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Hey, I have a computer infection that hijacks my Internet Explorer, but I have no clue to clear up this redirect infection. You know, I am a computer literate and I just have an antivirus program on this computer. But to my surprise, antivirus can’t catch this kind of infection. And I always see pop-ups on the webpage, which should be caused by this redirect infection. I click one pop-up, and then another one comes up. It seems can’t be stopped. Anyway, it is very annoying. Please help me clean this infection as soon as possible. Thanks!

Brief Description of Hijacker is fake webpage to mislead some innocent computer users. Even though on its page, it also show search shortcuts like Web, Images, News or Videos and offer search bar, it actually has no search functions like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If web browser is infected with, the default settings of web browser will soon be modified. The homepage and search tool will be changed to be this page. If you use this page to look up what you want to search, you will find that it can’t help you get the correct search results. And it always pops up different kinds of product ads, attractive flash pictures, and video or fake message banner to attract people to click on it. But you should not click on anything from the page, as those pop-ups are usually carried virus or malware thing, and one clicking will bring the virus or malware. What’s worse, once the computer is compromised with this hijacker, computer problems will gradually happen.  Web browser will take a long time to load, and if you open many tabs, the web browser will get stuck or crash down soon. The rest of system capacity will be taken up by junk files created by this hijacker, and computer performance will slow down.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on May 3, 2016 12:21 pm

How to Remove Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 Trojan Virus Completely


Hi, I have Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 virus in my computer, how can I remove it? Is this virus can steal my files and pictures, I have many important files and photos in my computer. And I don’t want to lose them. I have no idea about this virus. I just suddenly get this message saying that I have this virus in my computer. What can this virus do to my computer? Is it harmful for my computer? Will my computer crash down?

Brief introduction of this Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 Trojan virus:

Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 is identified a hazardous Trojan virus that is able to corrupt essential files and registries in the infected computer. Once your computer gets infected by this Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 Trojan virus, the malware files may be added to your computer then your computer may get more harmful infections. This Trojan virus can be added to start up service without your agreement. Every time you turn on your computer, the Trojan virus will be executed automatically. Backdoor.Pirpi!gen2 Trojan virus can install spyware and adware to your computer. It can read your browsing history then get your system data, browsing habit and even your sensitive information. You should remind that there is nothing good to your computer and you should remove this virus as soon as possible.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on May 2, 2016 5:23 am

Remove Hijacker


How do I check if my computer is infected with some sort of virus? My anti-virus program doesn’t give me anything bad. But recently, I keep receiving unknown pop-ups from a page called, and I notice that my default homepage has been changed to be this page as well. I can’t remember how this thing came to my computer. Is my computer in danger? How do I fix this problem? Any suggestion?

Brief Introduction to This Page

It will be bad to have this page on your browser as it is not a good website for computer users to set it as homepage. As a matter of fact, this page is an illegal product created by cyber hackers. It belongs to a kind of computer threat that we can categorize it to be a browser hijacker. The main purpose of this infection is to help cyber hackers to get illegal benefits from innocent computers. However, this compute threat can escape from detection of most anti-virus programs as it is not a computer virus. Under this case, many computer users can be infected with this infection unconsciously as their security tools will not give them any warning message about it. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on May 1, 2016 5:48 am and last modified on May 2, 2016 4:45 pm.

Trojan.Pekelog Removal Tips


My computer has been attacked by a virus called Trojan.Pekelog. I know it is a Trojan virus which can make harm to my system. But I don’t know how to remove it as my anti-virus program didn’t work. Is there an effective way that I can use to get rid of this virus? My computer is dying I think cause there are too many errors occur during the use. I need help!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Once your system is infected with this Trojan.Pekelog virus, your will suffer from lot of system errors during the use as your system has been damaged severely by this infection. This virus is a kind of Trojan horse infection which can be spread by hackers widely. Computer users can be easily targeted by this infection as hackers can hide this infection with various ways on the web. It is not easy for inexperienced computer users to prevent this infection from invasion as most anti-virus programs can only detect it. The reason why those security tools cannot remove this infection is because that this infection can infected system related files and shut down security system to make the infected computers be completely compromised. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on April 30, 2016 5:37 am

Remove Troj/Tepfer-E Virus Manually


Hello, recently my computer has been hacked by Troj/Tepfer-E virus, and my computer has got sluggish and weird. I know it is because this virus. How can I remove this virus? I have downloaded many anti-viruses to remove it, but all failed. Some of anti-viruses can’t even detect it and some of anti-viruses say the virus has been removed, but later the virus appears again. What do I do now? How can I remove it completely? Do you know the effective ways to remove it completely? Please help me. I am really worried about my computer. Will my computer crash down? Is there a chance for the virus to delete my pictures in my computer? I have many pictures in my computer and I don’t want to lose them.

Brief introduction of Troj/Tepfer-E virus:

Troj/Tepfer-E is a dangerous Trojan virus which is made to infiltrate your computer and monitor your activity. This Trojan virus can mess up your computer and add some files to your computer. Once your computer gets infected by this Trojan virus, your computer will perform slowly because of the files which are added to your computer. If you don’t remove the virus as soon as possible, your computer may crash down. The Troj/Tepfer-E virus also can damage your windows files and registries. You may have some problems about starting up computer in this case. For example, when you turn on your computer, you may get blue screen instead of your normal desktop then you can’t use your computer. This Trojan virus can add some weird files to your computer. In this case, your computer may get more infections like malware, hijacker and spyware. If you don’t want to get more infections, you should remove the Troj/Tepfer-E virus immediately so that the virus has no chance to add files to your computer.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on April 29, 2016 1:20 pm

