What is the latest Surfshark coupon code? Are there other valid coupon codes & discount are available online and how to redeem Surfshark coupon? How many discounts can I get from a Surfshark subscription and how long do Surfshark coupons last? Surfshark now is releasing jaw-dropping discount, the promo sales is up to 83% off discount on 2-Year Plan by applying with a valid coupon code. Mostly, the coupon code has been added automatically to checkout. With the biggest discount, the price is as low as $1.99/month only! Grab your jaw-dropping VPN deal immediately! Don’t know how to take Surfshark coupons and discounts? Follow the guides below.

Why Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark is one of the fastest-growing VPN with power-packed features. It has earned a good reputation with the responsible and dependable service, helping users reclaim privacy, secure online sessions and unblock restricted contents. Why is it a great tool? Surfshark uses AES 256-bit encryption on their servers and all your traffics travel through the encrypted servers. It is the same encryption standard used by the military and financial institutions. That helps you avoid snooping and hacking attempts effectively. This hides your IP address which allows others to track you on the Internet. It lets you become anonymous. The provider has a large collection of VPN locations across the world to allow users to stream TV series & movies, watch sporting events of foreign country and listen to restricted music via amazing connection. This VPN also is able to unblock websites and platforms like Netflix abroad and Google in countries with high censorship. You can enjoy anonymous browsing and download files at fast speed without limit. Surfshark VPN client is well-designed and doesn’t drain the life of your battery. It is very easy to install and set up the VPN. If you have any problems, you can contact them via the 24/7 live chat. This services offer unlimited bandwidth and data with no speed-caps for an unlimited number of devices. Another reason why it has been so popular is it offers awesome VPN package at affordable price. What is more, they provide verified coupon codes to all its users to get biggest discount and let you save money. It starts from $1.99 USD per month. This is a risk-free service that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just give it a try as there is no risk. Take advantage of valid Surfshark coupon code now.

Surfshark Coupons and Deals

Every one here can get amazing deal for up to 83% off Surfshark coupon code and discount, only $1.99 USD per month! This has been tested and validated. Take an action to get this special offer to secure your unlimited devices right away. Users tend to look for coupon codes before they sign up a service or purchase a product to save money and get best deal. Smart Surfshark users also redeem coupon code when they decide to sign up a plan. If you don’t have a coupon code then come and look for codes you need on our official website, or you can click on any buttons here then you will be offered with our exclusive coupon code. All Surfshark VPN coupon codes released for our readers have been confirmed real. Never pay the full price and miss out on the opportunity to save big but grab the code for the biggest discount. Be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals with us.

Before Christmas festival comes, many VPN providers are also giving their promotion sale in order to attract more and more new customers to use their VPN service. Surfshark marketing team also have their promotional sales and give the biggest discount 83% off on 2-Year plan. Surfshark VPN is a solid and strong performance VPN tool favorite by many customers. Surfshark gives ultra-fast speed, diamond-strong protection, enterprise-grade technology to make it more powerful. It is reliable to use Surfshark to access different sites, defeat internet censorship and other internet restriction like Geo-blocking, stream any contents anywhere. Users always use Surfshark with total ease! 83% off Surfshark discount coupon on 2-Year Plan is available for all users. Don’t miss out on this biggest savings with 83% off Surfshark coupon code, discount on 2-Year Plan!

Cost of Money & SurfShark Coupon

SurfShark only offers one VPN package with 1-month, 12-month and 24-month plans. If you would like to take the monthly plan and it will be billed every month, this can be a bit expensive, it will costs you $11.95 USD every month. To get the best deal, you need a coupon code. SurfShark is currently running a coupon code for all new users. If you sign up the 12-month plan, you get 50% off discount. It will cost $71.88 USD for one year and take $5.99 USD per month. If you choose to be billed every two years, you get SurfShark 83% off coupon code; It is only $47.76 USD for two years and $1.99 USD per month. During this promotion, you can save up to $239.04 USD. Never miss out this big discount and remember to redeem SurfShark coupon during the payment. The provider offers a money back guarantee on all plans which is valid for a full 30 days from the day your subscription plan commences. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within the valid period of time. One useful thing of SurfShark pricing page is it offers options to change currency in six countries and regions. If you are not using the US currency, simply select your own currency and you don’t have to use currency calculator to know how much it costs in your money.

How to Use SurfShark Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount Code?

