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Ready to Protect Your Online Activities with TunnelBear?

Before purchasing TunnelBear, you may look for TunnelBear discount coupon or promo code to get bigger discount. You come to the right place if you are looking for online coupon or special offer. We provide and update valid coupon and promo information to help you to be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals. Purchasing a useful and reliable VPN is great, and it even can be greater when you get the best deal. Therefore, check for the latest TunnelBear coupon and special offer on this page to get saving is very important. Currently, TunnelBear support team don’t provide any coupon codes or promo codes to its users, instead, they offer the amazing discounts with up to 58% off. If you consider a long-term protection, the 2-year deal must be your best choice as it is the biggest offer at the moment. In other words, you don’t require to redeem a coupon code as the coupon has been discounted at checkout, you can get further information about the TunnelBear coupon and discount in the following content. It would be more helpful for you for selecting a suitable plan.

Why TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is a recognized VPN service provider. It has been very popular because of the advanced features, trust and transparency. It sold out to McAfee which is the worldwide giant security this year. According to the provider, it is still being operated out of Canada. TunnelBear team is consisted of a group of privacy-minded experts. It delivers reliable security solution to help fight censorship and restrictive networks. With the background of security giants, users can expect better solution from this provider. TunnelBear utilizes the most advanced and unbreakable encryption standard on the market in AES-256 to safeguard users against cyberattack and government surveillance. It offers anonymous IP addresses and smart servers in 20 countries to keep your online activities and real location private from hackers, ISPs and third parties. You are allowed to change your virtual location so as to avoid government censorship and defeat geo-restriction to access the Internet without limit. The provider offers well-designed and easy-to-use software for all compatible devices. It allows five simultaneous connections with one account, so you can enjoy seamless experience from desktop to mobile. TunnelBear starts from $4.17 USD per month. If you get deal during promotion with coupon, you will get bigger discount and save money. Grab TunnelBear 58% discount coupon now.

TunnelBear VPN Pricing & Coupon Discount

TunnelBear offers both free and premium versions. It kindly lets you test the VPN for free before signing up a plan. The free version allows 500 MB of data per month which can run out easily when you use it to stream videos or play video games. If you need VPN for streaming for working every day, you need to upgrade to the premium plan. You are allowed to sign up monthly or yearly. If you are not sure if you need a long term of VPN protection, just pick the monthly plan to test its service, it costs $9.99 USD every month. If you need VPN for long term protection, you are recommended to pick the yearly plans because the provider offers big discount on yearly plans. There are two yearly plans available for people to choose on the pricing page, they are 1-year plan and 2-year plan. Currently, TunnelBear one year plan is 50% off and costs $59.88 USD totally while the two year plan is 58% off and only costs $99.99 totally, $4.17 per month. At this time, TunnelBear coupon code is not required. The discount will be activated automatically when you sign up VPN plan on the pricing page. All plans allow five simultaneous connections and unlimited switching between servers in 22 countries around the world. Get TunnelBear biggest discount when it is still available.

  • 1-Month Plan: $9.99/mo, $9.99 billed monthly.
  • 1-Year Plan: $4.99/mo, $59.99 billed annually.
  • 2-Year Plan: $4.17/mo, $99.99 billed once, save 58% off. Best Deal.

Advanced Features

TunnelBear is a full-featured VPN service, offering what VPN users need. The advanced features make it one of the most popular VPN on the market. Learn about the detail features in this article to confirm if it is what you want.

Strong encryption

You know what? Cyber criminals can intercept your online session and steal your financial information when you use insecure network. They mainly target businessmen and politicians as they can steal valuable information from those people. Regular users who often shop online also need to be very cautious because the criminals will seize any chance to grab money. To safeguard your precious information, TunnelBear utilizes industry-standard encryption to secure your online traffic. When it works, it uses strong AES 256-bit encryption by default. Weaker encryption isn’t even an option. It shields your sensitive information from prying eyes and cyber criminals no matter you are on public WiFi, ISPs or other local networks. You can shop online, check email and make transaction on the Internet safely. Likewise, it integrates OpenVPN, IKEv2 and IPSec VPN protocols with the best-in-class encryption standard. OpenVPN is open source and comes with the latest encryption technology, but you need to download a third-party client for it and this protocol is more CPU-intensive. IKEv2 can be used natively on various devices and runs with less CPU, but it is an old protocol and is not open source. OpenVPN should be your first choice.

Global Network

To let users use the Internet freely, TunnelBear offers ever-expanding network along with unlimited bandwidth and server switches. The more server locations a service has, the more options you have for spoofing your location. Like other VPNs, its servers are concentrated in Europe. You can connect to servers in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway, Mexico and India etc. TunnelBear VPN makes it easy to gain access to blocked websites and get around censorship. If your government censors the Internet strictly, you can switch to a server in another country with a less restricted Internet. If a famous streaming service is not available in your country, switch to the server in the required country. Your virtual location is changed and your connection is encrypted, so you can stream videos or other contents without throttling or buffering. TunnelBear has split tunneling to make your connections more flexible. It allows you to choose which applications on your PC use the VPN. You need VPN to stream videos while you may not want to connect to your printer via the VPN connections. Add specific apps in the list that you want them to go through VPN tunnel and other apps will run faster without rerouting. That ensures you can get the maximized speed, that is one of the reasons that more and more users turn to select TunnelBear, and still you can get attractive TunnelBear coupon and discount from the great VPN provider.

