Hi, there, I have an issue on my Windows desktop. Every time I play LOL with my friends, my computer will get stuck for a while, they it will be back to normal. It is really annoying as I play an important role on my team. I don’t want to be blamed by my friends if we lose the game. How can I fix the stuck problem? Please help!

How to Fix Games Get Stuck While Playing?

It is a really unpleasant thing to get stuck while playing games. At the very beginning, the first thing you need to consider is to check your hardware configuration is able to play the game in different qualities. If not, please try to reduce the picture quality to a lower level. In addition, if your computer can not even run the game in a smooth way, the only way to solve this problem is to update your hardware as the game requires a better hardware environment. After checking your hardware and there is nothing wrong with that part but you still get stuck in games, you need to check your software part as there are also some facts can slow down the performance on game playing.

Outdated hardware can be the main reason that causes computer stuck in games, but software can also be another reason that can slow down your computer. For some people who have small RAM usage and a slow CPU processor, we don’t suggest them run too much programs on the background while playing games. Those programs can consume the precious system resources which can make the computer slow. Under this case, the game will be distributed less system resources, no wonder you will get stuck games. In order to check what you have running on your system, you can go to your task manager and end the processes that you don’t recognize, however, it needs specialized skills, any wrong operating can make your system perform abnormally.

Besides checking processes, you need to check if your system is infected with any kind of computer virus or potentially unwanted programs. Nowadays, cyber criminals can forge their illegal threats with very misleading names and appearances. Those computer viruses are not only can help hackers achieve their illegal purposes, but can also slow down your computer from aspects. Your system registry and system settings can be modified which will cause unwanted system errors during the use. If you have a powerful anti-virus program installed on your machine, you don’t have to be worried as it can help you remove many kinds of computer viruses, however, for some stubborn threats, you need to remove them manually.


The hardware configuration is not the only thing you need to check for the stuck problem even though it is the main reason. If your hardware is capable to run the game in a high quality but still get the annoying stuck issue, the software part can be the main reason instead. Except checking system registry, you need to check if your system is targeted by any virus. Also, you should not run too much programs while playing games if your system resources are limited. There are too many facts can cause the stuck problem, if your hardware is not too outdated but can still run the games, you need to examine if there is any wrong with your system.

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