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Remove popup


My Firefox was hit by this popup hijacker and it made great chaos to my computer. When I performed online activities, I got a lot of pesky popups on the web browsers. I tried to uninstall this browser redirect from the control panel, but I can’t find it. What should I do? How to clean this redirect infection out of the target computer? Any redirect removal instruction will be highly appreciated.

Brief Introduction about This popup popup is identified as a nasty browser redirect that makes great chaos to target computers. It is capable to perform malicious actions on the computer and brings you many destructive damages and loss. Actually, the harmful redirect infection penetrates into your computer together with additional computer threats like parasites, rootkits, worms and malware. Upon arrival, it adds to your Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other web browsers installed in the computer. It interrupts your Internet activities a lot. To be more specific, the annoying browser hijacker will change your homepage, default search engine and other important settings. No matter what specified websites you want to search for, they are all redirected to non-beneficial web pages. As the browser redirect has its own search system which will force your web pages to be loaded there without your consent. Moreover, the bogus site is tricky and it pretends to help you browse various online resources. However, the misleading website is a risky computer infection that users should have it removed immediately. Any delay of the redirect removal will cause your computer to suffer from serious and unexpected damages.
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Published by Matt Johnston on December 14, 2014 2:20 pm

Remove GuardBytes Plus (Fake Antivirus) Permanently


GuardBytes Plus is on my computer now and always pops up those security waning, which frustrate me a lot and don’t know why this antivirus always say my computer is under high risk, and what I feel weird is that I have also installed several useful antivirus programs in my computer, but it seems that they cannot at all. Even though I want to use them to clean junk files and speed up computer, it cannot work for that at all. How does that happen? Please help me!!

Brief Introduction to GuardBytes Plus

GuardBytes Plus has been classified as a fake antivirus program or rogue program which is created by hackers to attack computers running from windows XP, windows Vista to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 even Mac. It aims at hoaxing PC users into convincing that their computers have been infected with many various threats such as adware, malware, Trojan horse, worm, spyware or ransomware etc. by displaying many infected files and location. While installed into targeted computer, this fake GuardBytes Plus will activate itself and then immediately run a full scanning automatically on computer soon as users start up their computer. After it finishes scanning, it will tell you lots of warning alerts by showing the infected files. Well, when PC users see so many threats on their computer, they will be afraid and worried about the safety of their computer. They will trust GuardBytes Plus quickly and click to “Remove All”, next this fake stuff will ask you buy the registered version to remove all threats. Wow, now you need to aware that getting your money is the final goal of this virus. Actually those warning alerts and infected files listed by this GuardBytes Plus after a so-called security scanning are fake and don’t exist on targeted computer at all, since this fake antivirus has no ability to load and update its virus definition database or any features that would allow this application to detect any of security infections listed. The real aim of GuardBytes Plus virus is to trick computer users into paying money for a fake advanced version. GuardBytes Plus is actually a scam virus to cheat out of your money. Don’t trust it.

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Published by Matt Johnston on December 13, 2014 11:29 am

PUP.Optional.AZlyrics.A Removal Tips


My laptop has been suffering from a virus called PUP.Optional.AZlyrics.A for several weeks. I accidentally downloaded a free program on the web, and this infection came. I can’t find the best way to remove it from my computer as I’m not a computer savvy at all. Someone told me that reset my computer can remove it but I don’t want to do that cause I have many important data on my computer. How can I remove it without losing my data? Please help!

Brief Introduction to This PUP

PUP.Optional.AZlyrics.A is a computer infection that we can classify it as a potentially unwanted program. Generally, it is a type of computer virus that can download other kinds of computer infection to the target computers at the backdoor without being noticed by computer users. Also, the invasion ways of it can be various as most of our computers are connected to the Internet, and the World Wide Web can be largest source for the spread of all kinds of computer viruses. Cyber hackers can create different viruses and distribute them on the web, then when people come to malicious websites or click on unsafe links, those infection can come to visiting computers secretly. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on December 13, 2014 5:57 am and last modified on December 13, 2014 5:58 am.

Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rack.Am Removal


I got this Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rack.Am virus on my computer after I accidentally clicked on random pop-up ads. Immediately, the Trojan horse took over my whole system and brought me a lot of damages. I ran security scans through the computer and deleted all detected threats. But the Trojan kept popping up after system reboot. I can’t find where the Trojan infection hided in the system. What should I do to get rid of the Trojan horse? Please follow manual removal guide below to clean your computer promptly.

Information about Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rack.Am Virus:

Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rack.Am is a harmful computer virus which users should be aware of its high threat level. It is designed to perform malicious actions on the target system. Indeed, this Trojan is used by cyber criminals to violate victims’ privacy and compromise their securities. It is definitely unwanted program that can be installed in the contaminated system automatically. It loads as a background program and takes up lots of your CPU usage and other computer resources. As a result, you will get many weird symptoms caused by the Trojan horse. While being damaged, your computer will be extremely slow. The affected computer gets system stuck and constant freezes easily while you surf the web, play games and run normal programs etc. In fact, the Trojan horse does not affect your computer alone, but it also brings malicious codes to your system, such as adware parasites, worms, malware and spyware. To make the computer worse, the Trojan infection may change your computer files and settings to make chaos. It is capable to copy itself and create hazardous files with random names in your system. Dangerous as the Trojan is, it should be removed from the system without any delay.
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Published by Matt Johnston on December 13, 2014 5:51 am

PWS:HTML/Phish.Fj Trojan Removal


My computer has been infected by a virus called PWS:HTML/Phish.Fj, and I can’t find a way to get rid of it completely after I have tried some anti-virus programs to remove it with no luck. Is it a bad virus? What if I don’t remove it from my computer? Anyway, I want my computer clean from virus, how can I solve it? Please tell me what I can do. Thanks in advance.

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

PWS:HTML/Phish.Fj is a noxious Trojan horse infection that comes from Generic group. Trojan infection is a kind of virus that can attack innocent computer users from the Network, and it can cause severe damages to the infected systems if it can stay for a long time without being removed. The makers of this infection can be those cyber hackers who want to get illegal benefits from victim. Usually, Trojan infection never come alone, that’s to say, this Trojan can be able to weaken the security level on the infected machine, then help other computer threats to come and make further damages. Luckily, most of the anti-virus programs can help computer users to detect this infection and some of them have the ability to quarantine it. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on December 12, 2014 6:14 am and last modified on December 12, 2014 6:15 am.

Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS Removal


Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS virus targeted my computer suddenly while I was downloading a PDF file from a web page. The Trojan horse kept popping up on my computer every time I launched the system. It reduced my computer performance and brought me a lot of troubles. Unfortunately, my anti-virus software failed to get rid of the Trojan horse. Will any other antivirus work out this Trojan issue? How can I delete the Trojan virus from the computer completely? Manual removal tips here will help you save your computer effectively.

Information about Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS Virus:

Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS is a malicious Trojan horse which has been circulated for a long time. It is designed by cyber hackers to perform hazardous actions on target computers. It penetrates into worldwide computers running with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 8 and so on. Actually, the Trojan horse can come bundled with potential threats like adware, rootkits, malware and spyware. It is capable to take control of the contaminated system immediately upon installation. With this Trojan virus, you will get a lot of troubles when browsing web pages or performing tasks on the affected system. To illustrate, your CPU usage and other computer resources will be taken up greatly. Apparently, the target computer just results in slow system performance and constant computer freezes. Moreover, the Trojan horse modifies your system files and entries and even creates new malicious files in your system. Indeed, the Trojan infection is associated with unexpected system crash, blue screen error and other damages. Internet browsers, security programs and other normal programs will get poor performance. That is, your antivirus can be disabled terribly, and it fails to deal with any computer threat. In this situation, the Trojan horse should be removed from the computer manually.
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Published by Matt Johnston on December 11, 2014 10:26 pm Removal Tips


Hey, I want to know how to remove from my homepage. Several days ago I clicked on a security prompt saying my Adobe Flash Player is out of date and it needs to update to continue next action, then from that time, the homepage Google on Mozilla Firefox is changed to that domain. Whatever I do cannot reset it back. Uninstalling Firefox browser cannot either get rid of it. What can I do to it?

