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What’s RoboForm?

RoboForm is a reputable and excellent password managing service which aims at giving individuals and companies the power to safely and conveniently access and manage their data. Roboform offers users easy-to-use tool and software to make your life easier and more secure. Roboform is located in the United States and Roboform product is used by millions of users around the world. Customers of Roboform range from individual users and small business, to government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies. By using RoboForm, it is easy to take your passwords with you wherever you go, and you don’t need to remember and type passwords you need. RoboForm provides a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with RoboForm everywhere account. to protect your data, RoboForm uses AES-256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256. The servers of RoboForm are located at a secure US-based facility with a 99.99% uptime guarantee by the hosting service provider that uses double redundancy for power and connectivity. All your RoboForm data is always stored encrypted on their servers with AES-256, the strongest available encryption. No RoboForm data can be accessed without the Master Password. Now you know clear about this great password manager and next what you need to do is go ahead and learn how to redeem RoboForm discount code to save money on purchase.

Special and Unique Features of RoboForm

  • – Automatically login to your web accounts with the embedded RoboForm browser.
  • – Easily handle multi-step Logins with the “Matching Logins” feature.
  • – Automatically save new login information when you login to websites.
  • – View and Edit your Logins, Bookmarks, Identities, and Safenotes.
  • – Secure and save your RoboForm data to your RoboForm Everywhere account.
  • – Synchronize your RoboForm data with multiple computers and mobile devices.
  • – Fill long web forms with a single click.
  • – Generate strong, unique passwords with the built-in Password Generator.
  • – Options for AutoLogoff and Manual Logoff.
  • – Import your logins from LastPass, Dashlane,1Password and other password managers.
  • – Easily search Logins with the built-in search feature.

RoboForm Plans and Pricing

RoboForm offers attractive and affordable for personal and business use. For personal use, there are 3 different packages. To meet different requirement of different users, RoboForm gives special offer.

  • RoboForm Free Package: No Charge never
  • RoboForm EVERYWHERE Package: $1.99/month, billed annually
  • RoboForm FAMILY Package: $3.98/year, billed annually
  • RoboForm Business Plan: $29.95/user per year, billed annually

Password Manager: RoboForm Makes Your Life Easier And More Secure

Usually we set many different passwords for different accounts. It is difficult to remember all passwords you create. It would be puzzled while you’re entering the password you need. Additionally, re-using the same password makes you vulnerable on multiple sites if that password is ever compromised. Creating a strong and unique password for each account is the only way to avoid this. But how to keep track of all those passwords? A password manager organizes and encrypts your passwords, increasing the convenience and security of your online experience. With RoboForm, instead of remembering hundreds of passwords, you only need to memorize your one Master Password. RoboForm’s password manager is the best one due to its rich experience, huge compatibility, most reliability, strong security, more support options and power features:

1. Rich Experience

RoboForm was founded in 2000 and updated continuously ever since, RoboForm is the original password manager. RoboForm has more than 18 years’ experience in managing password for customers. It gives the excellent services to customers. RoboForm has been the world leading password managing service company and used by millions of user all around the world. it is secure to work with RoboForm, as it uses the strongest encryption method called AES-256 encryption which is labelled as military-grade encryption and used by government to store high-secret files and information. AES-256 encryption is hard to decrypt even by the fastest computer savvy in the world. that means all your password will be protected by RoboForm password manager completely and securely. RoboForm keeps updating their service to make their products and services become more powerful and remarkable.

2. RoboForm is compatible with more platforms and browsers

RoboForm creates powerful and excellent products and software working with all popular systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Chrome OS. RoboForm also has compatible extension working with different browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others. So, you can use RoboForm anywhere on any devices. RoboForm can help store all your password on different devices.

3. High-level Reliability

In a rapidly expanding and diverse web, RoboForm has the most reliable automated saving and login technology for your passwords. RoboForm alleviates the burdens associated with password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click. Mission of RoboForm is to give individuals and companies the power to safely and conveniently access and manage their data.

4. More Support Options

Since 2000, RoboForm has been a trusted password managing service and offering attentive and friendly support service for all customers. And their support keeps improving to become more friendly and fast solve all the questions and technical problems for customers. RoboForm has the most support options. Phone support, live chat, and 24/7 email are all available for customer to choose and contact RoboForm support center to solve any kinds of problem.

5. Strong Security

All RoboForm data is encrypted using AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. RoboForm has implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. 256-bit encryption is a data/file encryption technique that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files. It is one of the most secure encryption methods and used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies including AES and SSL. 256-bit encryption is referring to the length of the encryption key used to encrypt a data stream or file. Let’s say hypothetically all the super computers in the world (the ultimate brute force attack) decided to group up and tasked themselves to decrypt your AES-256 key so they could access your data. Therefore, RoboForm has the strongest encryption to protect all your passwords. No one can access RoboForm or steal your passwords.

