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How to Remove VuuPC Malware Virus


After I download and install a remote access called VuuPC,  my computer performs slower and slower even it will take a long time to boot up. The strangest thing is that I always receive pop-up advertisements.  And whatever website I browse, I am always redirected to another strange site, and my homepage is changed to another one. How does it happen? I don’t have any idea at all. I have tried scanning by many anti-virus programs installed on my computer, but they didn’t pick up this pop-up page, I have no idea how to deal with this headache, please help!

Description of VuuPC Malware Virus

VuuPC is also known as “You’re Always a Click Away! by VuuPC Limited”. It advertises that it is a remote access which can help you remotely access to your home or office PC, access your files and transfer them between computers (copy and paste, no need to send) etc. It may be treated as a useful and powerful tool that allows users to connect to their computers remotely. However, it is categorized as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or malware and suggested not to install or keep it on your computer. This is because it causes a variety of severe issues with users’ computer and interrupts their online activities after this program is installed in computer.

Firstly, VuuPC malware can copy its files to your hard disk. The typical file name is Run.exe. It creates new start-up key with name VuuPC and value Run.exe. You can also find it in your processes list with name of Run.exe or VuuPC. Also, it can create folder named VuuPC under C:\Program Files\ or C:\ProgramData.  This is the way how VuuPC intrudes your computer. Then it may load as soon as the windows is booting, next it will install a toolbar or change your default home page settings. And those adware don’t allow you to change it back to your homepage. Once VuuPC malware is installed to your computer’s operating system and emdeded to a user’s internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer, the other adware and spyware program will enter into your computer and begin to track users’ online activity and collect their data in order to display targeted advertisements or turn over their information to third-party contractors. It may even ask a user for information such as your email address and access to your social media accounts, including Facebook. That is the reason why it could throw unstoppable and targeted advertisements and redirect you to malicious sites. And when you are curious and click on those pop-up advertisements, those ads will further lead you to fill your privacy information into those advertisements, thus your personal data is let out without your permission. Besides, you will often receive unwanted email spam, junk mail, and sometimes telephone calls from telemarketers. In a word, once other types of malicious programs get onto a computer, they may begin to collect data that users manually submit online for illegal purpose.

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Published by Karen Lawrence on July 28, 2014 6:33 am and last modified on July 28, 2014 6:38 am.

Remove Redirect


My Internet browser was hijacked by the nasty redirect. It caused pesky troubles during my online task and showed up many pop-up ads on the browser. When surfing the web, I found it difficult to reach favorite content. Why did my anti-virus software fail to block this browser hijacker? How to clean out the redirect infection completely? Manual removal tips here will help you eliminate the harmful hijacker safely.

Brief Introduction about This Redirect is a pesky site that spreads widely through network. It pretends to help net users enjoy different online resources. Actually, the fake website is identified as a malicious computer infection. PC users who visit harmful sites, pop-up ads and free download etc. are likely to pick up this browser hijacker on computers running different operating systems. It becomes a big problem to worldwide net users. It gets installed in the computer automatically together with additional threats like parasites, worms and malware. The browser hijacker makes bad damages to the computer. In detail, the hijacker loads up automatically on your browser while you click on web links or open a new tab. It forcibly redirects your Internet search results to unwanted web pages which display hazardous content and random popups. Besides, the redirect infection changes your browser homepage and other settings. It may have the ability to steal important system data and online history stored on the target computer. PC users should not leave the computer at risk but take measures to get rid of the browser hijacker as soon as possible.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 28, 2014 3:12 am

How to Remove TheTorntv V10


TheTorntv V10 attacked my computer while I was downloading a free PDF file from the Internet. It was installed in the computer and loaded in the background. I got a lot of pesky popups every time I surf the net. However, I can’t seem to pick up the browser adware via my antivirus. What can I do? How to uninstall the adware program from the computer completely? Benefit yourself from this post and remove this browser adware effectively with following removal help.

