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VPNArea is a world leading VPN service provider, which is based in bulgaria. Its parent company is Offshore Security EOOD, an Offshore company. They have deployed 230+ servers in 70 countries around the world, mainly serving the European and American populations. VPNArea describes itself as a “small but beautiful” company that focuses on improving service quality, rather than attracting users with low prices, and strives to ensure that VPN services are of high quality.

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VPNArea also provides other plans with different pricing, but its 50% off 12-months plan is the most popular deal chose by most people. Here below we list all plans and pricing helping you to compare and make up a wise decision. Don’t miss out on the great deal now!

♦ 1-Month Plan $9.90/Month ($9.90 billed every 1 month SAVE 0%)
♦ 1-YEAR Plan $4.92/Month ($118.80 $59.00 billed every 12 months SAVE 50% MOST POPULAR)
♦ 36-Month Plan $2.99/Month ($356.40 $107.64 billed every 36 months SAVE 70% BEST VALUE)

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All plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee and no recurring billing. If you’re not happy with the VPNArea service, you can ask for a refund from VPNArea support team with no hassle. Whatever plans you choose, you can still enjoy the same awesome features including unlimited bandwidth, fast VPN servers in 70 countries, connect 6 devices, ad blocking, no-log policy, account sharing, double VPN, Stunnel, Torrents, P2P, Bitcoin payment method, 24/7 support. Therefore, 50% + extra 15% OFF VPNArea coupon code for 1-year plan is definitely worth!

Appealing Features and Performance of VPNArea

Why VPNArea is joined by thousands of members? Why 90% Netizens sign up with 12-month plan? Features and highlights of VPNArea that really set VPNArea apart and outclass the competition on the chart below:

  • Change IP to 69 countries: Unlimited access to VPNArea’s Big and Fast VPN network. Never oversold. High speed optimized.
  • Connect 6 devices: allows 6 devices like PCs, Phones to simultaneously connect to the services or share your account with your friends, family or colleagues.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Don’t worry about your data consumption, there are no limits.
  • Speed Test: Test Ping and Download speed to find out the fastest server for you.
  • P2P Allowed: You can download P2P content even on VPNArea servers in almost all countries, even in USA/Canada
  • Special Streaming servers: Unlock your favorite content from abroad with specially designed streaming servers (named NFLX)
  • No Logs DNS servers: Your DNS requests turning domain like google.com into IP are not logged thanks to our own DNS servers
  • Devices Supported: VPNArea provides software and apps working well with all version of Windows, MACOS, Android, iOS, Linux and routers. You can get setup instructions from VPNArea support team.

  • Double VPN servers: We have Double VPN servers where your connection will go not through one but through 2 VPN servers of ours.
  • Stealth VPN / Stunnel: Are you in China or UAE? VPNArea’s obfuscation option will mask your internet traffic to look like regular https:// (SSL) traffic with the help of Stunnel.
  • Killswitch System: Killswitch (if enabled) will protect your IP in case of VPN disconnection.
  • ‘Server Load’ Monitor: With our software you can see how busy a server is before you connect to it.
  • Ad Blocking: Block Ads and stop your ISP from seeing what addresses you visit with our DNS servers.
  • No IPv6 & WebRTC & DNS leaks: WebRTC & IPv6 & DNS could leak your real IP address despite having a VPN. Not with VPNArea software.

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Why You should Go with VPNArea?

Keep Online Security and Privacy

Nowadays, more and more netizens pay more attention to online security and privacy. We now rely on the internet to complete huge works and deals. For example, we watch movies, TV shows, communicate and social with different people on the internet. We usually purchase goods produces on the internet with our credit card, PayPal, online banking and other payment methods. in the aspect of work, we need to negotiate with the business partners abroad by video meeting. All activities conducting on the internet are actually so not so secured if you don’t use a VPN tool to protect. Your personal sensitive data and information may be leaked out or stolen by hackers and snoopers. However, everybody online doesn’t expect their privacy is exposed to data retention practices. Different people in different industries including journalist, traveler, doctor, government employee, security enforcer, political activist, politician, lawyer, corporates, banker, investor rely more on privacy and security online. VPNArea is the great choice to protect your online privacy and security. To get 15% OFF VPNArea coupon code is to start protecting your online privacy and security!

