What is this Police-warning-alert.com pop up on my browser? It blocks my browser and says that I have violated laws and now I am asked to pay a fine to get my browser unlocked. Is this legit or fake? I didn’t do anything that’s stated on the page. How come my computer is locked by the police warning alert? Am I involved in any troubles with the police if I don’t pay? What can do I to get rid of this locked page and prevent it from coming back on my browser?

Police-warning-alert.com Popup – How to Remove?

The Police-warning-alert.com pop up page is categorized as a browser adware that gives you fake police alerts and blocks you from accessing websites on the browsers by similar police warning alerts. Normally, you will read on the block page that you are accused of violating laws due to some of your online activities, mostly about pornography and forbidden content. To get your computer unlocked and get yourself out of future troubles, a fine is required from you within a limited time via some pre-paid methods such as MoneyPak or Ukash voucher. Lots of innocent computer users will pay this amount of fine out of fears without considering it through. And they help the hacker benefit. This pop up scam page is not a legit notice from the police or government but distributed by some third parties online to scam and trick innocent computer users including Windows OS and Mac books. Instead of paying the requested amount of fine, users need to get rid of the adware completely to unlock browsers/computers.

Unlike many browser hijackers, this Police-warning-alert.com scam mainly displays scary police warnings on browsers to trick innocent users into paying. Browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari are all among the targets of this adware. The install of this adware program can be done in a bundle with any unknown freeware, especially those from spam resources online. Soon as the hijacker gets on your browsers, it will completely mess them up by creating constant disorders including:

Home page is replaced and favorite search engines are disabled.
Unknown toolbars or extensions are automatically installed.
Browsers are blocked constantly by similar pop up police alerts.
Regular websites may not be accessed as usual due to the complete block of this scam page.

How to delete Police-warning-alert.com block on browsers completely?
Have you tried to run security scans on the computer trying to get rid of the adware but failed? Can you not unlock your browser no matter how many times you have tried to reset it? This fake police alert scam mostly attacks browsers on a computer. Running antivirus software will not solve the browser attack like removing other viruses on the computer. A manual removal is introduced in this passage as an efficient way that guarantees a complete restore of the affected browser. To successfully get rid of the browser hijacker and unlock your browser manually, expertise is required during the process to accurate each step. Any mistaken steps can cause an incomplete removal and other problems later on.

Suggestions: If you are not qualified with sufficient computer knowledge to deal with this browser hijacker, contact YooSecurity Online PC Experts for help now to delete this pop up police warning scam virus to unlock your browsers successfully:

The Fake Police Warning Alert Popup Screenshots

1. The Mandiant U.S.A. pop-up saying ‘Attention! Your browser has been blocked’ scam

2. A pop-up message asking ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page?’

* The above screenshots show two examples of this fake police warning scam. They state the reasons of why you are getting blocked and solutions on how to get your screen unlocked (i.e. how much you will need to pay to unlock your computer screen). This pop up block page can be designed as legit as possible so that users will believe the fake police warnings. We believe your computer screen can be blocked again if you do not completely get rid of the virus on the computer. Notice: Sometimes by simply restarting the computer or existing out of the browsers will get rid of the virus page temporarily. You may be free from the scary police block page for a while. But it can pop up again if you haven’t done anything to completely remove it as the program can still reside on the system.

How to get rid of Police-warning-alert.com pop up block from computer?
As mentioned above, manual removal is much more efficient and guarantees a successful uninstall of this adware from computer compared to anti-virus removal. As the browser hijacker is not only able to reset browser defaults to cause disorders, but adjust certain files and registry keys to make its effect last longer. Thus, besides from resetting browser defaults, uninstalling unknown extensions and clearing browsing histories manually, users will also need to check for program files and registry errors in order to completely fix this browser problem. A guide is contained below to walk you through the basic steps to remove the pop up hijacker.

Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Instructions

A step-by-step guide to remove the hijacker popup manually from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Windows Task Manager.

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC; or pull up Run box from Start menu to type in taskmgr
Right click on items you want to end, select Go To Process
Click on End Process
Click on Processes tab
End process of all Firefox items/ Police-warning-alert.com popup hijacker

2. Delete virus files and adjust registries from system.

Click on Start button
Control Panel
Search for “folder options” on top right corner
Click on View tab
Show hidden files, folders, and drives

C:\Users\profile name here\AppData\-

* Files and registries of the Police-warning-alert.com pop up adware can be changed or renamed time from time in order to keep the infection functioning longer. If you are not able to identify the related items, contact online experts for help instantly.

3. Reset Firefox.

Click on Tools – Options
Under General tab – reset home page on Firefox
Under Privacy tab – clear browsing histories

4. Close out all the windows and restart the system to take effects.

Video guide on browser hijacker removal:

Alternatively, you can view this browser hijacker removal video guide directly on our website:


This pop up Police-warning-alert.com block page on your browser is from an adware that gets installed on your computer without your permission via bundling with freeware. It is not a real or legit police warning but a scam one that is put onto your browsers to get your money illegally. You can be prevented from using the browsers by this block page. For some innocent users who are not familiar with this type of scam adware attack, they are the biggest targets of this pop up as they are more willing to pay the requested fine to get their screens unlocked as well as to get themselves out of any troubles with law. However, it’s just a scam virus page that can be removed off of the browser manually. If you ever encounter this police block page or similar ones on your computer that asks you to enter a fine, do not be tricked and try to get rid of the scam virus page completely to stop it from coming back on your browsers.

Note: Do not have access to the internet on browsers because of this fake police message? Can’t unlock screen from the scary police warning alert successfully? Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts for help now to completely remove the adware program from your computer:

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