Javascript popup locked device? What is the internet locked on android $250 fine paypal? Hi, I was online yesterday and all of a sudden this FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning popped up on my Samsung tablet. I tried to close the download message of an apk file out but I pressed it accidentally and it had this huge FBI warning thing on it. I turned my tablet off and turned it back on, and the scaring FBI Attention alert displays on the tablet screen and blocks it up completely, saying that my tablet was blocked for safety reasons listed on the FBI warning message. I really needed some comforts from others, so I called my best friend who once coincidently picked up a similar FBI virus scam on her iPad. She said that the FBI malware did not block her whole iPad but blocked its Safari and popped up every time she opened the browser. Well, my tablet is still locked now and I have no clue to do with it. Is this FBI attention Javascript Fine Warning alert real? I got a message on on my iPhone telling me to pay 500$ because i clicked on a website and it said i was watching porn, what to do if a message comes up on your Android or iPhone/iPad that says you owe a fine for watching porn? When my iPhone is locked i opened safari and it cam up with a message police attention then a another message came up saying i have to pay $500 to unlock it with a paysafecard. When i hacked by the FBI attention alert spam, how i get rid of it?How to get rid of the FBI block from tablet, iPad or any other device? Please, I need your assistance to unlock my tablet!

Description of FBI Javascript Fine Warning Virus on Android Phone, Tablet or iPad

FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning Virus has been classified as an aggressive ransomware, and it is not with FBI department. Therefore, this alert message is not from real FBI department. Actually this malware is designed by professional cyber criminals who are qualified with professional computer technology skill. They spread this scam virus online to attack victims’ device and defraud their money. In fact, This malware has been circulated online for a long period. At the beginning, it mainly hits and locks windows computer to threat computer users to send money to unlock their device. Nowadays, Javascript Fine Warning virus is upgraded and now attacks android phone, tablet and Apple products including iMac, iPhone and iPad. On android device, this FBI malware alert usually pops up on the browser like Internet and Chrome to interrupt you and even blocks you out of the browser. Then once you launch the infected browser, the virus message page will soon show on and you cannot use the browser. Even worse, now the FBI attention Javascript Fine Warning virus usually lock the whole phone and tablet screen, which you cannot use the device any more until this alert virus is removed. Now since this alert walmare is upgraded, this infection can lock device with PIN code which you don’t know. Hackers now turn their eyes to the Apple market and they use malicious JavaScript in an attempt to hijack web browser like Chrome and Safari. So on Apple products like iphone and ipad, this ransomware usually locks the browser like Safari and Chrome. Every time when you open the infected browser, the Javascript Fine Warning page shows up immediately to block you access the Internet. And it won’t give you any other options to exit or minimize its page except for inputting a code.

Javascript Fine Warning virus rapidly spreads over the Internet and has infected thousands of devices at an alarming rate. In order to get more profits from users, hackers target from windows computer to android device and Apple products. And now they are more inclined to attack Mac OS X system like iPhone and iPad. We get used to believe that Apple products like iPad and iPhone is very safe and greatly immune to virus and malware. However, hackers also can upgrade the malware to make it easily get on those devices. Once FBI Attention virus gets on the devices including android phone, tablet and iPad, it will pop up the attention message page or directly locks down the browser on the device even locks whole device with Javascript Fine Warning page. This page usually says:

ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.
All the actions performed on this phone are fixed.
All your files are encrypted.

This FBI attention Javascript Fine Warning fake alert message accuses you of breaking the law and involving such activities as distributing and sharing copyright material, sending spam email messages, and distributing pornographic material online, which are all listed to tell you why your device is locked. To confuse you to believe that you’ve done dad things to break the law, it meanwhile shows your real IP address, country even your own current picture on the message. In order to unlock your device, it asks you to pay fake fine of $300 or $500 with Moneypak, paysafecard or Paypal within 24 or 72 hours. And it threats that it gets all contacts information on your device, if you don’t pay the fine, all your illegal activities will be sent to your contacts and you will undertake legal consequences or go to jail. You may be scared and worried about facing prosecution or being caught by police, and then you send them money. In fact, FBI attention warning message only misleads you into thinking this is a real message from the law enforcement agencies or local authorities, agency and the police and it is far from real. That’s its trick tactic to scare you to pay the fine and hackers can collect more illegal money.

If your phone, tablet or iPad is infected with FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning virus, it will be hard for you to remove it with antivirus completely, because there is no perfect antivirus to kill threats on phone, tablet or iPad and also this virus is very tricky and can escape from security apps. In this case, removing it manually with sufficient expertise online is the best way for phone, tablet or iPad users to completely eliminate it.

Main Traits of FBI Attention Virus on Phone, Tablet or iPad

1. It is designed to lock Phone, Tablet or iPad asking that you need to pay for a fine from $100 to $500 to unlock your device. In fact, it is just a big scam.

2. It locks your device, claiming that you’ve violated the law of local office by visiting illegal information online.

3. As soon as this virus targets your device, it blocks your access to your device and prevents you from doing anything there.

4. It allows cyber criminals to remote access your device for stealing your personal information and other sensitive information.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your Phone, Tablet or iPad, then your device must be suffered with a malware infection(which can be this FBI fine virus, Australian Federal Police virus and RCMP Ukash virus etc.) that blocks your access to your device. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for device literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing this FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning virus from Phone, Tablet or iPad? Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts, we are here to help you:

FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning Virus Manual Removal Guide on Android Phone

1. Since your Android device is blocked by this FBI fine virus, you will need to restart your phone to safe mode which starts up without loading any third-party add-ons. By this way, you are capable to carry out malware removal steps on your phone. Here are two examples for you to put your Android phone to safe mode.

a. For Samsung Galaxy S4: 1) Power down your Android phone. 2) Turn on and repeatedly tap the soft-button for “Menu.”

b. For Samsung Galaxy S3 and others: 1) Power down. 2) Turn on till you see the Vendor’s logo, press and hold Volume Down (Galaxy S3 and others), Volume Up (HTC One and others), or Volume Down and Volume Up together (various Motorola devices).

Note: If you have put your Android phone to safe mode successfully, you should see a text “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner.


2. Once you have put your phone in safe mode, you are capable to uninstall malicious apps you’re your Android phone. However, the manual removal process of harmful apps requires sufficient expertise. To safely deal with the FBI fine virus and other dangerous apps, you had better contact an expert online for further removal help.


Net users who search for this FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning virus scam on the web and will find that the FBI block scam becomes a big threat to worldwide users. In fact, the FBI ransomware can be changed into various variants with different names like FBI moneypak virus, PCEU virus, RCMP virus, APF virus, NSA virus and prism virus, etc. in order to collect fake fines from worldwide users’ as many as possible. The FBI case can either lock down your computer, iMac, Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad and kindle fire, etc. completely or just block the Internet browser like Internet, chrome and safari, etc. of your machine or device running with Windows OS, Mac OS X or Android OS. Whenever you suffer from this FBI attention scam, you should not send any money through its fake payment system to get a useless unblock code. Instead, you need to realize that this is a big virus scam and it should be removed from your Android phone, tablet and iPad immediately.

Kindly Reminder: Have tried many ways but still can’t get rid of FBI Attention Javascript Fine Warning virus on android phone, tablet or IPad? Contact online experts for help now!

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