Norton Core Discontinued (Reminder)

We wanted to remind you that Norton by Symantec tech team will be discontinuing the sales of their Norton Core product in January 2019. But they will be aligning their Home and Family protection products with their core competencies and transitioning to a software solution vs. a hardware solution (e.g. Norton Core).

After January 31, 2019, we will discontinue opening service on Norton Core and deactivate all links we will remove all information and relative links about that item from our site(s). Furthermore, as required by Norton by Symantec, we refrain from creating any consumer facing communication regarding this change due to legal reasons.

BTW, Norton only close the sales of their Norton Core product, but they still provide users with many great products, and most of them are very helpful. Norton security suites cover almost all platforms and devices including PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads and iPhones. Even not all features are available on all platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via livechat or submit a ticket to us, we will reply to you ASAP. If you want to learn more about other Norton by Symantec products, just click on the button below to go ahead and hope all readers here will be able to choose the Norton protection that is right for you and save today.

Published by Matt Johnston on February 9, 2019 4:40 am and last modified on February 13, 2019 4:39 am.

YouTube Removes Conspiracy Contents from Recommended Videos Section

Social media networking YouTube said they will soon start to curb recommending conspiracy videos and contents that would mislead users in harmful ways. Videos saying like promoting a fake magical cure for a rare disease will be prohibited. YouTube even announces it will tweak its recommendation algorithm to stop recommending conspiracy videos to users. Usually YouTube algorithm would automatically pick up videos according to what you are viewing and the searching histories when using an auto play mode. And then YouTube gives internet users other suggested videos to watch.

YouTube claims that “As always, people can still access all videos that comply with our Community Guidelines and, when relevant, these videos may appear in recommendations for channel subscribers and in search results.”

Every minute YouTube will receive more 400 horses of uploaded videos on site. And many suspicious and questionable videos would be passes through without restrict checking. Therefore, manual human supervision is strongly asked by critics. And YouTube says they would hire about 1000 people to check for suspicious videos. Also in order to achieve a better handle of preventing bad stuff from the network, the network even promotes the use of machine learning.

Machine learning must be integrated with real people manipulation, then the change will get better affection. YouTube claims “We work with human evaluators and experts from all over the United States to help train the machine learning systems that generate recommendations. These evaluators are trained using public guidelines and provide critical input on the quality of a video.”

Published by Karen Lawrence on February 7, 2019 4:09 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 3:53 am.

GandCrab ransomware and Ursnif virus Mainly spread through MS Word macros

GandCrab ransomware and Ursnif virus is newly found malware attacks discovered by security researchers. They are actually different malware campaign. Ursnif is a sort of Trojan mainly stealing data and personal information, and GandCrab is classified into ransomware, but GandCrab mainly attacks victims’ device by coming with UrSnif malware. So, they always come to attack devices together.

They mainly come from those emails have been attacked by phishing or identity theft attack. Usually these email attached with a Microsoft Word document will be preferred by these two kinds of malware things, because, they can be added or embedded with their malicious macros, and next they use the Powershell to deliver fileless malware.

Ursnif malware is classified into a data stealing malware because it is designed to steal victims’ personal sensitive information from infected devices like PC. Your online banking details, credit card credentials, ID numbers, passport number, browsing histories, passwords, logins, collect keystrokes, system and process information and more will be carefully and aggressively collected by this Ursnif malware. It even opens backdoors for other online threats.

GandCrab is a kind of ransomware, so it can encrypt your files and locks you out of computer until you pay for a ransom, or you will not be able to use your computer and access any files. GandCrab mainly ask victims to pay ransom in digital currency to unlock your computer. It is a scam and harmful malware to defraud money.

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Published by Karen Lawrence on February 6, 2019 8:56 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 8:56 am.

VyprVPN APAC Server Upgrades Completed

VyprVPN Asia-Pacific Server Upgrades

Over the past few months VyprVPN team have made a massive investment upgrading their VPN servers and architecture, starting with our European server clusters towards the end of 2018 which has resulted in a 2-3x increase in throughput speed for customers in that region. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on February 5, 2019 2:43 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 3:28 am.

Security News: A Phony Image-based Malware Mainly Targets Mac Devices

Recently, it is reported that a new image-based malware campaign targets more and more Macs. This new malware attack has been called VeryMal. You may be attacked by a harmless-looking white rectangle image, but if you click on the rectangle image, it will redirect you to a URL and trick you into installing Adobe Flash Update. It is actually a kind of malicious advertisements or something potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is estimated by researchers that every day around 5 million users have been attacked by this VeryMal malware. Alarmingly, you should be warned that actually fewer than a third of the anti-malware engines on the Google-owned VirusTotal scanning service detect VeryMal’s payload. If you don’t keep a careful eye on this kind of warning alert message or signs like white-rectangle thing, but click on it and will be soon installed the malicious updating. VeryMal malware is a stealthily malicious program mainly stealing personal information. If it sneaks into your Mac and install itself without your permission, you will be part of an online advertising fraud machine. Therefore, please look out of any changes happening on your Mac, and if the problem happens, you should fix immediately.

Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 4, 2019 8:34 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 8:34 am.

Avast WiFi Inspector Can Scan ES File Explorer Vulnerability

ES File Explorer vulnerability is recently discovered by a French researcher. ES File Explorer is a file manager and can be downloaded from Google Play Store millions of times. ES File Explorer can help people to connect to the same network like WiFi hotspots by default, select all music by default, fix HTTP vulnerabilities in LAN and other known bugs. Avast statistic shows that over 60,000 users are still using this vulnerable ES File Explorer. And Avast users can use their Avast WiFi Inspector to help check and discover if their devices are still running this vulnerable ES File Explorer on mobile device.

Cyber hackers can use these vulnerabilities to send commands to victims’ devices, like list all files, pictures, videos, auto files, installed apps, system apps and more there.

Users should do:

Immediately update ES File Explorer app to the latest version from Google Play Store

Test and check every mobile device (Android, iPhone & iPad) connected to your home network by using the Avast Antivurs’s built-in Wi-Fi Inspector on a computer.

Keep updating all your apps to the newest version in order to decrease app’s vulnerabilities and avoid security threats.

Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 3, 2019 8:05 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 8:06 am.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger will be Unified

It is reported that Mark Zuckerberg plans to combine three largest messaging services: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It is claimed that the unification of three messaging service will improve more secure, encrypted messages on all platforms. That means you don’t need to leave one of the messaging app to log into another one to reply the messages.

One of the reason Zuckerberg plans to do this due to the marketplace feature. Facebook gradually takes on eBay, where redirects to shop online are supplied to Facebook Messenger. So, users of WhatsApp have to leave WhatsApp and log into Facebook Messenger, which actually is not so convenient for users. But it will be better if two apps are combined and people can stay in one place to continue their work all the time.

Now thousands of staffs are working on this plan and it’s expected that integrating three apps would be accomplished by the end of 2019 or in early 2020. Even though Facebook unifies WhatsApp and Instagram, WhatsApp and Instagram companies are still independent, said by Zuckerberg.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are all very popular and used by people all around the world. It’s reported that each month about 2.7 billion people are using these popular apps. And Facebook takes up 1.52 billion for daily use.

Facebook states that “We want to build the best messaging experiences we can; and people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private,” “We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks. As you would expect, there is a lot of discussion and debate as we begin the long process of figuring out all the details of how this will work.”

Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 2, 2019 3:50 am and last modified on February 1, 2019 8:05 am.

Child advocates call for shutdown of Facebook Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is specifically designed for kids by Facebook and features in free video chat and messaging. Facebook Messenger Kids mainly aims at children under 13 years’ old. Child Advocates (Child development experts and consumer advocates) are calling on Facebook to shut down Facebook Messenger Kids immediately.

Facebook encourages game developers to allow children to spend thousands of dollars on games without their parents’ consent, which is called a kind of “friendly fraud” by social media giant, according to a report by Reveal, a website operated by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Reveal said it was based from a document describing the company’s game strategy.

The documents appear to demonstrate that Facebook is willing to cause actual harm to children and families in its quest for profit,” the letter states. “As such, Facebook is unfit to make any platform or product for children, especially one like Messenger Kids, which gives Facebook unfettered access to kids’ relationships, conversations, and private moments with friends and family.

US Senators Edward Markey (D-Ma.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct.) even sent a letter in order to ask Mark Zuckerberg why any measures were taken to stop the practice when the company and Mark Zuckerberg learned that children were “unknowingly spending their parents” money while playing games.

For the Reveal story, Facebook responds the app is safe and “offer tools for families navigating Facebook and the web”.

Published by Leo R. Oscar on February 1, 2019 3:04 am and last modified on January 31, 2019 3:04 am.

Gmail Mobile App is Updating to a New Look

Google has updated Gmail mobile version into a new look. The new design is now working on devices based on Android, and iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks.

Features showing from the desktop version can also be seen from android phone and tablet. It is now convenient to for users to use the shortcuts to attachments to open attachments directly, no need to open email itself.

Users can freely change between personal and work account. New design for mobile can give users a big and red warning if the email seems suspicious.

Compared with the old version, this new design for mobile is backgrounded with a mostly white. The new inbox also has links to the social and promotion tabs at the top.

The new design for mobile version gives more convenience to Google users.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on January 30, 2019 7:27 am

New VyprVPN Domains for China

VyprVPN’s current redirect domains in China have been blocked. And we are noted to update our current links as soon as possible to one of their new redirect domains so that users in China are able to access the VyprVPN website successfully.

They told us please remember to add our tracking code to the end of our links when updating the domain names.

Please note! VyprVPN’S service continues to work in China and is unaffected by the redirect domain name change.

Published by Matt Johnston on January 23, 2019 6:13 am and last modified on January 24, 2019 8:56 am.


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