6. Form Filler Feature Provided by RoboForm

RoboForm’s form filling feature simplifies your online experience. Save time, type less! Form filling technology allows you to automatically fill in those long, tedious web forms with the simple click of a button. This is ideal for online shopping, entering contests, resume submission, and much more. If you are using RoboForm Everywhere, you can use the form filling feature anywhere that you can use the password manager- PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

If you are using the form filling feature for the first time, click the “Setup Form Filling” button on the RoboForm toolbar. From there, you can enter your name, address, telephone, email, etc. into their corresponding fields. Once you click save, you will never need to type that information into a web form again.

Since you understood RoboForm is so powerful for managing your passwords, you are suggested to take an action to redeem RoboForm discount code immediately and enjoy all benefits from the tool. Or you still want to take more time to view more details about this software, then it is good habit for buying.

When you get to a page where you’d like to use the form filler, simply click the Identity button on the toolbar (it looks like an ID badge), and RoboForm will do the rest. It’s really that simple!

1) Click the RoboForm icon>> select the appropriate Identity under “Fill from.” The information saved within that Identity will automatically be filled into the appropriate lines within the form.

2) If the checkout process is done across multiple pages, continue to click the appropriate Identity whenever a blank form is present. RoboForm will automatically fill in the appropriate information.

NOTE: RoboForm automatically defaults to display two Identities in Chrome. If you wish to display more than two, follow these steps: click on the RoboForm icon >> Options >> Toolbar >> increase the number next to “Number of My Identity Buttons” >> sync changes.

Use RoboForm to Audit Your Passwords.

Use our Security Center feature to view the strength of your existing passwords and ensure duplication do not occur across various sites.

RoboForm calculates individual password strength using zxcvbn, a powerful open source password strength estimator. Most password strength checkers merely count lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, and symbols (LUDS). They do not take into account dictionary entries, common names, as well as known common passwords and their variants. This often causes them to incorrectly rate poor passwords like ‘P@ssword1’ as strong.

RoboForm tool incorporates all of these known bad password patterns. This makes our strength ratings more reliable because they are reflective of how long it would take a good password cracker to guess the password, not just a LUDS score.

RoboForm For Business: Protect Your Business And Save Money

Roboform for Business provides complete security solution to help small, medium and big company to manage different passwords, files, documents and other important information. it provides professional password management solution for company. Roboform for business provides smart and easy-to-use software or application to help your company organize and manage logins, passwords and other important information and help generate strong passwords. It not only stores different passwords but also lets staffs share passwords with each other securely. Roboform for Business provides features that personal plan uses including password manager, password generator, identity forms, online account, secure folder sharing, password audit. And all your passwords and data are protected by strong encryption and secure authentication technologies including two-factor authentication, dual step authentication, AES-256 bit. And meanwhile, you can sync Roboform account across all devices. Roboform for business can give real-time scanning and detection to check if there are weak passwords and replace all weak and unsecure passwords to reduce the risk of security and data breaches. Roboform for business can delete forgotten passwords, loss of productivity caused by it and costs related to their reset. Roboform for business also improves efficiency and productivity as work staff don’t have to fill information into those long and tedious web forms. Roboform for business provides autoform filler technology with automated process. You just need to click on one button then everything will be entered automatically into the form. This autoform filler feature has been applied in HR forms, real estate forms, insurance forms, hospital records, medical forms and much more… It increases more convenience for online experience. Roboform for Business is an excellent and remarkable solution for company. You can try its free plan or go straight to redeem a RoboForm discount code on premium plans.

How Does RoboForm for Business Work?

1. Open Company Account.

Your RoboForm for Business company account can be created in minutes! Company Admins can purchase any number of licenses and then assign a license to each employee. RoboForm for Business is highly customizable and can be tailored through a variety of custom policies set by Admins to meet your organizations specific needs and security standards. Advanced reports are available on users and groups access and usage.

2. Onboard Your Employees.

Through an intuitive web-based administrative interface, users can be easily setup with RoboForm. New users can be created one at the time or all at once via .CSV file import. Employees can then use their RoboForm for Business licenses on any platform or network allowed by your company.

3. RoboForm Files and Installation.

Once your employees are onboarded, they can install and start using RoboForm for Business on any platform or browser. Available RoboForm file types include: Logins to websites, Logins to applications, Identities, Bookmarks, Safenotes, Contacts, and custom Forms. RoboForm for Business offers complete separation of private and company owned RoboForm files.

4. Create Sharing Groups.

Create an unlimited number of custom defined sharing groups with unique permission levels for each user. Through group membership, credentials can be securely shared with individual users or groups of users. Access to the group can be limited via IP range or device allowance.

