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Hi! I have got something on my computer called “” and I can’t seem to download any antivirus that can scan my computer. I’m not sure but I think I have been hacked. It’s running extremely slow, my computer is getting redirected to strange websites and now I’m getting pop up ads which I have never gotten before. Do you know what exactly happened to my computer? Can you help me fix it? Please help me fix this. I would appreciate!!!

Brief Introduction of browser hijacker

As the title say, is a browser hijacker. This browser hijacker can infect many browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. If your computer gets this browser hijacker, I suggest you remove it from your computer as quickly as you can. This browser hijacker is so malicious that it can change your browser settings and your default homepage. Once your computer gets infected by this browser hijacker, your homepage will be set as and you are not able to change back. This browser hijacker will take over your browser. When you try to restart your computer to get rid of it, you will find that it is useless. This browser hijacker can be executed automatically. Every time you turn on your computer, the browser hijacker will start to work at the same time. In addition, this browser hijacker also can change the browser search engine. When you make a search on this browser hijacker, you will get the unwanted results and get many advertisements. If you click on the ads, you may get more infections. The unwanted websites may be unsafe. If you visit those websites, your computer may also get more infections. In this case, your computer will get more damages.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on May 26, 2016 8:21 am

Interpol Case Number 32655c31- A8732 on Mobile? Unlock Guide


Hey, I have an Android tablet and tonight I was on Facebook and all of the sudden my tablet goes to this site I can’t leave saying it’s the Interpol Case Number 32655c31- A8732 and it says it will keep my tablet locked or take legal action if I don’t pay 100$ through iTunes and I don’t know what to do, it claims I have been distributing child pornography which I know is false. Can you help me remove this site? I really need my tablet. Please help me fix this, I know this is scam. I won’t pay 100$. Please help!!!

Let me tell you something about Interpol Case Number 32655c31- A8732

Interpol Case Number 32655c31- A8732, actually the exact name of this authority is International Criminal Police Organization. It is one kind of virus that infects computer, phone and tablet. When your device gets this alert message, I would like to remind you that you need to remove this virus as soon as possible. If you don’t remove this virus immediately, your phone, tablet or computer will be locked and you can’t use your device till you remove the virus from your device. And if you don’t remove this virus, the virus will stay in your device and it may install more infections to your device. In this case, your device will get more damages and can’t be fixed easily.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on May 25, 2016 6:33 am

RCMP Interpol Warning Manual Removal on Mobile


Hello there, I have just received this RCMP Interpol Warning message from the Interpol police fining me $100 CAD. Well, I haven’t done anything and have heard of this happening from my friends before but because I was so panicked about it and kept pressing cancel or ok and it seems to have gone although apparently it usually locks down the phone. I’m just really worried because I don’t know where the message has gone now and if I accidentally pressed OK to pay the fine or something because I wasn’t really reading it. What do I do?

RCMP Interpol Warning from Interpol Police Blocking Your Mobile? Is It Real?

If your mobile is accidentally blocked by a RCMP Interpol warning message, actually your mobile device is locked by a virus which usually swindles money from innocent people. And usually we called this scam as a ransomware. Therefore, this warning message is not from real Interpol police. This kind of ransomware is usually spread on hacked websites like porn webpage. Or when you download some unsafe apk files into your mobile or read spam email, the RCMP Interpol warning virus will install into mobile. RCMP Interpol ransomware has been created and spread by cyber hackers for many years to extort money from people. This kind of RCMP Interpol ransomware usually will target mobiles of different people from different countries with different interface. For example, in US it will say FBI cyber police, Metropolitan British Police in British and AFP crime center in Australia and so on. In a word, in different countries, RCMP Interpol warning malware will pretends to be the corresponding government department or police agency or law enforcement department to send fake and scaring blocker message to demand a fine. In fact, it is the tricking tactics for cyber hacker or cyber scammer to scam people. You should think it over and carefully first.
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Published by Leo R. Oscar on May 24, 2016 10:00 am

Fake Metropolitan Police Pop up on Mobile Phone? Unlock Guide


Last night, I clicked a link on FaceBook and I had been taken to a page from Metropolitan Police. The page shows that I have been violated the law for watching children pornography and tells me that I need to pay 200 pounds, otherwise I will be taken to the jail. I was shocked and scared and paid the fine. But after I paid, my tablet is still locked by the warning. It is too late for me to realize that it is a scam virus. Now my money is gone and I can’t get it back, also, my tablet is still locked. What should I do now? Please help!