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VPN like VPNArea is a service that provides you a secured and encrypted tunnel over your internet between your devices and a server run by a VPN provider like VPNArea supplier. With this VPN tunnel, all your data going through btween your computer, phone or table and the VPN server is securely encrypted. Normally, when you connect to the internet you first connect to your internet service provider, and then it redirects you to any websites you want to visit. All your internet traffic passes through your internet service provider’s servers first and easily viewed and collected by your internet service provider. However, if you’re using a VPN like VPNArea while surfing online, all your data is traveling through the VPNArea secure and encrypted tunnel. VPN also prevents the government and hackers from accessing your data and information. Government sometimes has the right to collect online user’s online activities like browsing history and metadata. Snoopers and hacker may intrude into your network to monitor and steal your important information when you’re using the public network like free wifi hotspot in cafe, airport, library, supermarket and more. You’re suggested not to hesitate! Try extra 15% OFF VPNArea coupon code to enjoy excellent features and performance of VPNArea!

Powerful Security Measure Applied to VPNArea

VPNArea combines different high technology features including No Logs policy, 256-AES encryption, Double VPN, Kill Switch, Stealth VPN, Ad blocking and more to strengthen its ability to safeguard users’ online security and privacy.

1. Zero-log policy

VPNArea carries out zero-log policy which will not collect consumers’ personal data and information. VPNArea is located in Switzerland in terms of hosting, the company Offshore Security EOOD is registered in eastern Europe in the Republic of Bulgaria. VPNArea servers are scattered all over the world. VPNarea has strict no-logs policy. That means VPNArea will not fall under the data-retention laws in the country where the company is registered. VPNArea will never collect your online activities and logs your browsing history. And illegal activity, spamming, hacking or any sort of fraud schemes and scams or copyright infringement or illegal pornography will be blocked. With VPNArea, you can enjoy VPNArea no-log police freely.

2. Bank-Grade Encryption 256-AES Encryption

VPNarea applies bank-grade encryption 256-AES encryption which is primary used by most leading VPN service also. This encryption method is also used by the US government and homeland security to store confidential and high secret files and so on. you rest assured that all your data passing through VPNArea servers is completely and securely encrypted. No one can access your data.Sign up with 50% OFF VPNArea coupon code, you will freely make payment for your online shopping without hacking.

3. Double VPN

Double VPN, also known as a process of chaining VPN servers, is a technology solution that allows hiding your online activity behind several servers via a VPN tunnel. As a matter of fact, the working principle is rather simple: you connect to the first VPN server, which in turn redirects all the traffic to another server, from which the online traffic reaches the final destination. In general, double encryption may not be necessary if you only want a secure access to censored content, streaming websites or specific media platforms. 50% OFF VPNArea coupon code not only saves your money, but have your online activities double encryption.

4. Kill Switch

Kill Switch is an advanced VPN feature that prevents you from accessing an unprotected Internet connection when your online traffic is not forwarded through VPN. The primary purpose of it is to protect your online activity and IP address from being suddenly exposed in case of a dropped connection from a VPN server. In other words, an enabled Kill Switch constantly monitors your connection for any changes in status or IP address. If it notices such a change (for example, your VPN connection fails), it will instantly stop your device or terminate the specified apps from connecting the Internet until the VPN connection is restored or you have closed the VPN app. Since you know well above the tech from VPNArea, just go ahead to get 50% OFF VPNArea coupon code to try powerful kill switch!

5. Stealth VPN

A ‘Stealth VPN’ is simply a VPN server or protocol that is able to disguise VPN traffic as regular web traffic, even when subjected to deep packet inspection by your network administrator or firewall. Stealth VPN can either be implemented on a server or protocol. When you use a Stealth VPN protocol or server, your VPN usage cannot be detected by firewalls or applications that want to block VPN traffic. ‘Stealth’ VPN technology scrambles or disguises your VPN traffic, making it unidentifiable as VPN traffic, or disguising it as regular TLS encrypted web traffic. Using a VPN service with obfuscation or ‘stealth’ technology allows your VPN connection to rewrite or obscure the packet headers, so it’s unrecognizable. Try your 50% OFF VPNArea coupon code now, then experience Stealth VPN of VPNArea now!

How to Choose a Strong and Reliable VPN?

1. Privacy

The first thing you need to check is that if the VPN provider you choose would collect personal sensitive information and online activities. that is the important no-logs or Zero-logs policy. If the providers promise not collect your online data and online activities, then it will be safe to contract with them. In order to pick the best VPN service provider, traffic logs should play a big role in your decision. The reason you are thinking of using a VPN in the first place is to ensure that no one collects your data or makes it their business to tamper with your business. We recommend looking for providers that don’t collect or share your personal information at all, so take time to check their privacy policy.

