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Uninstall Hijacker


I need help on removing a page called in my Chrome. I can’t find a way to get rid of it from the Internet. Usually, I can easily change the default homepage from the browser settings, but it doesn’t work for this page. Now I wonder if my computer is infected with some kind of virus. But after I used my anti-virus program to scan my computer, nothing harmful was found. How can I solve this problem? Please advise.

Brief Introduction to This Website is classified as a computer threat which can be called browser hijacker. It is a type of computer threat that can escape from the detection of anti-virus programs as it is not a computer virus from technical aspect. Under this case, this hijacker can sneak into target computers without being known by computer users. Also, the appearance of it can be really misleading to innocent people as we can barely find anything on it except a search box. Cyber hackers can forge this page as a search engine for people to visit. However, it is not a simple website for people to use for searching, it can help cyber hackers to damage the infected computers and fulfill evil purposes. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 7, 2015 1:07 pm

Remove Trojan.Rerdom!gm Virus


Hello, I need help to get rid of this Trojan.Rerdom!gm virus. This virus has infected many files and programs on my computer even the files on pendrive inserted into the infected computer! And I am very wondering why my Avast cannot remove it all. I am very frustrated with it now. I thought you guys should be professional with deleting this nasty Trojan horse for me.

Trojan.Rerdom!gm Virus Description:

Trojan.Rerdom!gm virus is a dangerous Trojan horse to attack windows computer all around the world. Once the computer gets this virus, it will get many computer problems and system damages. This malicious infection will delete important files and makes your computer system or network disable. To illustrate, this virus will change the system crucial files or programs, then computer will run abnormally. It even cannot start up as some start-up files should be deleted by this virus. Trojan.Rerdom!gm virus can modify your Windows files to allow its automatic execution and perform malicious activities every time when Windows launches. The DNS settings sometimes will be changed totally to block you access Internet. Due to this Trojan horse in your computer, your computer will often run weirdly and slowly as more junks will be created by this virus and taken up more system capacity and occupy more Internet resources. Even worse, this Trojan.Rerdom!gm virus will create more system security flaws to weaken system and bring other viruses to computer. At that time, computer will become more vulnerable. It often gets stuck or a blue screen of death. To save your computer from more and further damages, please figure out the effective way to remove it soon as you find it on computer.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on July 6, 2015 4:51 pm

Remove pop-ups


My Chrome was hit by this pop-ups hijacker while I was clicking on a pop-up advertisement from the Internet. Immediately, my Google search and other browser settings were changed by the browser hijacker, and I received lots of pesky pop-up ads or messages on the screen when I searched the web. Though my anti-virus software is always activated in the background, but it can’t seem to get rid of the browser infection entirely. What shall I do? How to save my computer effectively? Please help!

Brief Introduction about This pop-ups pop-ups is identified as a pesky browser hijacker that targets PC users from the worldwide. This browser infection can be circulated for a long time, and it attempts to carry out evil actions on victimized computers to make chaos. The redirect usually disguises itself as a toolbar, plug-in or add-on that gets installed in your computer automatically upon its arrival. It seizes your web browsers such as Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer and Opera, etc. and replaces your Google search and Yahoo search with its fake search system and changes your default browser homepage and other browser settings randomly. Every time you visit webs, news, images and videos, etc. and search for specified keywords, you will be forcibly redirected to XSX or its associated web pages. During Internet searches, you will get annoying pop-up ads, coupons, deals and free download sources from hacked websites or other doubtful sources online. The tricky browser hijacker may also help cyber hackers to trace your system records and browser history to achieve illegal purposes. In this case, PC users need to remove the harmful browser hijacker from your computer completely and immediately.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 6, 2015 12:57 pm Hijacker Removal


I got a page called on my browser. No matter how many times I have tried to change it not to be my homepage in settings, it always goes back in my browser? I don’t know if it is a bad problem on my machine as I can’t find anything wrong from my anti-virus program. How can I fix this problem? I need help as I’m not a computer person. Thanks in advance.

