Is your computer locked by I.P.A. International Police Association Virus or International Police Association IAC  virus Scam and it asks you to pay money to unlock your computer? Is it really from International Police Association?

What is International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus?

Recently, many computer users have received a warning. And this warning claims it is from International Police Association (I.P.A.). The warning threatens computer users that they have violated many laws. Is it really from Police Association? No, it is just a ransomware warning message. This message will make you unable to understand what it is all about. You may ask” did I do anything wrong?” or “What have I done against the law?” Don’t be afraid of it. This is just a threatening warning of a scam malware. If you get this warning information, unfortunately, your computer has been infected by such scam malware. This malware has an interface with English language so that it can cheat more people into paying money to the hackers. Even there is a logo of International Police Association (I.P.A.). Don’t believe it, the real Police Association department never send you such warning via internet. International Police Association virus is a variant of UKASH ransomware and much similar to Gema and GVU from Germany, Sacem from France and Buma Stemra from the Netherlands. In fact, this virus is attacking many countries and areas with different languages and interface according to local conditions. Once such virus comes to your computer, it will block almost all the functions of windows system no matter in windows 7, XP or Vista. You can’t do anything to open other programs. As the warning shows to you, it will declare that your activities online have violated many laws, including spreading porn information such as pictures, articles or videos, etc. If you don’t pay €100 or more to certain bank account, you will be prosecuted by International Police Association (I.P.A.). Don’t believe even a word of this. If you pay money to that bank account, you will get nothing without your computer unlocked. What you do will just waste your money. Why don’t you take a safe solution to throw it away from your computer?

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Let’s have a look at this scam virus:

Your computer has been locked by International Police Association IAC Virus Scam

The routes of International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus transmission

This virus may lurk in anywhere on the internet. In most cases, It hides in some unsafe websites or links waiting for your visiting. The chance for its spreading may be one of your unconscious click of some place when you want to download something or open some pages. Most of people even don’t know how they get caught by such virus since they don’t know that any activity they do may has a risk in bringing such virus. The virus may be bounded together with other legal programs or files, as long as you get them, you also get the virus at the same time. So you’d better never visit informal websites. Before you click some links or download something, look before you leap!

It seems that my antivirus is useless to remove International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus?

In fact, when you get infected such ransomware, antivirus is not just useless, but entirely paralyzed. The reason is that, when the virus accesses into your computer, it will do whatever to capture the computer and after it get the control authority, it will disable all the legit programs in its way. So the antivirus will be blocked to militate. Actually, you almost can’t do anything you want if your computer has been attacked by such virus unless you remove it completely.

Symptoms or Harmfulness of International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus Infection

? Continually pops up fake alert to threaten you pay ransom which is really annoying.

? This viruses can gradually destroy your computer operating system.

? It can lock your computer and you can’t run normal applications.

? It will steal your personal information for illegal usage, which may bring you great harm both from finance and psychology aspects.

? When you suffer from economic losses, you makes the cyber cribbers have tasted the sweetness of illegal activities.

Best Way to Remove International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus Efficiently

Since your computer is locked by such nasty virus, you have to delete the virus manually with professional computer knowledge.

Step A: Restart your computer in safe mode. To do this, please press F8 key before the system is started like this:


Step B: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of this virus. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be show with different name.


Step C: Delete all the files related to this scam ransomware

Step D: Delete the Virus register entries created in computer system.

Attention: Those instructions are commonly useful for some victims if the International Police Association virus acts only in its first stage and the victims have much knowledge of computer. But this virus may have some different performance in different PCs. So the solutions may be something different from each other for different computers especially when the virus and its related files are changed.

So in this situation, please contact YooCare online PC service for help. Beforehand, please prepare for help as follows:

1. Restart your computer in safe mode with networking.

2. If can’t start in safe mode with networking or normal mode, please prepare a USB stick or blank DVD-R.

3. If can’t start in safe mode with networking or normal mode, and you have another good computer, please contact YooCare via your good computer.

3. Make sure there is cable connection or WIFI wireless connection with your infected computer.

4. Contact YooCare PC online service for help.

Video guide to remove this scam malware virus

Received a message claiming to be from some police departments. Researched it and it seems to be some sort of virus? Currently, International Police Association Virus has been changed to another name, it is International Police Association IAC. What to do when your computer keeps popping up warnings of fake alert and asking for payment of a penalty $200 moneypak. Have you ever been charged by the met gov internet porn? One of the victims said:”I am so frustrate with this scam. Lucky I have another laptop with me.” Well, since your anti-virus didn’t catch it and to prevent it from attacking your computer and please contact PC experts who can assist you at a quick time.

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