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JS.Downloader!gen5 Virus Removal


When I opened an unknown email attachment this morning, I accidentally picked up this JS.Downloader!gen5 virus on my dell laptop. I found that the computer went bad to worse. Every time I perform actions on the computer, I come across lots of troubles or computer problems. I scanned the whole computer, but I found that the antivirus can’t take effective to deal with any threat perfectly. I’m not good at computers, what can I do? How to locate the paths of the Trojan virus accurately and remove all potential threats from my computer? Any Trojan removal guide will help me save my computer properly.

Information about JS.Downloader!gen5 Virus:

JS.Downloader!gen5 is identified as a dreadful Trojan virus which PC users usually pick it up on their Windows PCs accidentally. The Trojan is designed by cyber hackers and it is mostly distributed via hacked websites, fake attachments and free download sources and so on. It takes every possible way to hack your computers running with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Vista, etc. and perform evil actions on all compromised systems. It can exploit your system leaks to come bundled with adware, malware, spyware and other potential threats in order to affect your computer deeply. Besides, the Trojan drops its copies to your system and even creates new malicious files without your knowledge. It can change your system files, entries and some default computer settings such as desktop image and browser homepage. It is activated in the background of your computer every time the target system gets stated. The infection is possible to take up lots of your computer resources and it causes high CPU usage while you play flash videos, games and search the web on the compromised system. Before any further occurs, you had better kick off the Trojan from your computer immediately and completely.
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Published by Matt Johnston on August 28, 2015 1:26 pm

Remove Trojan.Gatak!gen5 Virus


Hey, I don’t know when my laptop is infected with Trojan.Gatak!gen5 virus until my Avira pops up and reports that. But it’s strange that Avira cannot kill it totally, as every time I restart laptop after a scanning and removal by Avira, the Avira still says this virus is still on. My friend told me it needed to be removed manually. However, I’m not computer savvy, so I come here for help. Can you guys help me out of this issue?

Trojan.Gatak!gen5 Virus Description:

Trojan.Gatak!gen5 virus is a dangerous and infectious Trojan horse to hit windows computer severely. Once it gets on computer, it will exploit system by implanting its malicious codes into important system areas like start-up items, registry editor, windows folder and HOST files and so on. If important system files are disabled, computer will get some system errors. Computer may not start up normally or even cannot turn on. In this case, some important files in start up item should be severely corrupted. If the virus replaces files in HOST with its own malicious ones, computer will not be able to connect with the Internet. That’s why sometimes you cannot browse webpage. And also Trojan.Gatak!gen5 virus may change the settings of web browser and hijack the webpage to block you access legit website about security tool downloading. Meanwhile, it will throw many different kinds of ads. Even worse, this virus can exploit more system loophole to weaken and worsen system security. When system has many loopholes, it will become more vulnerable and other threats will enter infected computer in an easier way. More threats will eat up system resource and slow down computer performance even corrupt computer troubleshooting modes. If you cannot clear it timely, it will damage your machine to be useless.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on August 27, 2015 1:34 am

Remove Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 Virus


My computer was affected by the Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 virus, and it turned out to be a in big mess. It performed extremely poorly, which became an obstacle for me to perform tasks on the compromised system. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get rid of the Trojan virus from my computer entirely. I have no idea about this infection removal, what should I do? How to kick off the Trojan from the computer without making any damage? If you do have any virus removal instruction, please help me out.

Information about Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 Virus:

Backdoor.Trojan.LH2 is a harmful Trojan virus that becomes a big computer problem to worldwide net users. It is released through the network, particularly hacked websites, spam email attachments and doubtful downloads and so on. Once the Trojan enters your computer, it can be installed in the contaminated system automatically. The Trojan will get a chance to run as a background program every time you turn on the target computer. It usually comes bundled with lots of malicious adware, worms, malware, spyware and other additional threats. Actually, the Trojan executes dangerous activities in your computer and it brings you many destructive damages. To illustrate, the infection can modify your system files, entries and even creates new files with random names in the compromised system. It drops its harmful copies to your computer in order to mess it up terribly. Indeed, the Trojan is a definitely unwanted program that does great harm to your computer and makes you worried about the computer situation. As designed, the Trojan may have the ability to trace your system records and online history to help cyber hackers achieve illegal purposes. In this urgent situation, PC users should take actions to delete the Trojan virus from the computer completely.
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Published by Matt Johnston on August 26, 2015 1:12 pm

Remove Trojan


Need help of fixing a problem on my computer. I have XP as my system, yesterday, after I downloaded a problem and installed it to my computer, I got a virus called I tried to get rid of this virus by uninstalling the program which brings it to my system, but it didn’t work. I still got the virus warning from my security tool, why can’t my security tool remove it for me but only inform me? What should I do?

