I have got a situation on my computer which annoys me for all most a week. I downloaded a new game called LOL from the web after I played it on the Internet bar. This game is really exciting and I can play it with my friend online. After I installed it to my machine and tried to run it, I keep getting black screen, I can hear the sound on the background but I can’t see anything. How can I play this game on my system? Any good idea?

What to Do When Game Gets Stuck?

If you want to play some large games on your computer, the very first thing you need to know is your hardware configuration. If you don’t have a good hardware, you cannot be able to run any large games as they require a better hardware environment. If your computer cannot open the games smoothly and keeps getting black screen, the only way to solve this problem is to update your hardware. For those people who can run the large games but keeps getting stuck on game playing, except considering the hardware part, some software issues can also be the reasons that can cause game stuck during the use.

If you encounter the game stuck on your system, you can use your ant-virus program (if you have one) to perform a full scan on your hard drives. The reason we suggest you do the scan is to check if your system is infected with something harmful. These days, cyber hackers create many different types of computer malware to help them achieve their illegal purpose. Those viruses can not only mess up the system, but can also slow down the performance of the infected machines. Your precious system resources can be consumed by the viruses on the background which will make your computer run slowly.

Apart from viruses, you need to check if you have installed some potentially unwanted programs on your systems as well. Those things can waste your hard drives to make the drives load data tardily. Also, system registry can be another thing you need to check. With wrong system settings and invalid entries, your system will get some unwanted troubles and problems.While playing games, you’d better don’t run too much other programs on your system if you have small RAM like 2G or 4G on your computer, those programs can occupied the RAM and CPU resources largely, after that, the game stuck occurs.


Besides checking your hardware configuration, some software factors can also be the reason that leads to game stuck. If your hardware is capable to run those large games but always get frame drops or slowness, you can try to reduce the game display resolution first. If it still can’t solve your problem, you need to check your system thoroughly. You can use your security tool to scan your system to see if there is anything harmful hiding on your machine. Also, try to uninstall those unwanted programs from your system can be another method to tune up your computer. There are many aspects can cause game stuck on your computer, if your hardware is not too outdated, you can try to optimize your system to get a better gaming experience.
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