Brief Introduction to This Website

From the interface of this, we can only find a search box and some categories like News, Images and Music on it. People can easily relate this page to search engine when seeing this website. However, this page is not a legit website at all as many computer users have complained that it is a browser hijacker that they can’t get rid of it from their computers. A browser hijacker is a type of computer infection that can corrupt the target computers with many things. Browsers installed on the infected computers can be the main targets for this hijacker. This hijacker can change many browser settings without being approved by computer users. Also, people can get many unwanted problems during the use of the infected computers. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 6, 2015 6:54 am



Hello, my Firefox seems to be hijacked by this, as every time when I launch Firefox, this page will always show on. But before that happens, the homepage is Google and the search bar is also Google, but now they all disappear! I am 83 years old and don’t know much about computer. I thought my grandson should do something wrong on my computer to get this nasty thing. Can you guys now help me cancel it?

Description of Hijacker is not a safe page but a kind of browser hijacker to infect different kinds of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome and so on. When the web browser gets this browser hijacker, the default setting of web browser will be soon changed. The homepage will be changed to be this page with this search tool. And it will be hard to change it back. Then when you get online and look up something with this homepage and search tool, you will find you always cannot see the correct search result, but instead you’re just redirected to strange links websites and so on. When you put your favorite URL into search bar, you will find the same thing also happens. But please don’t click on anything from those sites where it redirects you to, because those things may be carried some kind infection. One click will bring other infection. Meanwhile, this infection can also change the DNS settings to block you access the Internet. With coming of this browser hijacker, other threats may also come into computer. If computer gets more infections, you will find computer gets stuck and runs in a slower way. The system capacity is eaten up and CPU usage is up to 100%. If you cannot remove this browser hijacker as soon as possible, more computer problems and system damages will happen.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on July 5, 2015 9:11 am

Remove Packed.Dromedan!gen15 Virus


When I searched the web last night, I accidentally picked up this Packed.Dromedan!gen15 virus on my ASUS laptop. Every time I turn on my laptop, I receive this Trojan alert from my security program. However, my anti-virus software can’t seem to delete the Trojan infection from the compromised system entirely. What should I do? How to get rid of the Trojan without making any damage? If you have no clue on this Trojan removal, please read this article and save your computer effectively with following removal help.

Information about Packed.Dromedan!gen15 Virus:

Packed.Dromedan!gen15 is identified as a harmful Trojan virus that causes destructive damages to target computers. It is designed by cyber criminals to affect PC users all over the world, and it is looking for computers running with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and other Windows operating systems. It penetrates in your computer and gets installed in the compromised system without any knowledge. The Trojan will launch as a background program every time the target computer gets started. By this way, the infection can execute lots of dangerous activities in the contaminated system to make chaos. It takes up many computer resources as well as high CPU usage. For instance, you may get system stuck, constant freezes, system crash and other serious issues when you surf the Internet, play games, download programs and perform other actions on the affected computer. With the Trojan activated in the background, your computer will perform extremely poorly. Your system files and entries can be changed by the infection at random. Actually, the Trojan may create new files in the system and drops vicious copies of files to your computer in order to mess it up terribly.
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Published by Matt Johnston on July 5, 2015 5:44 am

Remove Trojan.Cryptolock!g13 Virus


Help! There is a severe problem on my desktop computer. I have a Trojan virus called Trojan.Cryptolock!g13 on my system and I don’t have the ability to remove it by my own. The former way that I used to remove other virus doesn’t work in this case. Why can’t my anti-virus program remove it for me? I know it can do harm to my machine, so that I need help urgently on removing it from my computer. Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