Phone Blocked by Fake Metropolitan Police Pop up? How to Unlock it?

Nowadays, many people get infected with this Fake Metropolitan Police Pop up on their mobile devices or tablets. Is it a real warning message coming from the police? The answer is negative. Instead, this warning is totally fake, it has nothing to do with the police. This fake warning is classified to be a kind of scam virus. It is designed by cyber criminals with evil purposes. Once it sneaks into the target devices, it will lock the entire systems. At that time, users will not be able to do anything else as this fake warning can occupy the whole system. People can’t not exit or bypass the page, what’s worse, some users cannot even power off the infected devices. In the past few years, cyber hackers create scam virus to lock computers, and now, mobile devices and tablets can be the targets of this infection as well. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on May 24, 2016 5:16 am and last modified on May 24, 2016 6:56 am.

Phone Blocked by Police UK? Unlock Guide


I think my mobile Phone Blocked by Police UK? Jesus Christ! I think I am in trouble with the UK police now. Now my tablet is locked by a message coming from the police, it claims that I have been watching some illegal material like children pornography on my tablet which I didn’t. Honestly, I watched porn last night, but all the video are legal. I didn’t do anything wrong it mentions. I was panicked to cry when saw the warning. What should I do? Is it a real police warning? Will I be caught by the police?

Phone Blocked by Police UK Virus? How to Unlock it?

If you get a warning from Police UK on your Android device, do not be fooled by it. Remember, police won’t give the warning to your device if you have done anything wrong, they will send agents to your location directly. As a matter of fact, this warning is designed by cyber hackers who want to gain illegal benefits. This warning belongs to a kind of scam virus that similar with FBI virus and DOJ ransomware. Cyber hackers use different police authorities to attack innocent people live in different regions. This fake Police UK virus aims to attack the people who live in England. Once your Phone Blocked by Police UK, you will find that your device is completely blocked from using. All you can see is the warning which asking a great amount of money, you can’t exit or close the page, and you can’t even turn off the device. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on May 23, 2016 8:37 am and last modified on May 24, 2016 2:41 am.

How to Remove MalSign.Generic.46B Virus


Your computer is corrupted by MalSign.Generic.46B detected by security tool? But anyway it can’t be removed by antivirus? This Trojan virus slows down computer performance. Victims complain that computer runs slowly and web browser takes a long time to load. The webpage sometimes even can’t be loaded up. Or it prompts that the DNS server settings is changed. All those troubles are caused by this nasty Trojan virus. You’re suggested to eradicate this virus as soon as possible to avoid more damages.

Brief Introduction of MalSign.Generic.46B Virus

MalSign.Generic.46B virus is called Trojan virus which has been spreading online for a long time. If the computer is compromised with this virus, many computer problems will happen. This aggressive virus will access the crucial system areas like start-up item, registry editor, HOST holder or programs files folder and so on. And then it corrupts or disables important system files. The virus has a strong ability to change or disable system normal files and programs, and meanwhile the virus will keep duplicating and implanting its files into system. To avoid being detected by antivirus, the virus will keep updating its functions and changing its location and pathway. That’s why it’s hard for antivirus to remove this virus totally. MalSign.Generic.46B virus also can control the keyboard and mouse. Sometime you will find you can’t type or click on the computer. There is no responding but sometimes the mouse will move automatically. This problem happens when cyber hacker controls and hacks your computer and you can’t do anything on the screen. This virus also can bring other computer virus like malware, spyware, worm or ransomware etc. into system, which will cause big problems to computer system. This virus together with other infections will gradually corrupt system’s safe mode.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on May 23, 2016 5:18 am

How to Remove IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan Virus?


