Computer blocked by the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus screen? Where can I get the unlock code? Is this pop up message really distributed by the SOCA virus scam or PCeU ransomware/ malware? Why are you being accused of doing some illegal activities on the Internet while you haven’t done any? Is it still legit and trusted? Do people need to pay the requested £100 fine to get PCs unlocked? What will happen if the time has passed and the payment isn’t entered? Can people be facing more illegal troubles later on? What other options do we have to unlock PCs from this Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) message?

Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus Blocked PC – How to Unlock PC From SOCA Virus Locked Screen?

Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus (also known as SOCA Virus) is another member of Ransomware coming from the PCeU virus group. This latest version of Ukash scam virus also targets specifically at PC users from the United Kingdom. Computer users who have Windows OS on their computers are the major targets of this virus. By locking up your computer and accusing you of violating Copyrighted and related laws online, it’s trying to get as many PC users to pay £100 fine to unlock PCs from the SOCA virus screen as possible. For most average computer users who have gotten this virus block page, they do not have the abilities to verify this pop up message and will rush to pay hoping to get their PCs unlocked as well as to get themselves out of any possible illegal troubles. However, no matter how legit this SOCA warning message looks, it’s 100% a scam virus sponsored by computer hackers to extort money from innocent PC users around UK and probably some other areas from Europe. As a matter of fact, all the scam viruses are playing similar tricks to scam innocent PC users. People shouldn’t believe a word this Serious Organised Crime Agency Ukash virus says since it’s just trying to blackmail you via threatening messages.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus (SOCA virus) can also be known as the nasty Police Central e-crime Unit virus (PCeU virus) which will display a threatening message on users’ computers and block them from accessing their computers. As soon as accessing a contaminated system successfully, SOCA virus resets the default setting of the septic system and when computer users do a restart, the virus blocks the entire screen before they get desktop. The SOCA Ukash virus claims itself as an authority and charges computer users of violated activities online and then intimidates the victims to pay a fine or their computer will be blocked totally. Innocent Internet users should be aware that the block page comes from Cybercriminals, instead of valid police or other associations. Accordingly, the fee is fabricated by the cunning virus and please don’t be fooled by it. Virus removal of Ukash virus is required for the victims before more destruction.

Through studies, we’ve found that most antivirus applications have failed to prevent such virus attack. There are reasons for that to happen. For one, this cyber scam thing is created by cyber criminals who are also qualified with certain levels of computer knowledge and skills. They know how a system or software operates exactly. For another, this virus is distributed on the Internet among malicious resources including hacked or fishy sites and links, spam attachments and freeware. By using the technique of bundling, it can get its program to install on a computer without permission from the owner. When the infection is done, the Serious Organised Crime Agency scam virus will pop up on the screens of the computers and block users from accessing the systems following by all the continuous consequences.

You will get a pop up of this Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus (SOCA virus) screen all of a sudden when it’s compromised your computer. PCeU, SOCA and Metropolitan British Police will be shown at top of the blocking screen as well as the information of your PC, location and user name trying to convince you that this warning message is legit. Then you will read that you are accused of violating some copyrighted laws on the Internet by watching or distributing child porn or other banned pornography. Specific articles will also be listed in the following. Now some may wonder, will the police lock up my computer if I did watch porn online? Apparently, this scam message is especially threatened to those who have actually done the activities listed on the warning. However, most people, on the other hand, haven’t done any of these activities and yet their PCs still get blocked by the same message. We have also found that all the Ukash scams from this PCeU virus accuse you with similar or exact same reasons. Hence, the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus is not trusted either.

To unlock your computer from the SOCA block page, a fine of £100 will be required to enter via Ukash or PaySafeCard vouchers within the next 48 hours according to this Serious Organised Crime Agency scam (SOCA virus). If the time has expired and you still haven’t entered the payment, further criminal cases will be automatically started against you. Obviously, this virus tries all it can to convince you that it’s legit and to make you enter the payment so that it can help cyber criminals benefit. Computers will still be blocked after 48 hours. Same situation will be experienced even after 24 hours of payment which is the promised time of auto unlock. Hence, we can see that computers will remain being blocked whether you have entered the fine or not.