How to Remove Trojan.Adupihan


Hey, there, I have a virus called Trojan.Adupihan on my personal computer. I don’t know how to get it off from my system as my computer knowledge is quite short. I have to tell that, my anti-virus program didn’t help me out of this virus. It makes me panicked, is my computer completely messed up? What should I do now? I need my computer for work. Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Trojan.Adupihan is a malicious computer virus that made by cyber criminals. It belongs to a kind of Trojan horse infection that can target computers with Windows operating systems. It is a worldwide infection as cyber hackers can spread it from the Internet. Once this infection comes to the target computers, it will make great chaos to the entire systems and help cyber hackers to achieve their illegal purposes. It is really a headache for computer users as it is not easy to get rid of this virus completely. This infection can distribute itself to many branches on the infected systems so that it won’t be removed by security tools. The infected computers will get a lot of problems and troubles during the use. If this virus stays on the computers for a long time, the situation can be worse and worse. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on April 28, 2016 1:14 pm Hijacker Removal Tips


Hi, I am really worried about my computer. I clicked on the pop up accidently and then my browser got weird. I have no idea about that. I am sure I had not changed my homepage before. But when I opened my browser, I always got as my default homepage. How did this happen? I don’t know what it is. Does my computer get virus? How can I fix this problem? Can you tell me how to change my homepage back? I really want to get my homepage back. Help, please.

Know more about browser hijacker is known as browser hijacker which can alert browser settings, browser homepage and search engine. If you always get this as your browser homepage, I would like to remind you that your computer has got browser hijacker and you should remove it as soon as possible. Once your computer gets this browser hijacker, when you turn on your computer, the hijacker will be executed immediately. Every time you open your browser, you will always get this website as your homepage. You aren’t able to change back no matter how many time you have tried. Moreover, if you search something on this website, you won’t get the right result. You will get many ads websites which may contain virus.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on April 28, 2016 3:49 am

How to Uninstall


Hello, is it possible that the malware or malicious program related to this can be found in Control panel? Recently I’ve always been hijacked by this fake website. And I am frustrated that I can’t find it out to completely stop it. You know, this computer infection is very annoying, as it hijacks the web browser, offer wrong search results and pops up different unwanted ads, fake message and even scaring pictures or video. It disturbs me a lot when I am surfing on the Internet. I am here to ask you for some advisable and effective suggestions to clear up this fake website totally.

Brief Description of Hijacker is actually a browser hijacker to hit web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. The browser hijacker is designed by cyber criminals to target more computers and help cyber criminals to steal user’s important data. So cyber hackers usually will distribute it on the Internet worldwide in order to target more computers. hijacker can be bundled with “free” software installation package, which is also designed by cyber hackers. When people download the software attached with this browser hijacker, this computer infection will also get installed into system meanwhile. Therefore, to protect your web browser from getting this fake, computer expert will suggest you choose customized installation while you’re downloading software from online. During this process, you can check if there is unwanted program trying to install into system. Beside, you should also keep cautious to those suspicious webpage which always pops up different products ads, attractive picture, video and fake message about updating flash player. You’re advised not to continue review this webpage as it may contains virus thing or this computer infection, and if you accidentally click on something from the webpage, the virus thing will log in computer.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on April 27, 2016 9:09 am

Remove SA Cyber Police Case Virus from Android Phone/Tablet


I was searching some recipes for my cooking online last night, suddenly, some strange pop-ups came out and I clicked them by mistake! After that I had been taken to some porn sites, I closed those pages immediately. But my tablet got locked a few minutes later. I don’t know why. A page from SA Cyber Police can always pop up when I turn on the screen. It claims that I watch child pornography! I swear I didn’t do anything illegal on my tablet. My tablet now is completely locked, I can’t use it anymore. What should I do? Is the warning real? Am I in trouble?

Brief Introduction to This Virus

Can this SA Cyber Police really lock your Android phone or tablet on the Internet? The answer is negative. This SA Cyber Police Case Virus is an evil product created by cyber hackers. In the past few years, this kind of fake police virus mainly target Windows computers and Mac machines. Nowadays, with the rapid development of Android devices, cyber hackers design such kind of ransomeware virus to gain more illegal benefits. Once this kind of virus sneaks into target devices, it will block the whole system or restrict the Internet access. Once users turn on their device or use the browser, they will be blocked by a warning page and asked to pay a great amount of money. It is useless to unlock your device if you plan to pay the so-called fine listed on the page. If this virus cannot be completely removed, your device can always be locked by it. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on April 27, 2016 5:41 am

Remove Manually


Hey, my web browser is hijacked by and I can’t get the correct search results via this fake search bar, so I have used my antivirus tool trying to remove the malicious malware but nothing is to be found in system. But I am still redirected often by this redirect infection. I have no clue to deal with this nasty hijacker at all. What can I do now? Many business data are stored on computer and I am worried about if the important thing will be lost somehow because of this infection. So can you help me out of this issue?

Brief Description of Hijacker is classified as a browser hijacker to hit different kinds of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. Once it gets on targeted computer, it will soon change the homepage of your default internet browser and replace the default search engine with its tool. Then when you run your web browser, it will pops up soon. You put the favorite thing into the search bar; and this infection will get you to unrelated search result. Using this search tool to search your favorite URL, it will just redirect you to another websites where there are endless pop ups. And those pop ups will interrupt heavily your online activities. And please don’t click on those pop ups, as they may be carried some other unknown malware, if you click on them, and those malware will be activated and installed into your computer soon. Actually, this hijacker usually spread other infections into targeted computer via pop ups. If your computer is compromised with more infections, it will run slower and act abnormally. Computer will get stuck, programs cannot run or web browser crashes down suddenly as loading webpage is timed out and so on.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on April 26, 2016 4:19 am


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