Description of Hijacker

For those inexperience PC users, they will easily believe that is a truthful homepage and search tool. However, this domain is listed as a browser hijacker designed by cyber hacker to gain more website traffic and generate advertising revenue. Hackers create it looks like a normal homepage and useful search tool. It also has the search box and such search items as web, images, videos and news, which are also on authentic search engine. That’s why most victims are cheated by this domain’s interface. It’s capable to be compatible well with all kinds of web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari which are installed in windows computer or Mac Apple. Most PC users usually set the website they favorite as their homepage. But when computer is infected, the default homepage will be modified to without your notice.

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Published by Karen Lawrence on December 11, 2014 12:20 am and last modified on December 11, 2014 12:22 am.

How to Remove Daily ImageBoard


Why can’t I disable this Daily ImageBoard extension in my browser? That is so weird. I have Google Chrome on my computer. And recently, I have been given many strange websites when I go online, and my default homepage has been changed to be a website that I have never seen before. I think all the problems can be caused by this stuff. How can I solve this? Any advice?

Brief Introduction to This Adware

Daily ImageBoard is a dangerous adware that can cause all kinds of computer problems if it cannot be removed in time. PC users can hardly relate it to a computer threat as it can only appear when people open their browsers on the infected computers. However, with the time goes, this adware can generate many unwanted problems and troubles to the affected system which may cause a complete crash. In this case, people should keep an eye on the online activities as this adware can mainly sneak into the target computers from the Internet without users’ notice. Once it infiltrates target computers, it can hide deeply in the computer system which can hardly for users to locate it and remove it completely. And what’s worse, it is not a computer virus that can be caught by anti-virus programs. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on December 10, 2014 11:48 pm and last modified on December 10, 2014 11:48 pm.

Remove Pop-up

10 pop-up ads are flood with all corner of my browser now. And it is hard to stop those ads just by clicking on X. I know that should be due to some malicious adware or malware, and I run the scanner to work for a while but cannot catch anything. Also I have looked for some kind of unknown program or application that I might have recklessly downloaded into control panel, but I cannot see any new and strange programs there. Where can I find it out and remove? Any suggestion for it, I will appreciate very much!

Description of Pop-up

When you see many pop-up ads unstoppably showing on the browser, your computer has been infected with typically malicious browser extension installed by adware or potentially unwanted programs. pop-up is caused by malicious adware which is usually coming from those free wares or applications that you download from unlicensed or unsafe resource. And that adware is usually bundled into freeware to application, when you install the apps, then is also installed at the same time. is a domain that usually is used to promote different kinds of ads and malicious software to let PC users to download. Those pop-up ads vary from shopping information, fitness & healthiness, coupon to fake update message, which are all aiming at attracting PC users to click on and then buy the products they promote from shopping sites. However, you should notice that those ads may also contain malicious malware or adware, if you really click on it, you may get another infection into your device. Although this pop-up seems not so harmful at the beginning, but when you click on those malicious ads it throws, your computer will be infected with other viruses and stay in a dangerous state. is a domain contains different kinds of threats, and what you should do is to remove this redirect as soon as possible once you find it on the computer.

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Published by Michael Myn on December 10, 2014 6:00 pm

Win32/IRCBot.NHR Trojan Removal


Can someone teach me how to remove this Win32/IRCBot.NHR safely without losing any other data from my computer? I have this infection on my computer for several weeks and I have no clue on how to get it removed. I’m afraid to use my computer cause I think it is not safe to input my information on a infected computer. It is really a hard time as I need my computer for my essay now, what can I do? Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Win32/IRCBot.NHR is an extreme dangerous computer threat which is designed by cyber criminals. It comes from Trojan horse virus family that targets on computers with Windows operating systems. Trojan horse is a kind of computer virus that can be used for cyber hackers to obtain illegal benefits and some specific purposes from innocent computer users which has a long history with the development of Windows systems. PC users can hardly notice its invasion as it can perform its activities at the backdoor. Also, once it is activated on the target computers, people can find nothing weird when they use the corrupted machines as this Trojan is running in the background. That can be really hard for inexperienced computer users to find the process. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on December 9, 2014 1:20 pm and last modified on December 9, 2014 1:22 pm.


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