Hi, there. I think I’m facing some problem on my computer. I like to play LOL on my machine and it works fine. But recently, I keep getting frame drops during the play. I don’t know why. My computer is built by myself. I have an i5 CPU and 4G RAM, the graphic card is a GTX 660 Ti. That’s all I know. I was told that this hardware configuration can play LOL smoothly. How can I fix this annoying problem? Please help!

How to Deal With Frame Drops in Games?

Nowadays, LOL becomes a really popular game all over the world. Many PC users like to play this game on their computers to relax them from hard work. However, as a newly designed game, it requires a good hardware configuration on your machine. In order to play it on your machine, you need to check your current set up first. If your hardware is outdated, the only way to run this game on your computer is that you need to update your hardware. Also, if your machine is capable to play this game but gets frame drops, you can try to reduce the picture resolution to a lower lever, so that you can have a better performance on playing.

For those people who have good hardware on their machines but still get frame drops problems while playing games, they need to consider if there is something wrong with their software as some factors on the systems can cause this problem as well. The first thing that can cause this problem is virus. As we all know, there are many kinds of computer viruses existed on the Internet and cyber hackers still invent new malware to attack innocent computer users. If your machine is infected with virus, your system can be completely messed up by it. In that case, your system can encounter many unwanted problems during the use.

Except virus can slow down your gaming performance, if you have too many potentially unwanted programs installed on your system, your gaming experience will not be pleasant either. Those unwanted programs can come to your system when you install the needed software as they can be bundled with those legit programs. Once they are installed, they can waste your precious system resources. For those people who only have 2G or 4G RAM on their system, they will take a longer time to run games as the system resources are occupied by those junk programs greatly.


If you get the frame drops problem on your machine, the first thing is to check your hardware configuration as it is the main reason which can cause this problem. If your hardware is not too outdated, you can make a full scan on your system by using your anti-virus program. Virus can make chaos to your system and slow down the performance of your machine remarkably. Also, you can check your system to see if there are some programs which you have never used before. Free up your CPU and RAM, so that you can get a better performance on gaming.
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