Brief Introduction to This Trojan is classified as a Trojan horse infection that designed by cyber criminals. It is a newly spread infection on the Internet. Users can get attacked by this virus with many ways. It is hard for PC users to prevent it from coming as it can infiltrate target computers on the background without being known by computer users. Even though users can install anti-virus programs to protect their machines, but this infection can bypass the security tools and mess up the systems. Also, after it comes to the target computers, it can disable the security system which can make the infected machine be totally compromised, which mean the infected system can be attacked by more viruses from the web. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 26, 2015 1:09 pm

How to Remove Trojan horse Agent5.AETS


I’m having difficulty on removing a virus called Trojan horse Agent5.AETS on my Windows XP computer. I have used my anti-virus program to get rid of it for thousands times, but all my work are in vain as this Trojan can always come back after I restart my machine. That’s really disappointed. Can’t this Trojan virus be removed? What should I do? I need urgent help to fix this problem!

Brief Introduction to This Trojan

Trojan horse Agent5.AETS is newly released by cyber hackers on the Internet. It is an extremely dangerous Trojan horse infection that can make great damages to the entire system as soon as it sneaks into the target computer. It is a kind of computer infection that can be able to damage the security system including the anti-virus program installed on the infected computer. However, even if people install anti-virus programs on their machines, they cannot escape from the corruption of this virus as it can escape from being removed by the security tools. When this infection comes to the target computers, it would make completely chaos to the whole system. In addition, the specific targets of this infection to attack are the computers that run Windows operating systems. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 25, 2015 6:06 am

Remove Trojan:Win32/Colisi.F Virus


My laptop was hit by Trojan:Win32/Colisi.F! Norton just told me that many folders and programs are infected with it, even my pen driver plugged in that laptop gets this virus. It seems this virus is very infectious and aggressive. I know this is Trojan horse infection and my Norton cannot deal with it. So I try to go into registry editor to find out files related with this virus, but don’t know which one. I am afraid my stupid action will kill the normal system files. Could you please help me get rid of this virus completely?

Trojan:Win32/Colisi.F Virus Description:

Trojan:Win32/Colisi.F is categorized as a Trojan horse which mainly attacks windows computer like windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. This virus is created by those hackers in order to control the targeted computer and help hackers to steal important data. Once those hackers get your important data like banking details, you may suffer from financial lost in future. Besides, this virus can hijack your web browser to track all your online trace and keep a record of what your do and fill in online, and then send those important privacy to hackers. In order to prevent this virus from getting on your computer to pilfer your data, please don’t click on anything suspicious and unsafe from unreliable resource to bring this virus. This Trojan:Win32/Colisi.F virus is usually hidden on unsafe sites where there may be different kinds of attractive pop ups. Those pop ups usually contains virus or malware. And once click will activate and install the virus or malware into system soon.  This virus can be spread through many other ways online. What you should do is to keep cautious with your online behavior.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on August 24, 2015 9:38 am

Remove Backdoor.Duuzer Virus


Backdoor.Duuzer virus is on my Vista computer. It messes up my computer almost! On desktop, some unknown shortcuts are over there, and some of them cannot be deleted. Internet gets stuck and browser crashes down over and over again. When opening some folders or program, it loads a long time. I go to the registry editor but don’t know how to find out the Backdoor.Duuzer virus files to delete. I am frustrated. Please help me!