Brief Introduction about This TheTorntv V10

TheTorntv V10 is a browser adware that does great harm to worldwide computers. It is a potentially unwanted adware program distributed by cyber criminals to attack the computer and pilfer vital information from unknown net users. The adware comes from harmful sites, junk email attachments and doubtful downloads. It gets installed in computers running Windows 7, Vista and the latest Windows 8.1 and so on. Once installed, the adware can run as a background program, taking up high CPU usage. It attacks all types of Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc. It brings many annoying troubles to net users. To illustrate, the hijacker displays numerous pop-up ads or sponsored links on your browser, luring you into visiting those hazardous resources and download unwanted free software. Besides, the adware can typically redirect your specified websites to other malicious web pages which are bundled with various popups and potential threats. Risky as the adware is, it should be deleted from the computer completely and immediately.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 27, 2014 6:21 am

Remove Hijacker

26 redirect hijacked my Firefox, and it displayed pesky pop-up ads on the browser. Every time I surf the web, I got redirected to unwanted web pages. I was freaked with this browser hijacker, but I can’t remove it from the computer via the anti-virus software. What should I do? How can I get rid of the browser hijacker completely? Any redirect removal guide will help me a lot.

Brief Introduction about This Hijacker is a browser hijacker that targets Internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer etc. It becomes a big threat to worldwide net users who are likely to suffer from this browser hijacker during their improper online activities. Such a hijacker usually spreads through those harmful sites, commercial ads and free downloads. It is installed in the computer automatically and loads up as your browser homepage. The bogus site has its own search system, which attempts to trick net users into taking it as default homepage and search engine. Besides, the redirect supposedly provides users with functions to browse various online resources and search for favorite things. Actually, it is a risky computer infection which users should delete it from the computer immediately. Indeed, the hijacker infection brings great troubles to computer users. To more specific, the infection keeps forcibly redirecting your Internet search results to other pesky web pages which are related to browser adware and some notorious parties online. To avoid any further loss, users need to clean out the hijacker from the computer as early as possible.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 26, 2014 1:11 pm Hijacker Removal

26 has taken control of my browser. I can see it everywhere on my computer. How can I get rid of this thing completely? I did a full scan on my computer by using my anti-virus protection, but nothing harmful was detected. I’m not a computer person, it is too hard for me to find it out. Can anyone help?

Brief Introduction to This Website, when people first see this name, they may think it should be a website that provides online searching. For those people who don’t gain too much computer knowledge can be confused why we take this website seriously, because in their eyes, it is only a website, not a big deal. To be honest, when you can see this website on your computer, you must be cautious, it is not a good website at all. It is believed to be a malicious browser hijacker with evil purposes. It is designed by cyber hackers who want to gain illegal benefit from innocent computer users. And it is able to mess up the infected computer system by many means which can’t be detected by PC users. In a word, this stuff is not a good web page for people to trust. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 26, 2014 1:05 pm

Remove Redirect


Oh, my god! My homepage is hijacked. How can I kick it off? I try to switch it back to previous settings but the adware does not allow my changes. Now whatever website I browse, the new page always comes up. I don’t know how to remove it. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance here!

Description of Redirect redirect is one of many web browser hijackers redirect that can automatically modify your homepage or default search engine to without your permission. It can invade your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, etc. It enters your computer through bundling in your downloading free application or software programs. This method of spreading is called bundling. If you download a free application and do not pay much attention to the installation process, you can easily get a browser hijacker or some other unwanted program. Sometimes we are not patient with the installation procedures. You may just be in a hurry trying to see how some free program works and what you can do with it, so when you are installing it you just quickly click “Next” or “I agree” buttons all the time without actually paying attention to all the details of the installation process. And this hijacker redirect may be bundled in those free software or applications you download from the Internet. This is one of the methods how this kind of hijacker redirect and other similar adware even malware gets into users’ computers. Here we give users an advice that you had better always select the option of a custom installation instead of the standard one during the process of installation. Then you will be able to find out exactly what else you’re suggested to install into your PC. If you see any of such applications options, you must cancel this installation options and then end the entire installation right away. In a word, can find its way into your machine by bundling itself into freeware, shareware or junk emails. Also, if you recklessly click on the suspicious links embedded in the social networking sites, you may pick up this pest instantly without any notice. So when you decide to download or install any free program online, you should always need to pay close attention to what else you are offered by the setup wizard to install into your computer.  Read the rest of this post »

Published by Karen Lawrence on July 26, 2014 6:20 am and last modified on July 26, 2014 6:26 am.

Trojan:Win32/WebToos.B Virus Removal


Trojan:Win32/WebToos.B virus attacked my computer and messed it up terribly. The Trojan virus degraded the system performance and blocked the functions of executable programs. I ran full scans via my advanced security program, but I found it impossible to deal with the Trojan attack. I’ve got no idea how to get rid of the Trojan virus completely. Learn from this article and clean out the Trojan horse effectively with following removal help.

