I have tried all of the solutions on the games website about fixing FPS, the FPS suddenly drops from 127 or so to 12 and so I can’t play. I don’t know what to do now. I have an I5 4590 CPU and a GTX 650ti graphic card in my machine. It used to work fine several days ago. I cannot play any game on my computer now. How can I solve this problem? Please help!

How to Improve FPS in Games?

FPS, which is short for frames per second, it is a dynamic parameter showing in games. The higher you get on this FPS score, the better performance you can have in games. This FPS score is based on your hardware configuration. If you have advanced hardware in your computer, you will be able to play large games smoothly with high FPS. Also, there are some other reasons from software part can affect the FPS score in gaming. If you want to improve your FPS in games, the first thing that needs to be considered is your hardware environment. If you cannot even run the game on your machine, you need to update your current set up as it is the precondition to optimize your game performance.

Except the hardware, people can check something about their systems to improve the FPS in games. The first thing you can check is the drivers of your graphic card. Running old drivers is not a wise idea as there may have some bugs. Try to update the drivers to the latest versions can help you get a better performance as they can fix the known problems for you. Also, inappropriate game settings can slow down the performance as well. Different machines have different configuration, under this case, people need to check the game settings and adjust them to get the best balance between quality and performance.

Large games require a lot of system resources while running, if you have too many other processes running on the background, your CPU and RAM can be fully occupied by them. The game will be distributed less system resources in this case, no wonder that the slowness can happen in games. Also, people can make a full scan on their hard drives to see if the systems are infected with any kind of computer virus. Virus cannot only make damages to the entire systems, it can also consume a large part of CPU usage on the infected computer to slow down the gaming performance.


In order to improve the FPS in your games, you need to check if your hardware configuration is capable to run the games in the best quality. If not, you can try to reduce to picture quality and resolution to get a higher FPS score. For those people who cannot run the games on their machines, they need to update their hardware first so that they can experience the chosen games smoothly. Keep a good online habit to avoid any virus attack from the web can also help you get a clean system to get better performance in gaming.
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