It will be hard for auto removal tools to remove this Trojan.Cryptolock!g13 infection for computer users. It is a newly released Trojan horse infection which can be able to damage the security system including the anti-virus programs installed on the infected computers once it infiltrates. As soon as it comes to the target computers, it can start to damage the entire system right away. Even some kinds of anti-virus software can detect it, but users will find that those tools can’t help them eradicate this Trojan. As we have told, this Trojan can break down the tools to avoid being removed, so it can make the situation worse and worse as the whole system is compromised which can be attacked by more viruses from the Internet. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 5, 2015 12:02 am

Remove Infostealer.Bancos.BE Virus


Have you ever deal with this virus Infostealer.Bancos.BE? it is now on my computer and the antivirus cannot remove it at all. Without the help of this antivirus, how can I get it out of my computer? I thought it should be some kind malicious Trojan horse, and it turns out to be Trojan horse after I search its info from Google. I am worried this virus will steal my information stored on computer. Could you please now solve this problem?

Infostealer.Bancos.BE Virus Description:

Infostealer.Bancos.BE virus is a dangerous and infectious Trojan horse to attack windows computer all around the world. This Trojan horse can change the crucial system files to mess up system. And some system files will be missing. Some function will be disordered. For example, the computer cannot start up normally or it shuts down abnormally during when you conduct tasks on computer. The error message may keep prompting you. This is because the Infostealer.Bancos.BE virus can disable the files of system or replace it with its own malicious codes. The internet network may also be corrupted. You sometimes cannot surf on the Internet as the DNS settings are somehow changed. The default setting of web browser is also totally changed. You will be redirected to suspicious sites where are also contained with virus. Visiting those sites or clicking something from those sites will bring other infections. So this Infostealer.Bancos.BE virus can be treated as a backdoor virus to introduce other threats. It exploits system and creates more and more loopholes to weaken system. When computer becomes more vulnerable, more viruses will come, which will also worsen system soon. Once you find it on computer, please remove it as soon as possible.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on July 4, 2015 9:12 am

Remove W97M.Downloader.E Virus


Hey, I am hoping you could help me remove this W97M.Downloader.E found by Norton. Norton cannot do anything to it. Computer has become slower and slower. I enter registry but don’t how which one is the virus file. I dare not clear the file even though I thought it is suspicious. The webpage is stuck often. There are more other problems in system. So please help me remove it at once.

W97M.Downloader.E Virus Description:

W97M.Downloader.E virus is a stubborn and dangerous Trojan horse virus which infects computer system severely.  This Trojan usually accesses computer through bundling into freeware, shareware, malicious websites, junk email attachment or strange links, files or documents from strangers. This is because those places that mentioned above have been hacked by cyber hackers and inserted different threats including this Trojan horse. If you don’t keep a good habit of behaving well online, you will be easy to get infected with this W97M.Downloader.E virus. for example, if you click on those malicious sites where pop ups fly everywhere. If you click on those attractive pop ups, you will give infections like this W97M.Downloader.E virus an opportunity to access your computer. Besides, on those free software downloading sites, you may find fake alerts message like “Your Java is outdated and needs to update now”, but actually when you update, you don’t really update Java at all but to download and install another virus into computer. In a word, don’t click to open the things that supposed to be suspicious, otherwise virus will come.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on July 3, 2015 6:02 am

Remove Hijacker


I have a problem on my browser that I have no idea how to fix. Every time I open my browser, a page called pops up. I didn’t set this page as my homepage, also, I was failed to change it. My computer now is stuck and there are many annoying pop-ups. I can’t do anything on my computer now as it is really slow. What should I do? Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Website

It is not easy for computer users to distinguish if this is a good web page or not from its appearance. When people come to this page, they can simply find a search box on it which can make people judge it as a search engine. However, it is not a simple website that provides online searching, what it can do to computers can far beyond people’s imagination. It has been considered to be a browser hijacker which belongs to a kind of computer threat that can damage the system from many aspects. What’s worse, from technical aspect, this kind of threat can escape from anti-virus programs, that’s to say, computer users will not be able to get any virus alerts from their security tools about this infection. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on July 2, 2015 5:57 am


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