Why Millions of Users Choose to Join RoboForm?

  • One Click Logins: Leave the hassle of typing usernames and passwords behind. RoboForm logs you in to websites with a single click. Use our on page AutoFill or select a Login directly from RoboForm.
  • Capture Passwords While You Browse: Go about surfing the web as usual and let RoboForm do all the work. Passwords are captured and saved, with no additional steps required from you.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Supported on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers.
  • Keep Your Passwords in Sync: The RoboForm Everywhere secure cloud keeps your passwords backed up and in sync across all your browsers and devices.
  • Offline Access: Desktop and mobile apps provide offline access to RoboForm data. In addition, the desktop version offers optional local-only storage (option not available in Business version).
  • Stay Organized: Store and categorize all your passwords in easy-to-manage folders. Pin your favorite Logins for easy access.
  • Powerful Search: No more shuffling through files looking for that one missing password. Use RoboForm’s strong search functionality to save time and effort.
  • Be Up and Running in No Time: Quickly and easily set up your account in RoboForm. It takes just a few minutes to be up and running with RoboForm.
  • Extensions for All Major Browsers: Jump from browser to browser without worrying about losing control of your passwords. RoboForm works on all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge.
  • Generate Strong, Unique Passwords: Still using “password123” as your password? Let RoboForm’s random password generator create strong and unique passwords for your accounts.

  • Security Center: How strong are your passwords? Do you use the same password on more than one site? Use our Security Center to see how you score.
  • Strong Encryption: To protect against dictionary, brute force, or other attacks, RoboForm uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. Decryption is at the local, device level only. Your decryption key never hits our server.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Add an extra layer of protection to your account. RoboForm supports TOTP based authentication apps including Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Share Single Items or a Folder: Want to provide someone with access to a password or folder with confidential information? Share them securely in RoboForm without the risk of exposing sensitive data in the process.
  • Emergency Access: Grant a trusted contact access to your RoboForm data in the event of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method of account recovery.
  • Family Plan: Share the love! Give your spouse, kids, and other family members the same peace of mind that you have.
  • Store Credit Cards: Do you shop online often? Have you ever forgotten your wallet at home? With RoboForm, you’ll have instant access to your credit card and billing information on the go.
  • Fill Online Forms With One Click: Tired of constantly typing the same information over and over for yourself, a family member, or a client? Use RoboForm Identities to fill in any online form with one click.
  • Safenotes: Have a software license key or a Wi-Fi password you want to keep away from prying eyes? Use RoboForm Safenotes.
  • Windows Application Passwords: Not just for web passwords, RoboForm also saves your Windows application passwords (e.g. Skype, Outlook, etc.).
  • Bookmarks: RoboForm is the only major password manager that organizes your bookmarks for quick and easy access across all of your browsers and devices.
  • Contacts: Keep track of your contacts and their information in one easy-to-access place.
  • Around the Clock Assistance: Our professional and dedicated customer support staff will answer email 24/7/365. We also offer chat and phone support between 9 AM – 6 PM EST Monday – Friday.
  • Help Center: Search through our extensive knowledge base to get help on common user topics and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

3 Easy Steps to Apply RoboForm Discount Code

Step 1: Click any buttons on this article or some pictures to visit RoboForm homepage, and select the plan fits for you.

Step 2: After you clicked on “Upgrade Now”, you will be redirected to the following page with all plans listed. It is no doubt that the 5-Year is the best value on sale, if you wanna this plan just select it then click on “Add to cart” to go ahead.

Step 3: When you get to your shopping cart, input the discount code you got from our site and click on apply. After that the total cost is $89.75 instead of $99.50, you save 25% (Discount code has been added to checkout).

Video Guides RoboForm Discount Code, Coupon Code, Promo Code: Save Extra 25%

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RoboForm for Business is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses and government agencies around the world. RoboForm provides a complete solution to remedy the password management crisis for your company. RoboForm’s software helps your company organize logins and passwords, making your password generation, storing, and sharing both easier and more secure. RoboForm for Business eliminates forgotten passwords, loss of productivity caused by it, and costs related to their reset. RoboForm replaces all unsafe practices of password creation, storing, reusing and sharing, thus reducing the risk of security and data breaches. With RoboForm deployed, your employees will never again sit idle while passwords are forgotten, accounts blocked, and access denied. RoboForm Password Manager is a streaming tool with high ratings and it has been saving time and making life easier for millions of internet users all over the world. With RoboForm Password Manger you will never need to remember or type your passwords again. You can try RoboForm first and if you feel it is good then you can keep it!

Kindly Reminder: There are some powerful password managers like Dashlane and LastPass available for users. You can have a try as they offer 30 days risk-free trial.

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