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Trojan.Phonywall Virus Removal


I had a dell laptop that was recently affected by the Trojan.Phonywall virus. I tried to scan the whole system via my security program and delete all scanned results. But I still got the Trojan alert after rebooting the system. What should I do? The Trojan made my computer in a big mess, and it prevented me from doing anything in the contaminated system efficiently. How to remove the Trojan virus from my computer completely? I had lots of work to do on the computer, please help me deal with the Trojan issue.

Information about Trojan.Phonywall Virus:

Trojan.Phonywall is a nasty Trojan infection that can damage any target computer terribly. It is capable of affecting Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and other Windows operating systems. Upon arrival, the infection gets installed in your computer automatically and it is always running in the background to take up lots of your computer resources. Absolutely, the Trojan affects your computer aggressively, making it slower and slower. For instance, you will come across pesky system stuck and constant computer freezing when you download things, search the web and play games online and so on. You can be extremely freaked out at carrying actions on such an affected computer. More damages will occur to your computer if you keep the Trojan virus in the contaminated system too long. In fact, the Trojan may come bundled with lots of adware, worms, rootkits and malware which lead to system leaks and loopholes unexpectedly. The infection also affects your executable programs, and that’s why your anti-virus software never takes effective to clean it out. You need to be aware that the Trojan.Phonywall virus is a big computer issue and it should be deleted from your computer without any delay.
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Published by Michael Myn on November 27, 2015 1:06 pm Hijacker Removal


I got a page named on my browser last night. I didn’t download anything on my system. I keep being received pop-ups from this page which are really annoying. I tried to find the problematic program that contains this hijacker but I can’t. Also, my anti-virus program gives me nothing about this page, saying my computer is performing well. I don’t know what to do now. Please advise.

Brief Introduction to This Page is a fake search engine that uses misleading appearance to cheat people. By using the fake appearance, many innocent computer users can fall into its trap. It is not a legit page that can help people to search information on the Internet, rather than that, it can cause a lot of unwanted problems to the infected computers and help cyber hackers to achieve many illegal purposes. This page is a browser hijacker that can be categorized to be a kind of computer threat to damage target computers. Do not judge it as a simple page and neglect it. Once it comes to your computer, you will find out that the condition of your machine can be worse and worse if you don’t get it removed in time. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on November 27, 2015 5:27 am

Remove Trojan.Ranscrypt.U!g2 Virus


I came across this Trojan.Ranscrypt.U!g2 virus yesterday when I was downloading a PDF file from a web page displayed with some pesky popups. So I can’t seem to do anything on the target computer smoothly. My computer took a long time to respond while I launched a bit large program. Will this Trojan horse damage my computer terribly? Why does the security program fail to handle with the Trojan issue? I have lots of work to do on the computer, please help me get this stubborn Trojan infection off my computer completely.

Information about Trojan.Ranscrypt.U!g2 Virus:

Trojan.Ranscrypt.U!g2 is a risky computer infection that performs malicious actions in the compromised system the same way as other Trojan members do. It is designed by cyber criminals who use tricky tactics to release many Trojan, adware, worms, malware and other threats into hacked websites, spam email attachments, free download sources and so on. Once the Trojan takes its chance to target your computer, it usually comes bundled with potential threats so as to affect the system deeply. Actually, the Trojan horse creates new files with random names and drops vicious copies to your system, making it difficult to locate all harmful items with limited computer skills. It can modify important computer files as well as your default computer settings to make chaos. Thus, you may get some system error, program error and even file corrupted error messages during your activities. With the Trojan activated in the background, your computer will get slower and slower. You may suffer from constant freezes and system crash when you play games, surf the net and download things on the affected computer. So you need to get rid of the Trojan from your computer quickly.
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Published by Michael Myn on November 26, 2015 5:52 am

Remove Trojan.Downloader.Hyteod


Hello, I have a virus Trojan.Downloader.Hyteod which infects my computer a lot. Many files and programs are compromised. Many .exe shortcuts show on desktop screen and some of them cannot be removed. When I open browser to look up something, I will get to webpage where pop-up ads are flying everywhere. I even cannot run many programs at the same time, as the computer will soon get stuck and frozen. if I cannot remove this virus as soon as possible, I thought many other computer problems will happen to computer. And I cannot bear those popup things to interrupt me. Please help me.