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2. Price

There are some free services on the internet, but you should avoid free service as the VPN service may be as stable and fast as the paid one. What’s worse, your personal data and information may be collected by the provider. It is actually not secure. You should look for a paid service that suits your budget.

3. Money-back guarantee and free trial policy

When you’re looking for the paid service, you should check if there is some money-back guarantee or free trial. Some VPN providers offer 30-day money-back guarantee like Express VPN, some 7-day money-back, but most certified and reliable VPN service doesn’t offer free trial. But actually if it has money-back guarantee, you can still can have enough time to test all features and performance of the VPN you need. If you’re not happy with the service, you can ask for a refund. it will depend on details of money-back guarantee regulated by the VPN provider if you can get a full refund. therefore, you need to read carefully the money-back guarantee.

4. Speed Test

VPN providers sometimes publish their connection speeds, but the best way to avoid a slow service is to sign up for a trial and run a connection speed test before and after enabling. If it provides high number of servers available worldwide, it will help you access any websites and stream online content with ultra-fast speed. Especially the VPN you choose is to use for streaming service like movies and music stream. With huge number of servers, you will be more likely to use a server that is physically closer to you and not filled with other users all trying to use the same VPN bandwidth

5. Servers and Locations

You may prefer VPNs hosted in certain countries for accessing location-specific content, so check their website to see where their servers are. In many cases you’ll be able to choose which country server to connect to.

6. Bandwidth and Server Switching

Usually the reliable and strong VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, no download limit, no servers switching.

7. Connections Protocol

When you’re researching VPN providers, you’ll see terms such as SSL/TLS (sometimes referred to as OpenVPN support,) PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and other VPN types. All of these protocols will provide a secure connection. Some communication protocols are more secure than others, and some VPN providers may not necessarily use the same protocols. You want to choose a provider that uses OpenVPN to connect all of your devices. It is considered one of the most secure.

8. Supported Device

You need to check if the VPN you want to select offer apps and software to support different popular system like Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux and extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

9. Simultaneous connection

It’s important to select the VPN provider that offers multiple protocols with many simultaneous connections on multiple devices. And you should check if you can connect multiple devices with one account or not. Anyway, by comparing and you can choose the most suitable VPN provider according to your meets.

10. Corporate and Exit Locations

Under what jurisdictions VPN service operates and what requirements it has for collecting data. Your service’s location and the “exit locations” you can choose that identify the country you’re browsing from are key considerations. If you want to watch the BBC iPlayer service, for example, your VPN service provider will need servers in the UK. If you’re concerned about privacy or state-sponsored snooping, you may want to pick a service operated outside of your home country. It’s important to make sure a VPN has servers in multiple locations — or at least the location you’re interested in — when shopping.

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VPNArea is now offering a 50% off VPNArea coupon code for a-year plan which will save up to 50% on your budget. If you sign up with this yearly plan, the monthly price will be down to $4.92/month. VPNArea is a privacy-focused provider registered in Bulgaria and hosted in Switzerland. It adds several appealing and strong security features including strict no-logs policy, 256-bit AES encryption, double VPN, Kill Switch, Stealth VPN, DNS leak detection and Ad blocking. In addition to security measures, VPNArea also possesses other awesome features like dedicated IP address with private server add-on.in a word, VPNarea encrypts your internet traffic with unbreakable bank-grade encryption, double VPN, Stealth VPN, Kill Switch to keep your privacy and security completely even though you’re working under a public network in café. Right now you just try your 50% OFF VPNArea coupon code, you can soon immediately experience powerful, secure, fast and anonymous VPNArea! You’ll no longer be a Victim to restrictions imposed by web sites, streaming platforms, internet supplier, company/government firewalls. No more content hiding, speed throttling, favorite web sites blocking and censorship. Your online activity, real IP address and location will be hidden by VPNArea. Your ISP, government, university or other third parties will no be able to spy on you. To get a VPNArea is to keep all your data and information secure and private on the internet. it is easy to browse anonymously on the internet. 50% + extra 15% off VPNArea coupon code is pretty deserved. All you should do is just click all buttons or get this deal button below, everything will be done for you! Next you can enjoy complete privacy and secure on the internet.

NOTE: Don’t miss out on this limited time offer with 70% discount + extra 15% off VPNArea coupon code (Total costs $50.15/yr and only $4.18/mo on 1-Year plan). If you want long-term service, you are recommended to take the best value for 70% + extra 15% off on 36 months plan, only $2.55/mo. Get it to start potecting privacy and security now!

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