To safely unlock PC from this Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus, Live Chat with YooSecurity Expert Now. You can follow the manual removal guide below to get your problem fixed. (For advanced computer users)

Screen Shot of Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Ukash Scam Virus


When getting blocked by the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus (SOCA virus), you will get a full screen of the above warning message. It seems that this blocking message is a joint effort among many authorities including Interpol, PCeU, SOCA, Metropolitan British Police, Copyright Alliance (CA), Cyber Crime Investigations and Cyber Crime Unit. By providing the actual information about your computer including the IP address and OS, your physical location and user name, this Ukash scam virus is trying to convince you that it’s legit by all means so that it can get you to pay the requested £100 fine via Ukash or PaySafeCard in the end. This payment, instead of getting your PC unlocked, will actually help cyber criminals benefit. One should realize that paying the fine won’t help unlock PC from this Serious Organised Crime Agency Ukash scam virus (SOCA virus) no matter how urgent the payment time is left.

Other Versions of PCeU (Police Central e-crime Unit) Ransomware

The Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus is believed to be the latest version of Ransomware from this PCeU (Police Central e-crime Unit) group. Let’s take a look at some other members from the same family:

PCeU – Your Computer Has Been Locked Ukash Scam Virus


PCeU – Cheshire Police Authority Ukash Virus


Manual Guide to Unlock PC from SOCA Ukash Scam Virus

Computers will be totally blocked by this Serious Organised Crime Agency message (SOCA virus) when being attacked. Users won’t be able to access the systems to run system checks or change settings. Hence, to unlock PC from this block screen, a manual removal process is suggested here as it can guarantee a complete removal. Expertise will be required during the manual removal process due to the changeable character of this virus. Files can be named differently in the system causing difficulties to follow the removal instructions. Make sure you define the virus files before deleting them:

Step A: Restart computer in Safe Mode with Networking to temporarily unlock PC from the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus first. To do this, just need to press F8 key constantly before the system is started regularly (For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7); To boot Windows 8 in safe mode with networking, click here to learn more:

safe mode with networking

Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of SOCA virus. Because the names will be changed fast, it will be shown with different names.

Windows Task Manager

Step C: Delete all the files related to Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus.


Step D: Delete registry entries of SOCA Ukash virus created in computer system.

HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Regedit32
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “”rnd
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegistry”

Similar Video Guide to Remove SOCA Virus Ukash Scam

You can also watch the video guide below on how to remove SOCA Virus step by step.


The Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus  (SOCA virus) can be treated as another version of the PCeU virus which attacks PC users mostly from the United Kingdom. However, being able to distribute online via many resources, it can also show up on computer screens from outside of the country like France, Belgium, Italy and some other European countries as well. Computer users will find themselves being accused of violating copyrighted laws because of some activities they have done on the Internet by this SOCA virus pop up message. These activities are often quite similar including watching pornography (child porn) or distributing banned contents. When illegal issues are involved, PC users are more willing to pay the requested £100 fine because they are convinced that the SOCA lock is legit. According to the blocking message, further criminal cases will be automatically started against you if you have failed to enter the payment within the limited time period. And the chances for you to unlock PC will expire. But whether you pay or not, computers will remain being blocked all the time. Circumstances when computers are unlocked after the payment exist. However, that doesn’t mean the virus is gone from your computers. It’s still living inside waiting for a second chance to pop up and scam you all over again with similar reasons and even higher rates of fines. You will never get rid of this block until the virus is completely removed from the computers. Unlock computer from the pop up SOCA virus page manually from the above instructions as quickly as possible!

Special tips: Have spent hours trying to unlock computer from this Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus with no success? Please contact online PC experts now to achieve a complete removal of this unwanted SOCA virus Ukash scam.

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