Backdoor.Duuzer Virus Description:

Backdoor.Duuzer virus has been classified as a dangerous backdoor Trojan horse to attack windows computer like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP and so on. Once this vicious Backdoor.Duuzer virus gets on your computer, it will perform malicious actions to system. This virus goes into registry editor, windows folder or start-up item. And then Backdoor.Duuzer implants its malicious files or codes into important area to disable or replace system important files. After that, your computer will be damaged a lot. The computer will have problems while starting on. For example, it may get some system errors with a blue screen background. Or computer will automatically restart again and again. Backdoor.Duuzer virus modifies the files in HOST folder to block you access the Internet. Or it displays spam ads in your network, which will be hard to delete. What’s worse, this backdoor virus is very good at opening backdoor by exploiting loopholes to bring other infections into system. If there are many viruses and malware in computer, the computer performance will soon slow done. Many functions on computer will be degraded. Computer will often crashes down and gets blue screen freeze. Backdoor.Duuzer virus together with other virus even can destroy troubleshooting mode of computer. Therefore, please remove this virus as soon as possible

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on August 23, 2015 3:24 am

Remove Hijacker


A page named always pops up on my browser when I go online. It looks like a search page that I can use to find information on the Internet. At the beginning, I don’t take too much attention on it as I thought it is just a page. However, I noticed that my computer has been given too much pop-ups after this page is saved on my machine. How do I fix this issue?

Brief Introduction to This Page

When you got this on your computer, please do not be cheated by its appearance to judge it as a normal page and keep it on your machine. On the contrary, it is a computer threat which can bring more problems to your system if you don’t have it removed in time. It is made by cyber hackers with illegal purposes and it is called as browser hijacker or redirect infection. Even though we call it a infection, but it is not a computer virus. We have found that, many anti-virus programs cannot be able to pick it up for computer users. Under this case, this hijacker can get more opportunities to infiltrate target computers without being known by PC users. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Tony Shepherd on August 22, 2015 1:45 pm

Remove HIjacker


Hello, my browser was hit by a browser hijacker called, and the homepage Google is gone. I don’t know how to get it back. But what drives me to be crazy is that I am always interrupted by many ad pop ups when I browse webpage. I stop those pop ups by clicking on X, but that doesn’t work. The pop ups are still coming. I feel that the browser always gets stuck, so I have to restart browser again and again. Can you help me solve this issue?

Description of Hijacker is not a reliable and safe homepage and search engine, and it is created by cyber criminals to infect targeted computer and to control infected web browser. Next it can help hackers to pilfer user’s important data online like credit card details, password and online banking message and so on. Once hackers take those important data, you may suffer from unimaginable troubles like financial loss. So you should be cautious when you surf online, as this hijacker is spread online especially on unsafe and malicious sites or illegal free software download websites. When you view webpage, please don’t visit those unsafe and malicious sites like porn sites, gambling sites and free gaming site ect.. Those sites may carry this browser hijacker or other infections.  Once opening it, the direct infection or other threat will soon drop on computer without your notice.  By the way, you also need to keep an eye on software installation procedure, as this hijacker may be bundled into the installation package. When you install the software you need, this hijacker will naturally get into system.  In a word, you should be careful with online tasks to prevent this hijacker from accessing your machine.

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Published by Leo R. Oscar on August 22, 2015 10:17 am

Backdoor.Emdivi!gm Virus Removal


Do you know anything about this Backdoor.Emdivi!gm virus? What damages will it bring to your computer? You might be surprised at getting the Trojan virus when you just performed tasks on the computer as usual. With the Trojan activated in the background of computer, you will find that your computer is in a big mess. How to remove the Trojan from your computer completely? If you have no idea on this virus removal, following instructions will do you a great favor.

Information about Backdoor.Emdivi!gm Virus:

Backdoor.Emdivi!gm is a malicious backdoor Trojan, and it can be changed into different variants and circulated for a long time. It affects Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and other Windows computers and becomes a big threat to net users all over the world. The Trojan is a definitely unwanted program which gets installed in your computer automatically and brings you destructive damages. It can drop its copies and vicious codes like adware parasites, worms, malware and spyware to the system, in order to dig into your computer deeply. Such a Trojan may open a back door for cyber hackers to violate your confidential information on purpose. Every time you perform tasks on the affected computer, you will suffer from lots of troubles. In fact, the infection is capable of changing your system files and entries randomly and it also creates some harmful files in your computer without any knowledge. You will find that most of your executable programs, particular antivirus, get disabled by the Trojan terribly. That’s why your security program gets difficulties to deal with the infection perfectly.
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Published by Matt Johnston on August 22, 2015 5:53 am and last modified on August 22, 2015 5:54 am.


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