicious codes or extensions into Safari browser even iPhone/iPad system, after these steps, it will soon popup such a scaring warning alert telling Your device has been locked for illegal pornography and blocks your internet access. Any apps using Internet on iPhone/iPad will not get online.

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Published by Michael Myn on January 18, 2018 9:50 am

How to Protect Your Facebook Being Hacked?

Did you know that 1 in 10 social media users have been a victim of a cyber attack and more than 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised everyday? That’s 219 million accounts a year!

Think of all the personal information you keep on Facebook – including your email, phone number, address, correspondences and photos. Wouldn’t want that stolen right? Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on January 17, 2018 10:06 am and last modified on January 17, 2018 10:06 am.

NordVPN Review 2018: 77% OFF Coupon Code

Brief Description of NordVPN

You’re now taking online privacy and security more seriously and looking for a certified and reliable VPN provider to protect and encrypt your internet traffic online? Here you’re strongly recommended to use NordVPN service, as it implement more technology like Double VPN, Onion Over, VPN DNS leak protection and automatic Kill Switch to keep customers more private and anonymous while surfing on the internet. NordVPN provides 2791 global servers in 59 countries, which is a huge network and you can experience streaming service with a super-fast speed without throttling. Usually when you’re browsing on the internet, you actually are monitored by the Internet service provider, which seems someone constantly looking over your shoulder. But if you use NordVPN, it will offers a private path through the Internet, all your traffic is protected every step of the way using military-grade encryption that even a supercomputer can’t crack. with NordVPN, your online activity is truly private, just it should be. Also the top priority of NordVPN is their customer data security. Operating under the jurisdiction of Panama allows NordVPN to guarantee no logs policy, which means that your activities while using the privacy solutions created by are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

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Published by Matt Johnston on January 17, 2018 8:27 am and last modified on January 18, 2018 4:15 am.

NordVPN Coupon Code: 77% OFF Special Deal Promotion 2018

What’s NordVPN?

Have you heard of NordVPN and if so do you know how to get NordVPN Coupon Code to enjoy the discount? Well, let us learn more about it first before using the VPN service. Founded in 2012, over the years, NordVPN has become a trusted online security solution, used by over hundreds of thousands of Internet users worldwide. Meanwhile, NordVPN became recognized by the most influential tech sites and IT security specialists. It is now one of the most trusted privacy and security service provider in the world, known for the strongly held values and well thought-out features. NordVPN provides intuitive and easy-to-use VPN service and applications which are available on all major operating system including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. NordVPN offers 2782 servers located in 59 countries. It allows you to connect 6 multiple devices simultaneously with one NordVPN account. With NordVPN, you can experience real online privacy with just a few clicks. To start with, send your Internet traffic through remote servers anywhere around the globe to change your IP address and protect your private data. From there, NordVPN will ensure that none of your confidential information is being logged, monitored or exposed and intercepted by third parties. NordVPN takes customer’s privacy and only security seriously. So, it carries out a strict no-logs policy, ensure users’ ultimate privacy and anonymity and they never log the activities of NordVPN users. NordVPN protects your IP address, so your online activity is out of sign to your internet service provider and any creepy snoopers. Get a NordVPN to experience all advantages and features provided by NordVPN! It’s right now offering 77% Off NordVPN Coupon Code for 3-year plan. Don’t miss it out!

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Published by Matt Johnston on January 16, 2018 10:17 am and last modified on January 29, 2018 7:26 am.


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