Trojan.Downloader.Hyteod Virus Description:

Trojan.Downloader.Hyteod is a harmful and dangerous Trojan horse to hit windows computer. This virus would access the system areas like registry editor, windows folder, and start-up item to implant its malicious codes to replace or disable important system files. System errors will show on when you turn on computer. Sometime, if the important files related to start-up are lost, computer will not boot up. And when you open browser to view your favorite page, you would be interrupted by endless pop-up ads. But you’re suggested not to click on those pop-up things, as pop-up ads would carry virus-infected files. Once you click on it, the virus file will drop on computer. Even worse, with coming of this Trojan.Downloader.Hyteod  virus, computer system capacity will soon taken up and CPU usage is higher than before, computer performance is degraded totally. It will run slower, and programs will load for a long time, or program even cannot open. when you run many programs at the same time, windows explorer will stop working, and computer gets frozen at the point. You had better get this virus removed as soon as when you see it on computer, or gradually the virus will eat up system resources and destroy troubleshooting mode to completely destroy computer system.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on November 26, 2015 5:33 am

Trojan.Encryptoraas Removal Guide


I need help on removing a dangerous virus on my computer. It is called Trojan.Encryptoraas, I can clearly know it can do harm to my computer as it is detected by my security tool. However, my anti-virus cannot remove it for me. I don’t know why my tool is useless in this case. Can this virus damage the security tool as well? How do I fix this problem? Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Trojan.Encryptoraas is a newly-designed Trojan horse infection made by cyber criminals. It is used for hackers to attack innocent computers so that they can get illegal benefits from the infected computers, especially financial benefits. As a vicious computer infection, this Trojan can sneak into target machines with various ways. The first place that people can be attack by it is the Internet. By using the Internet as the main source to hide this infection, cyber hackers can have it spread all over the world. Once this malicious infection comes to the innocent computers, the condition of the affected machines can be totally messed up. During the use of the infected computers, people will get disturbed by a lot of unwanted troubles and even black screen or blue screen of death often. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on November 25, 2015 5:35 am Hijacker Removal


My browser has been occupied by a page called Every time I run my browser, I can be redirected to this page directly. I don’t know what this page is as I’m not a computer savvy. It looks like a search engine to me but I’m not sure. In addition, I keep getting pop-ups on my computer and I don’t want them. I have noticed that if I go to this page, I can have many pop-ups opened as well. Is it bad?

Brief Introduction to This Page is a website for people to visit, however, is it really good for people to go to it and use it as a search engine? The answer can be negative. It is not a good page for people to visit and use as it is classified to be a browser hijacker which can make troubles to the infected computers. This page is forged by cyber hackers and they pretend it to be a search engine to cheat people to judge it as a normal page. It is very bad to be targeted by this hijacker as it can not only damage the infected computers by its own, it can also help other kinds of computer threats to come and make more damages. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on November 24, 2015 5:30 am

Remove Backdoor.Voldat Virus


I can’t get rid of this Backdoor.Voldat virus from my XP desktop. I have it for almost a week. During this week, I have tried to use several different ways posted on the Internet, but none of them can help me sort it out. I’m worried now as my computer performs in a strange way that I don’t how to describe. How do I solve this issue? I don’t want to mess up my computer. Thanks in advanced.

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Backdoor.Voldat is a vicious computer infection which belongs to a kind of Trojan horse. What it can do to the infected computers is to damage the whole systems from many aspects. It is hard for computer users to notice this infection’s infiltration as all of its activities can be performed on the background. Except damaging the corrupted computers by its own, it can also help many other kinds of computer viruses to come and make the situation even worse. What’s more, this infection is a newly-distributed virus that can escape from the detection of plenty of anti-virus programs, in another word, people can hardly get informed by their security tools installed when this infection tries to sneak into their computers. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on November 23, 2015 1:19 pm and last modified on November 23, 2015 1:19 pm.

