Hi, there, I think there is something with my computer. Every time I run Overwatch on my machine, I have to wait a long time to get it loaded. It used to work fine before. I don’t know why as my computer knowledge is a little short. I can clearly hear that the fan makes noise loudly when I run the game. Is my computer broken? How do I solve this problem? Any suggestion?

How to Improve Game Performance?

Games like Overwatch and LOL require a better hardware environment on your machine so that you can play them smoothly. If your system cannot even run those games in the lowest quality and keep getting black screen without sound and pictures, you need to consider that you may have to update your hardware as this is the only way to solve this problem. For those people who have good hardware configuration on their machines, if they encounter slow performance on gaming and get errors during the play, they can check about the software part on their machines. Except the hardware, there are some software factors can slow down the performance of the computers which can prevent users to get a good experience in games.

If your computer performs slowly and gets a lot of errors during the use in a short time, you need to use your anti-virus program to make a full scan of your system as your machine may be infected with some malicious viruses. Viruses can be activated automatically once you boot up your system. You cannot notice it as it can be hidden on the background. Viruses can consume a large part of CPU usage which can make the computer slower and slower. Under this case, when people run games on their computers, systems cannot distribute more CPU and RAM resources on them, therefore, the slowness occurs.

Also, people who get the game issues on their systems can check about their programs lists from the control panel. Too many unwanted programs can slow down the gaming performance as well. Nowadays, when you install a program to your computer, you can easily notice that there are some other programs can be installed in the mean while. Those unwanted programs are bundled and can be activated on the background without your approval. Try to uninstall those never used programs from your system, you can free up more RAM to play games.


There are many reasons can slow down your game experience. To make sure you can optimize your system for gaming, the very first thing is to check your hardware configuration. If the hardware is too outdated, you can do nothing to tune up your system as it can be in vain. You need to update your hardware so that you can be able to run the games you want to play. Except the hardware part, there are some other reasons can cause the slowness and frame drops in games. If you keep encountering problems during the use of your machine, you can check your system from many aspects. Don’t keep any virus on your machine, they can make chaos to your entire system. Uninstall those potentially unwanted programs to get more system resources so that you can get a better performance in games.
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