Information about Trojan:Win32/WebToos.B Virus:

Trojan:Win32/WebToos.B is a horrible Trojan horse that does great harm to a target computer. It is distributed through malicious sites, doubtful emails and free downloads etc. Cyber criminals attempt to violate users’ privacy and corrupt worldwide computers with the help of this Trojan horse. Soon as the Trojan virus affects the computer, it takes over the whole system and runs in the background automatically. Upon initializing, the Trojan horse takes up high CPU usage and makes modifications to the system files and entries. It is possible to drop some risky files to the computer secretly. Obviously, the affected computer results in slow system performance and poor network connection. It is easy to experience constant freezes, system crash and other unexpected damages. The computer just performs weirdly and hardly provides you with secure environment to complete the tasks. Moreover, the Trojan horse is associated with malfunction of normal programs. It disables your firewall and anti-virus programs to stop them from functioning properly. In this situation, PC users should figure out the Trojan issue manually and promptly.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 24, 2014 12:40 pm

Remove Hijacker


Can someone help me out of this I can’t find anything related to it in control panel. Now it makes me worried about the situation that my computer faces. My browser doesn’t work well now as I can’t open many websites that I regularly visit. Also, I have been shown lots of advertisements which trouble me a lot. I just want to get rid of this nasty stuff. Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Website

If you can see all the time when you run your browser or create a new tab in your browser, that means your computer is suffering from a malicious browser hijacker that can mess up the whole computer system without your notice. For inexperienced computer users, they wound be misled by the interface of it, they would judge that it is a good search engine for them to utilize. In fact, the reason why we call this as browser hijacker is because it is designed by cyber hackers with some malicious purposes. This hijacker mainly uses the Internet to spread. Technically speaking, it is not classified as a computer virus, in this case, anti-virus programs can’t block it from infiltrating, so people will have no idea about how and when this infection come to their computers. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 24, 2014 5:45 am

Remove Win32/Branstall.B Virus


Found it difficult to delete this Win32/Branstall.B virus via your advanced antivirus? How to remove the Trojan horse from the computer without making any damage? Many PC users got confused and complaint that their computers performed extremely poorly with such a virus. They have tried several different security programs, but none of these anti-virus tools take effective. Any Trojan removal tip will be helpful for the case.

Information about Win32/Branstall.B Virus:

Win32/Branstall.B is a risky Trojan infection that turns out to be a potentially unwanted program. The Trojan virus is designed by cyber criminals who obtain network as channels to spread various kinds of computer viruses to worldwide computers. Once the Trojan attacks the computer, it will activate and launch as a background program. It takes up high CPU usage and blocks your firewall to attack the computer terribly. Apparently, the performance of the system and network connection will be affected badly. Users will find it easy to get stuck and frozen up when surfing the web, playing online games and running large programs etc. Moreover, the Trojan virus messes up your system files and entries and even creates new malicious files with random names. It can cause malfunction of normal programs, making them unable to perform properly. That is why you get some script errors and application errors unexpectedly. The Trojan horse must be removed from the computer immediately, or it will trigger serious damages like system crash and blue screen errors and so on.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 23, 2014 12:10 am

Trojan:Win32/Ficos.A Uninstall Guide


Now I am really facing an important problem on my computer now. This Trojan:Win32/Ficos.A makes chaos in my computer. My anti-virus program can catch it but it is not able to remove this thing completely from my computer. I don’t know why. I am not very computer literate and afraid of doing wrong operation to make the situation even worse. I just want to get rid of this nasty virus. Please help.

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Trojan:Win32/Ficos.A can be classified as a malicious computer threat that targets on Windows computers all around the world. It is designed by cyber criminals who want to achieve some evil purposes from innocent computer users. For those people who are not good at computer, there is a great chance for this Trojan to infiltrate as this infection mainly can be spread from the Internet. Usually, Trojan infection will not come to a target computer alone. From online reports, if one computer is infected by a Trojan, other kinds of computer threats can be detected on the infected machine. The whole computer system can be messed up without user’s knowledge. In a word, it is not a pleasant thing to get infected by this Trojan infection. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 22, 2014 11:26 pm


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