Nowadays, the Android system has become the most popular operating system on mobile and tablet device. From the research on marketing, when people try to purchase a cell phone or tablet, the devices with Android can be their primary choices. The Android now covers over 80% market share which proves that it is a great and successful system on mobile devices just like Windows systems to computer.

Brief Introduction to Android

Android system is a product design by Google Company and it is published on the fourth quarter in 2011. The Android system has become one of the top 10 greatest electronic products of the twenty-first century. Android is a Linux-based system that has been updated for several generations now, and the development team of it are still working hard to perfect it and try to provide better operating experience to the user. Comparing with IOS system from Apple Company, the Android is freer on its operation and apps as it is an open source system which people can personalize their Android device with different tastes.

What Will the Unwanted Bloatware Bring to the Android Device?

A lot of famous mobile companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola apply Android system on their mobile phones and tablets. The system not only can bring a large scale of market share to those companies, but also prove that thousands of people choose this system for their mobile devices. But many mobile producers don’t tell the users that they can root their Android device as there are many bloatware installed on the devices which cannot be removed by users. Those bloatware can bring extra benefits for the phone manufacturer. We have found that, those unwanted apps can consume valuable storage space so that users will not have enough space to save their own things, and those crapware can waste the limited RAM which can make the device gets a poor performance.

In this case, if you can root your Android device, you will be able to get a new experience on it as you can be capable to remove those bloatware freely. By removing those unwanted apps, the limited RAM can be free from them which can release more resource for people to run other apps. The rooted device can get a better performance and it will save a lot of time on opening apps. Also, removing the crapware on the device can make the battery have a longer life as those unwanted apps can waste the power on the background.


In one word, we can get a lot of benefits from rooting the Android device. We can remove the bloatware which can’t be uninstalled on unrooted mode. When the phone is rooted, people can have all permissions on the device. They can uninstall every app they don’t want easily. Without the unwanted apps, the phone can work for a longer time as no more apps are wasting the power. People will get a better performance on rooted devices as they can personalize their device with different tools, so that users can discover more functions on Android system.

Suggestion: To root your Android device, the expertise is needed. Wrong operating can lead to fatal damages, at that time, the phone can be useless as the system is complicated for most people to understand. So, in order to root your Android device safely, you are welcome to contact YooSecurity tech support anytime you wish.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on June 19, 2015 5:45 am

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