High Privacy Protection

Internet makes life more convenient. Users can find many open sources easily. However, users’ Internet privacy has been invaded badly. Advertisers, websites, ISPs, government and other parties can track and monitor your online activities. They can track you across different websites according to your IP address which is the unique number to identify your physical location. The government even allows the ISPs to sell users’ browsing histories to the third parties without users’ knowledge. Therefore, many users pick TunnelBear to reclaim their privacy. This VPN hides your real IP address with a fake one, keeping your browsing habits and personal information private from others. Others only can see the VPN IP address and encrypted traffic. The provider accepts bitcoin, so you can sign up an account anonymously. Snoopers can’t find information related to your identity. TunnelBear wipes your digital footprint and allows you to be anonymous on the Internet. Besides, the provider does not log any of your activity connected to the VPN service. They have the award winning privacy policy which promises that it will not disclose, sell, or trade personal information with third-party companies. Even if the law enforcement comes knocking, they can’t provide data they don’t have. TunnelBear keeps your privacy untouchable.


Even the best VPN can drop for some reasons, so TunnelBear offers VigilantBear to deal with this case. It works like the Internet kill switch. In Vigilant mode, it blocks all traffic when VPN drops and reconnects you until the secure connections recover. Especially when you use public WiFi hotspot, the hackers are waiting for a chance to view your connection. This feature prevents your sensitive data slipping through your Internet connection during the seconds it takes TunnelBear to reconnect. The ISPs or websites still can’t view or track you when you are not protected by VPN. There is no need to worry about information leak. Remember to turn on VigilantBear as it also is very important to your privacy. Navigate to Settings on VPN client, go to Security and switch VigilantBear on. And never forget to apply for the biggest TunnelBear coupon or discount when you decide to take this wonderful VPN service.


If you travel to foreign countries a lot, you may notice that there are different Internet restrictions in different countries. In some countries, the governments block many famous international websites and applications due to certain reasons. They censor the Internet strictly and their people can’t access Google, WhatsApp, YouTube and other popular services. As long as you live in the country, your connections to those websites will be blocked. Therefore, TunnelBear masks your IP address which reveals your location on the Internet. It channels your data through remote server in a country with less Internet restriction. You will appear from the country which embraces the websites you would like to access. In this way, the government will believe that you are living outside the country and won’t censor you. Besides, some streaming services often have to honor geographic restrictions with the content they provide. Some of them are restricted to their own country due to copyright law. For example, Netflix will attempt to verify your location, only grant you access to the library of videos within your primary country of residence. It has shut down many VPN accesses actively. Luckily, TunnelBear has GhostBear to circumvent VPN blocking by disguising VPN traffic as normal HTTPS traffic. One of the amazing advantages of TunnelBear is that it enables you to unlock most of the popular streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu. It masks your encrypted data to avoid deep packet inspection and VPN restrictions, making it less detectable to governments, businesses, and ISPs. That defeats many services of the same type. Can’t watch your favorite shows in foreign country? The hottest social media platform is blocked by your government? Get TunnelBear to get rid of those problems and restrictions. With GhostBear, you will be able to safely access your Gmail, favorite streaming websites, popular social media platforms, domestic news and entertainment in the same way you do at home during vocation at abroad.

Simple to Use

If you are a beginner, TunnelBear is a great option because it is very easy to use and does not require complicated computer knowledge. Simply select the plan you need and sign up with your favorite payment method. You will get an email of account detail. From the homepage, scroll down and you will see download option. Click on systems or browser extensions you have to download. When you download and install the VPN client or browser extension, all you need to do is agree to their terms and conditions and select a destination folder. At that point the application itself requires no further configurations. Simply choose servers you need and it will work for you right away. Of course, advanced users can change settings to make it work in the exact way they like. The provider offers free for all major systems and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition, Chrome and Opera extensions are available. As it allows unlimited devices, you can protect all devices of the whole family with one account. TunnelBear starts from $4.17 USD per month. 58% Discount is available at this time and it is the best deal. Want the plan with the best valuable? Apply TunnelBear coupon during payment. They offers 24/7 customer support even to non-subscribers. It is a pity that there is no live chat button for instant support. You need to submit a ticket with your request or problem and wait for some time to get a respond. Besides, they provide excellent knowledgebase where you can find a lot of detailed information about encryption, privacy policies and about the different features of TunnelBear. You may find answers to frequently asked questions on its websites without contacting the provider. It is convenient.

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Conclusion of TunnelBear Coupon Discount And Deals)

TunnelBear is a legit and popular VPN provider which offers a secure, simple service with a robust backbone. The provider independently code audit VPN applications to ensure they are consistently in line with the highest standards of security. The encryption standard and protocols they use is the best in VPN industry. You can feel safe to communicate with your partners and shop online even when you’re connected to public WiFi or other un-trusted networks at airport or coffee house. When connected to the fast servers in 22+ countries on TunnelBear’s virtual private network, you can enjoy the fast, safe, free and private browsing experience. The provider has a fierce no-logging policy and will not log or sell your personal/usage data. They do not collect your personal data with analytics tools either. It is possible to keep private and maintain secure and fast connection at the same time. To let all users get started with this VPN easily, they provide user-friendly applications, useful knowledge base with commonly asked questions as well as helpful tech support. It only takes few minutes to sign up, download, install and set up VPN. TunnelBear will take care of the rest to give you the best protection. If you are in need of a VPN plan, it is the right time because TunnelBear is 58% off. You can save up to $139.77 USD. TunnelBear starts $4.17 USD per month. TunnelBear 58% discount is time-limited offer. Grab deal when TunnelBear promotion is still available to save money. Seize the chance to save money with best TunnelBear coupon.

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