As winter is almost over, NordPass is launching a limited End of Winter deal, live from 2nd to 25th February. NordPass will offer the 2-year NordPass Premium plan for $35.93 that saves buyers 70% (usual price $119.76).

We would also like to inform you about NordPass’s latest product updates:

  • Autofill available for Personal Info. They recently introduced an autofill for the Personal Info feature, which enables users to automatically fill their data such as addresses and phone numbers in online forms.
  • NordPass Business available on mobile. Business users can now access their passwords and other items on iOS and Android devices.

That’s it for now! We’ll keep you updated with the latest NordPass offers, features, and news.
Feel free to reach out to us, if you have any questions!

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on January 29, 2021 6:27 am

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