In recent years, the Android system has become one of the most popular mobile systems in the world. And it has helped many great mobile manufacturers occupy great market share which can bring a large scale of benefits for those companies. However, even some people know how to use their Android devices, they don’t know that their devices are not only for calling and going online, many hidden functions have been disabled by manufacturers.

Brief Introduction to Root

Android phones and tablets are not only used for calls and other simple works like online shopping, watch video and so on. It has many interesting things for users to discover. But the reason why people can’t have a better experience on their Android devices is that the manufacturers have already ensconced those functions. In order to release those limited functions, the device must be rooted. However, no all of the Android users know about what root is as the manufacturers don’t tell them about it. In addition, rooting require specific knowledge, otherwise, wrong operating may cause the phone or tablet be useless, which means users can’t access the system if they root their devices in a improper way.

Once the Android device gets rooted, you will be able to have more fun on it as what you face is a world with many mysteries. Many new functions can be discovered. First, rooted device can be more personalized. On unrooted devices, the fonts can task bar are fixed, so once the device get rooted, users will be capable to set the fonts and the styles on the taskbar in their own tastes. With new fonts, you will feel you just got a brand-new phone, isn’t it? Secondly, when people purchase a new Android phone from store or carrier, they will find the phone is full of carpware or bloatware that cannot be removed which waste a large space of the phone, when the phone gets rooted, people can be able to delete every app they want with the highest priority.

With those unwanted apps uninstalled, the rooted devices can get faster and smoother as more system resources are free from them. Users can get better performance on opening apps and using the devices for entertainment. What’s more, once you get your device rooted, you will be able to escape from annoying pop-ups and advertisements in apps as you can turn them off. It can be really annoying to be disturbed by something irrelevant when playing games. And if you tap them accidently, you will have some malicious websites opened or even get something unwanted and dangerous downloaded automatically on the back ground.


When you have an unrooted device from your carrier or manufacturer, you would feel that you just rent a device from them instead of owning it as they always limit the things that you can do on the device. So rooting your device can make you get a much better experience on using it. You can personalize it with your favourite fonts and other tools. You will have the permission to remove anything that you don’t want on the rooted device. There are many new functions for users to discover on rooted Android devices.

Suggestion: To root your Android device, the expertise is needed. Wrong operating can lead to fatal damages, at that time, the phone can be useless as the system is complicated for most people to understand. So, in order to root your Android device safely, you are welcome to contact YooSecurity tech support anytime you wish.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on June 26, 2015 1:22 pm

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