Hi! My computer is infected by IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan virus, what should I do? Can you tell me how to remove it? I really need this computer. And I have many import files in my computer. Is there a possibility that my files are infected as well? Also, I am worried about that is there any way the hacker can steal my files, because my files are very important and I don’t want anybody else to read them. Please help me get rid of this Trojan virus, it always pops up and it is very annoying. It almost makes me mad.

Brief introduction of this IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan virus:

When you find that your computer is running slowly and it is deviant, you should pay attention to it. Your computer may be infected by IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan virus in this case. IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan virus is a very dangerous virus that can mess up your computer. This Trojan virus can infect many kind of computer system such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. Once your computer gets infected by this Trojan virus, your windows files and registries will be damaged. The windows files and registries are very important to your computer system. If they are damaged, you will get many troubles in starting up like blue screen. In addition, IDP.ALEXA.51 Trojan virus can disable your computer firewall then do further damages. It is able to add some programs and files to your computer. In this case, your computer can get more infections. Adding files and programs aims to make the hacker be able to get more information from your computer. No matter what the information the hacker can get, it is unsafe for you.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on May 22, 2016 8:21 am

Remove Hijacker


I got a browser hijacker problem on my computer. Every time I run my Firefox browser, I will be taken to a page called I have managed to change the default homepage in the browser settings but I failed. This page can always come back. I don’t know what to do now. The only thing I know is that I can’t keep this page on my computer. How can I solve this issue? Please help!

Brief Introduction to This Page is a browser hijacker rather than a legit page for computer users to visit and save on their computers. Even though we cannot find any more things on its page except a search box, it doesn’t mean that it is harmless. Instead, this page is designed by cyber criminals who want to gain illegal benefits from innocent computer users. What’s worse, browser hijacker is a kind of computer threat, but it is not a computer virus. That’s to say, when this infection sneaks into target computers, the anti-virus programs installed on the systems cannot be able to detect it for computer users. By taking this advantage, this kind of computer infection can attack more computers than other viruses. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on May 21, 2016 5:48 am

Remove Redirect Manually


Hi, I need help. Do you know a website Weirdly, my browser homepage has been set as this website and I don’t know what happened. My homepage is supposed to be Just this morning I found this strange website appeared on my browser. I want to change my homepage back but I can’t. I don’t know what to do. How can I change my homepage back? How can I remove this strange website? Please help me!!!

Detail of this redirect should be paid attention. This is a malicious redirect (also called browser hijacker). If you find this website appear on your computer, you should know that it is a malicious redirect and it should be removed immediately. This redirect is capable of changing your browser settings and set this redirect as your browser homepage. So when you run your browser, you will always see this website first. And you can’t change your browser homepage back. When your computer gets infected by this redirect, you won’t search anything you want on this redirect due to the change of your browser search engine. This redirect is able to change the browser search engine. When you make a search on this redirect, you will get many unknown and ads websites. We don’t know if those websites are safe. There is a possibility that you may get virus when you access those results. So just keep in mind that it is unsafe to access those unknown and ads websites.
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Published by Karen Lawrence on May 21, 2016 4:31 am



Hey, what should I do to get rid of this hijacker? The Google has been controlled by it for many days and I can’t do anything on Google browser as many pop-ups interrupt me. By the way, I can’t find back my Google page. I usually use google as the homepage, but now it is gone. Can you also help me set it up back? And do you have any ideas to get it removed completely and to stop those popups?

Brief Description of Hijacker is a browser hijacker to infect web browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. It aims at controlling your web browser and monitoring your online activities to steal some important data for illegal profits. Many victims think it’s a useful search engine for its interface. The browser hijacker changes the default settings of web browser. The homepage will be taken place with its page and also the default search engine is gone, instead its search bar becomes the search tool. You’re just redirected to unrelated and strange links and websites if you use it to look u something, but you had better not open those links and websites, because they may be infected with some kind of malware, if you click to open, you will continue to be redirected to malicious websites or just get some infection directly. redirect will display thousands of pop ups to flood your screen, and you will not do anything online actually. And those pop ups will severely affect internet speed and you will find it takes a long time load web browser or open new tabs on browser, sometimes, the browser just crashes down somehow.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on May 20, 2016 12:47 pm


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