Remove United Kingdom Police Virus on Android Tablet/Phone


I have just received this message from the United Kingdom Police fining me £100! I am really freaked out!! All I did was downloading some stickers on facebook messenger then this popped up and completely shut down my phone. I thought I didn’t do anything wrong, but it said my android was locked by safety reason and I had committed a crime and owed 100£ to police. I was accused of viewing / storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography. How did that happen? I didn’t do anything bad about porn thing.

United Kingdom Police Virus on Android Tablet/Phone

United Kingdom Police virus is similar to Cheshire Police virus, PCeU(Police Center e-crime Unite)virus or Ukash virus. It is a high risk ransomware threat to block android tablet, android phone and iOS products like iPhone. Now many mobile users are attacked by this virus and suffer financial loss. Once this Unite Kingdom Police ransomware gets on  your android tablet/phone, it will soon bomb the device screen with a whole screen message saying your device is locked by safety reason and you are accused of viewing / storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography. United Kingdom Police Virus blames you for violating Copyright and Related Rights Law. (Video, Music, Software) and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content.  And if you want to unlock your device, you have to pay a fine of £100 through Ukash or Paysafecard  within 24 hours. And if you cannot pay the fine within 24 hours, you will be arrested or prosecuted or serve in jail for 5-10 years. Well, usually when innocent people see this scaring message, they usually freak out and at once send money via Ukash or Paysafecard as it requires. But even though you pay, the device is still locked. In fact, this is a ransomware virus which disguises the United Kingdom government police and puzzles and convinces users to believe it is real and then pays money. That is its trick tactic. It is not really with authentic United Kingdom Police as it mentioned.  This United Kingdom Police Virus ransomware displays this scaring message mainly to defraud money from people. Therefore, once you receive this United Kingdom Police warning message, you should think it over logically and don’t make payment so soon.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on November 23, 2015 6:03 am

How to Remove Trojan.Corentry


I can’t get rid of this Trojan.Corentry on my computer. I have Windows XP on my machine. I got this infection last night when I mis-clicked something unknown on the Internet, then I noticed that something was downloaded on the background. I tried to stop the download but my computer knowledge is limited. My security tool gave me the virus warning but it didn’t remove it for me. I’m worried now. Can it mess up my computer soon?

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Trojan.Corentry can make great damages to the computers which have been corrupted by it. It has been reported by many victims in the world that it is a malicious computer Trojan virus. It mainly targets computers that run Windows operating systems. Once it sneaks into the target computers, it would cause plenty of problems and troubles to the infected machines. However, even though many anti-virus programs can be able to find this infection for computer users, they still cannot remove it in a rapid way as this infection is a newly-released infection designed by cyber hackers. It needs time for the protection tools to get the removal solution. But before that, this Trojan can have already damaged the infected systems completely. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on November 22, 2015 5:39 am

Trojan.Fleercivet Virus Removal


I have a dell laptop that was affected by the Trojan.Fleercivet virus. I can’t complete any tasks on the target computer smoothly. I was really freaked out with the Trojan horse, as it messed up the laptop terribly and triggered unknown system error or program running errors. I have tried in vain to deleting the Trojan infection via my security program. Can you help me get rid of the Trojan horse? I am not good at computers at all. If you have any clue on this Trojan removal, please do me a favor.

Information about Trojan.Fleercivet Virus:

Trojan.Fleercivet is a Trojan horse that comes from the malicious Trojan family. It is designed by cyber hackers to target PC users all over the world using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Vista and so on. Usually, the Trojan takes chance to penetrate into a vulnerable computer while the victim gains access to hacked websites, fake email attachments and free download sources. That is, any improper web browsing activity will cause your computer to pick up the Trojan accidentally. Upon arrival, the Trojan can be activated in the background of your computer, taking up lots of computer resources. It affects your computer terribly and that leads to destructive damages in the compromised system. With the Trojan running in the background, your computer will be responding slower and slower. It gets frozen up constantly and even crashed while you surf the web, play flash videos and run large programs, etc. Besides, the infection can change your desktop image, browser homepage and other computer settings at random. There is no circumstance for you to keep the Trojan infection too long. Instead, you will gain a clean computer unless you kick off the Trojan horse at an early time.
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Published by Michael Myn on November 21, 2015 6:42 am


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