These days, I’m suffering from an annoying problem on my computer. I have a Windows 7 computer with i5 CPU and GTX 750ti graphic card. When I play games on my computer, my computer gets stuck randomly. I don’t know why. I have tried to search information about fixing it on line but I can’t find any solution for my case. What should I do now? Please help.

How to Optimize Gaming Experience?

Nowadays, there are plenty of big and interesting games created by many companies. Those games requires good hardware configuration so that computer users can get amazing gaming experience on them. If you want to play those popular but large games, you need to check if your current set up is capable to run them smoothly as it is the precondition for us to continue to optimize your machine. If your machine hardware environment is too outdated, you need to consider if you need to update your hardware as it is the only choice for your machine to launch the chosen games. If your machine is able to run the games but want to get a better experience, except checking your hardware, you need examine some software factors as they can also slow down your computer.

If your hardware is quite good for gaming but keeps getting stuck problem while playing, you need to check if there is something wrong with your game settings. It depends on your display and your graphic card. Try to change the settings to get the best balance between game quality and performance. Also, you need to check if your graphic card drives. Old drivers may not be suitable for all games. Go to the homepage of the producer of your graphic card and download the latest version drivers to your machine, it can help you solve some known bugs for your graphic card.

In addition, you need to open your task manager to check if you have any unrecognized processes running on the background. Recently, many viruses are forged to be complicated processes hiding on the system. Those viruses can waste a large part of CPU resources so that people will take a long time to boot up their machines or run programs. If your RAM is only 2G or 4G, we don’t suggest you run too many other programs while you are playing games as those programs can occupy many system resource as well, which can make your game runs slowly. Keep a reliable anti-virus program on your system can help you against many virus attacks.


If you are not satisfied with your gaming performance on your machine, you need to check your hardware configuration first. Some big games require high configuration. If you are not able to run the chosen games on your machine in the lowest quality, you need to update your hardware first so that you can run those games. Also, you can try to optimize your system to get a better gaming experience. Don’t keep any potentially unwanted programs on your machine as they can waste your system resources. If your drivers of the graphic card are old, please install the latest version of drivers on your system so that you can get a better performance on gaming.
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