Some users may not notice there is verified coupon code to help you save money. If you read this article, follow our guide to get discount coupon.
1. Visit VPN provider from here. Copy coupon code on the redirecting page.
2. Click on “Get SurfShark” button and you will be taken to the pricing page.
3. Choose a plan you need. Below the pricing table, you will see a blank for coupon code.
4. Paste the coupon code you copied and hit “Enter” to redeem coupon(Normally the code has been added to checkout).
5. Create your account with a valid email address.
6. Select a payment method and click on “Continue to pay.”
7. Finish the payment with your required information.

There you go. You apply deal and save big successfully.

Attractive Features

Before determining to purchase a VPN, you surely need to learn about its features to know if it is worth the money. The detailed features will allow you to make use of this VPN thoroughly. So, keeping reading for more information.

Diamond-Strong Encryption

As an advanced Internet security tool, Surfshark uses AES-256 bit military grade encryption to encrypt your traffic and prevents unauthorized access to your private data. It implements AES 256-GCM and SHA-512 encryption, using very secure and unbreakable cipher. As AES-256-GCM has a built-in authentication, it makes encryption process faster than AES-256-CBC does. This technology is used by the U.S military and a number of other superpowers due to the high encryption and fast speed. This solid encryption enables users to conduct important activities online freely without worrying about information leak or cyberattack.

Likewise, Surfshark combines advanced protocols with the high encryption. It is a pity that it only has two protocols. We expect that the provider will support more protocols. Now, it supports OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols. Among them, OpenVPN should be your first choice because it is the industry gold standard. This protocol offers high speeds combined with robust security measures. IKEv2 is another available option for security enhancement. If your device does not support OpenVPN, you can download a third party client from app store or use IKEv2 protocol instead. When you are protected by this VPN, hackers can’t steal your confidential information by intercepting your session. Snoopers only see encrypted contents and can’t decode without the AES 256-bit encryption key.

Worldwide Network

Surfshark owns server-expanding server network to ensure users can browse websites at super-fast speed without Internet restriction. Its 1000+ online servers are spread in 60 countries around the world, covering the critical spots, such as the United States, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. There is no limit on server switching. The provider achieves strong performance and fast speeds by implementing the AES 256-GCM with separate authentication encryption type. All the encrypted servers come with high uptime. When we tested the VPN, we didn’t find VPN drop or overloaded server. VPN servers are very important for users who need to access blocked content. When your local server does not support the websites or services you would like to access, you need remote servers to mask your location and connection to unblock content. The worldwide servers also let you become untrackable. Your data will be sent to the VPN server first and then to the web server. The connection between your device and the server is encrypted, so others won’t what you do out there. Surfshark VPN’s global network makes it possible to use the Internet via fast & secure connection as well as maintain private.

Fast Speed

Speed is an important factor when selecting a VPN. If you are looking for a fast VPN, Surfshark VPN is the right choice. It combines advanced encryption technology with outstanding 1000+ online servers across 60 countries to allow you to conduct many activities including torrenting, streaming, gaming, and browsing, with the best possible connection. It spoofs your location and encrypts your traffic, so you can become anonymous and fight against throttling imposed by your ISP. The provider supports unlimited bandwidth. In this way, Surfshark enables you to enjoy seamless and smooth experience even when streaming content in HD or playing some of the more bandwidth-demanding online games. Have fun with your movies or video games without buffer at cheaper price with Surfshark coupon code.

P2P is Allowed

According to the provider, they don’t discriminate against P2P traffic. P2P may be restrained in your country because it gets involved in copyright issue. In some countries, the ISPs even monitor P2P traffic and punish those users. It is important to note that P2P file sharing originally is legal while downloading copyrighted content is not allowed in some countries. You are suggested to use VPN to hide your online identity for regular P2P files sharing. The ISP doesn’t know you are doing P2P sharing and other users can’t view your real IP address. You will be able to download safely and privately with Surfshark VPN.

High Privacy Protection

Most users feel uncomfortable after they realize that the ISPs can see everything they do online. What’s worse, the government makes it legal for ISPs to see users’ browsing histories to third parties without permission. In those days, users try to find out a way to take back their privacy. Surfshark VPN is one of the most popular tools to reclaim privacy. The provider has IP addresses in 50 countries and regions. They offer multiple IP addresses in some countries for you to choose from. One of the provided IP addresses will replace your own IP address and will be shown public. As the VPN provider system are forced to request a connection outside the VPN which is handled by the ISP, the provider offer IPv6 leak protection to avoid any chance of private information leak. Surfshark also offers their dedicated DNS network as well as built-in DNS. No third party gets involved to threaten your privacy. This VPN is armed with WebRTC protection. This feature helps in avoiding vulnerabilities when playing online games or sharing files directly. You are allowed to sign up with Crypto currency. No related information of your identity is required.

