My system is facing something wrong. Every time I run LOL on my machine, I can clearly feel that my computer runs as a snail. It takes a long long time to load the game. Also, while I am playing, I notice that the FPS can drop from 132 to 20 or so. I can’t play the game on my machine anymore. It never happens before. What should I do? Any good idea?

How to Fix Game from Getting Stuck?

If you are a game player, you will always want to get the best performance on gaming. However, many big and exciting games require good hardware configuration. For those advanced hardware, they are really expensive and it is hard for people to follow as the development of hardware can be really fast. Also, those big games are not only designed for the people who have the best hardware on their machines. If people want to optimize their systems for a better gaming performance, the precondition is to check their current set up. If your computer cannot be able to run the chosen games in the lowest quality smoothly, the only way to solve the stuck problem is to update your hardware.

Except the hardware issue, there are many other software factors can cause the stuck problem when you play games on your machine. Usually, there are some important system processes running on the background. But those processes don’t consume too much system resources. However, some potentially unwanted programs can be activated on the background which can waste a large part of CPU usage. People can open the task manager and check if there are some unrecognized processes. We don’t suggest people run too many programs when play games as the system will distribute less system resources to games.

Also, you need to make a full scan of your hard drives to check if your system is infected with any kind of computer virus. Nowadays, cyber hackers can forge viruses with different kinds of covers. Virus can make chaos to the entire systems and slow down the performance of the infected computer greatly. If your machine is attacked by virus, you will get many unwanted problems and troubles during the games. In addition, if you have old version of drivers of your graphic card on your machine, please update the drivers to the latest ones as they can help you fix the known bugs and improve the performance of your card.


When you get stuck problem in game playing, you need to check your hardware configuration first as it is the main reason that can cause that annoying problem. If your hardware is capable to play the chosen games easily, you may consider if there is anything wrong with your system. Be cautious about any virus attack as it can make damages to your system and waste your precious system resources. If your RAM is limited, please do not run too many programs at the same time. Don’t expect that a low hardware configuration can run the games in the highest quality. You can adjust the game settings and find the best balance between performance and quality by your own.
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