Last night I was on Safari, I got a pop-up window saying that “your mac has been blocked for security reasons”. I thought my browser might have been hijacked. It then says I should call the number listed for tech support. Every time I clicked ok, the window keeps returning. When I clicked X to close the window, it then asks me ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page?’ and gives me 2 options: Stay on page or Leave page. If i clicked on leave page it send me back to the previous window that keeps forcing me to call the toll free number. I don’t know what to do now. Do I really need to call that number? Will it really lock my mac?

What is “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” pop up on Safari?

Mac users: Beware of increased tech support scam pop-ups

Nowadays, many Apple users have reported receiving pop-up notifications telling them that ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons’ and trick them into calling a phone number, where they will inevitably be asked to pay to have their precious devices fixed. This is a JavaScript scam that only affects your web browser Safari, the default web browser for iOS devices. The pop-up is often caused by adware or potentially unwanted program. It commonly appears after you open an email attachment, download files, visit websites programmed to download malicious software or click on a pop-up advertisement. Once it is installed, it takes control of your web browser and blocks Safari immediately preventing you from surfing the web properly. Whenever you go online, an ad from the tech support scam will pop-up. Those pages are usually fraudulent websites such as and which are used by cyber criminals to promote their remote support services. It falsely claims that your Mac computer was involved in criminal activities and then it lists some crimes involving copyright and related rights law violations, distribution of prohibited pornographic content. In some cases, it may say ‘potentially threat detected’ and state that your mac computer is infected so that you need to call their paid support service to remove the infection. This is a bogus claim.

You should understand that your mac computer has not been affected. This “hijack” or “adware” is only limited to your web browser. Calling the so called tech support only causes money loss but your computer is still compromised. You should not call the number or provide any personal information. The tech behind this scam will ask you to install software giving them remote control over your computer. Do not do this either. “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” is a fake pop-up that designed to scare people into thinking there is something wrong with their computer. It works as a browser hijacker that modifies your browser settings without your permission and displays advertising banners everywhere on the web pages that you are visiting. You will not be able to close the fake pop-up and force quit Safari is not working either. To completely get rid of fake “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” message from mac, manual removal is considered to be the best solution.

Main Traits of ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number’ Pop Up on Mac

1. It is designed to infect mac computer and even iPad or iPhone device.
2. It falsely claims your computer has a virus and tricks you to call a toll free 1800 number to fix the virus.
3. It scares innocent users that if they don’t fix the issue their device will be blocked but actually it won’t really happen.
4. It usually comes to the target system after the computer user downloads software that includes a toolbar, an unwanted add-on, or adware.
5. It allows cyber criminals to remotely access your Apple device for installing malware and stealing your personal information and other sensitive information if you call the toll free number provided.

If you find ‘your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number’ pop up on Safari, then your device must be suffered with adware, browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for device literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing the fake tech support scam from mac computer? Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts, we are here to help you:

Remove “Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” Pop Up Immediately from Safari

“Your mac has been locked for security reasons” message belongs to one of the tech support scams. It is caused by malicious ad-supported extensions, adware or browser hijacker that can be added on any web browsers without any permission. This message may claim that your computer has been infected and the alleged virus or trojan cannot be picked up by ‘current virus software’ so that you need to immediately call the tech number and get support to fix it. It also says that your mac computer has been blocked for security reasons and you need to call an expert to unlock the computer. Basically this is a fake warning that contains a malicious javascript which does not allow you to close the browser window or switch to a different web page. Don’t fall into this scam.

1.”Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” Virus will pop up and lock your Apple devices after you visited a phishing site, opened a junk e-mail attachment, clicked on an unknown link or downloaded an application from an unsafe source.

2.It not only attacks Mac computers, but also targets iPhone or iPad.

3.Currently antivirus program can not detect or remove this malware scam. You should get rid of it manually instead.

4.Manual removal process requires sufficient expertise. To safely get rid of this fake pop-up, you are recommended to contact an expert online for further removal help.


“Your mac has been locked for security reasons call this number” is a bogus notification that pretends to be an official alert to cheat users into thinking their computer has been blocked or infected, then it asks you to call a toll free number to get ‘support’. Actually this scam has been around for a few years. Users who call the number will only find that the techs on the other side just ask money for fixing problems that do not exist. Therefore, do not call the number in any cases and NEVER give control of your computer to a person claiming to be from tech support. Otherwise you will experience costly repair expense and even identify theft. You are recommended to remove the pop up manually.

Kindly Reminder: Getting fake warning on Mac computer and asking you to call a toll free number? Why the pop up doesn’t go away? Contact real online experts for help now!

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