Besides, Surfshark implements a strict no-logging policy to guarantee your privacy is highly protected. The provider states on its website that they do not record or store your connection and usage data. They are not forced to collect users’ data as this company is registered in the British Virgin Islands. In other words, you are completely protected against both third party’s prying eyes and the VPN company itself as well.

Overcome Geo-Restriction

Your favorite websites or services may be blocked or restricted after moving to another country. The geolocation censorship stops users from a certain country or region accessing blocked content. If you are bothered by government censorship or web server blocking, let Surfshark assists you to fix the issues. This VPN stands out for the ability of unblocking many primary services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It lets you access and unlock restricted websites with less effort on side by masking your IP address, rerouting your traffic across remote servers and encrypting your connections to the Internet. When you are in mainland China, you can connect to server in Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore so that you can bypass the Great Firewall of China and unblock Google, WhatsApp and more blocked websites. Those servers are suggested because they are close to the mainland China, so you can have superfast speed connection. Of course, you can connect to servers in the US where there is less Internet restriction and you can unblock US-only websites at the same time. Redeem Surfshark VPN coupon code to overcome geo-restriction and get Internet freedom now.

Unlimited Devices

It is common that one user has multiple devices. You may own several cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Do you need many VPN accounts to protect all of your devices? No. Surfshark supports unlimited devices with one account. Many other VPN providers only allow three to five simultaneous connections. With this VPN, you can cover as many devices as you have. This provider offers VPN clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You also are allowed to install its browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. They have a router app as well, allowing you to protect your entire home network. Surfshark is now available on your Fire TV devices. Find our new app via your TV search, and start watching your favorite shows securely, privately, and with no restrictions. The clients are pretty straightforward and save many unnecessary menus and buttons. You can see provided server locations in drop-down list. The connect/disconnect button is on the top of server location list. If you need settings menu, it’s on the top left corner which looks like a hamburger. If you have problem in using the service, contact them via live chat or email. You will get instant support. In addition, installation instructions, FAQ articles and practical technical information texts can be found on their websites. A pretty impressive collection of step-by-step manual configuration guides is available. Therefore, don’t be upset if you are not good at computer or technology. Surfshark VPN provider will take care of everything for you.


As we mentioned, Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands. It’s a British Overseas Territory, but it is not subject to British laws. Besides, it doesn’t have any data retention laws that may threaten users’ anonymity and online security. It has no shady intelligence-sharing agreements either. The provider takes your privacy serious and has no obligation to help government monitor online users’ activities. This jurisdiction is a paradise for privacy protection.

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(Conclusion of Surfshark Coupon Code and 83% Off Discount)

Surfshark is an affordable VPN which comes with high performance, effective network and strong encryption. The provider combines particular separate authentication encryption type with smart servers to provide the best connection and help you access as many restricted/blocked websites as possible. As it unblocks Netflix and supports Torrenting, you will always be able to connect and stream HD content on all platforms without facing any issues. It provides great information leak protection and friendly privacy policy. The VPN company also located in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction where there are no data retention laws in the BVI and the territory does not belong to the 5-eyes or 14-eyes country groups. Surfshark covers your privacy at many aspects. It is compatible with all major systems and allows unlimited simultaneous connections. They now have apps for Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and also work in China. They released more features such as Smart DNS, Localized our apps and pages to different languages. The 24/7 live chat for support is very useful in case you run into a problem. The provider has confidence in their product, so they offer 30-day money-back guarantee. At this time, SurfShark is running jaw-dropping discount with 83% off SurfShark coupon code, the price is down to only $1.99 USD per month. Get deal with our verified coupon code, or you will regret it. Why not try it for fast content delivery and control you online freedom on any of your devices as Surfshark supports unlimited devices? Secure your digital life for only $0.07 a day! Grab this irresistible VPN deal now.

Surfshark Black Friday Special Deal

Surfshark is currently offering a jaw-dropping VPN deal: customers can get the VPN solution for only $1.99 per months and get 3 months for free.
The offer runs until November 30, 2019.

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