I have a Samsung galaxy s3, but I feel it runs slower than before, so I thought if there is tech support help me speed up my phone. I thought those unwanted apps would be the problem that makes phone sluggish. And the power is run out soon. It seems need a battery improvement. Can you guys help me solve these problems on my phone?

What will Slow Down Phone Performance

Usually when phone users buy a new phone, they will find that there have been many unknown apps installed into phone system. Those apps may come from carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T and do on. These annoying and unwanted apps are called bloatware or capware such as Play Newstand (found on every Android phone), S Health, S Voice, OneDrive, Whatsapp, Instagram, T-Mobile or AT&T carrier apps, and more. Those apps are overspread on the phone screen, and you don’t know which one is useful, but actually almost of them are not used by you. However, although you don’t run it, it still occupy large phone system space, which will greatly slow down phone performance as time goes on, as you also need to save other things you really want into phone. For example, your pictures, music, videos, games and apps need to be saved or installed into phone. Anyway, when more apps are stored into system, the phone will act in a sluggish way.

How to Make Android Phone Be Faster

To speed up the phone, you need to uninstall those unwanted apps. However, when you try to free up more system space by uninstalling those unwanted apps to fast phone, you will find they are not allowed to be uninstalled. In this case, you need to remove unwanted crapware with rooting. Root is the ultimate administrative privilege that will let users have the right to do the following tasks like cleaning junks, clear spam apps or optimize system and so on. But actually the phone manufacturers keep root directories off-limits to users by default. They lock these directories so you can’t brick your phone by accidentally deleting their “bloatware” apps. That’s why you cannot remove the bloatware randomly. Rooting your device will let you experience the full potential of your device. You can remove the apps you don’t want and install the app you want freely. Junks will be cleaned timely. And the phone will run faster. And since there are not so apps working in the background system, the phone performance and battery life will be improved, as less unwanted apps will reduce power usage.


In a word, if you want to personalize your android phone and get a new experience on it, you’re suggested to root your phone first. Rooting will let you freely uninstall bloatware, unwanted apps, clean system junks, remove spam apps to free up more system and speed up phone performance even prolong the battery life. You can feature your device with the tool you like. Rooting will be the best solution to solve many problems on android phone and you will experience more benefits from rooting the android phone.

Suggestion: To root your Android device, the expertise is needed. Wrong operating can lead to fatal damages, and the phone can be useless as the system is complicated for most people who are not phone savvy. In order to root your Android device safely, you are welcome to contact YooSecurity online tech expert anytime you wish.

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