My daughter’s computer was locked by ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus. Now she can’t access it to do her homework. At first we thought it was the real FBI. But I didn’t think my daughter could do any bad things. She is only 6 years old. And I got lots of information from some reports and articles and knew that ICE Cyber Crimes Center scamming for 0 is a malware. I’m relieved but the key problem is that how I can remove this cheeky scam from my daughter’s computer so that she can finish her homework?

Can ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus scamming for $400 Really Lock Your Computer?

When people’s computers get locked by ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus  (also known as ICE Virus), they must be very nervous and afraid that they would be arrest if they don’t pay $400 as the penalty. Some people even have already deeply believed that it’s the real FBI because it looks so real. Even, on the block page, many clauses of your guilt were listed clearly. Some young people might really watched porn videos so they might be more likely to trust it. But no matter you believe or not, it has nothing to do with the FBI. It’s a scam malware created by hackers to scam PC users’ money. Even if you pay the so called penalty, your computer will still be locked. And you will waste your $400. In fact, the hackers has been releasing more and more similar versions of this virus to launch a global attack!

Are you feeling confused that why your anti-virus has not picked ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus up? The reason is that, for one thing, when you run some normal programs, the malware may be attached to run or install at the same time. So when you click install or run option carelessly, you will give the permission to the virus and it can easily access your computer. On the other hand, The virus make use of the vulnerabilities or bugs of your operating system or anti-virus program so that it can escape from anti-virus scanning. This is why no matter you run what anti-virus programs, nothing will be detected.  You know, anti-virus was created by human beings, so human beings also have method to create some programs to escape from then even can destroy them. It’s not strange at all.

Some people may ask if ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus is not real, why did they know what I did. Even it took some photos of what I have done? This is a good question. The malware has a rootkit inside and it can take effect via the Internet. Once you get online, and do something, your action will be photographed and record. It’s just like a tracking device. It’s not very hard to make such smart program as long as you are good in program making. What’s more funny and hateful, this virus even matches a section of speech sounds to assist you pay the “fine”. After you get ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus, like what it declares, it can lock your computer system so that you can’t use your computer. What you can see is the only virus page with one or two boxes to let you finish the payment. Never think you can use your anti-virus to remove it. Even in safe mode, your anti-virus can detect nothing and tell you that your computer is completely safe. However, it’s in your computer and if you try to start your computer normally, the virus comes back and locks your computer again. Up to now, manual way is one effective way to get rid of thisvirus. Next, a solution in details will be showed to you.

Tips: A manual removal guide will be list below. However, the instructions are for those who are very familiar with FBI Cybercrime Division Virus. If you are not confident to get rid of it, you can contact YooCare/YooSecurity for help:

Appearance of Fake ICE Cyber Crimes Center scamming for $400


New Version of  ICE Virus (The ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus $300 Scam )


Steps to Remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus Manually

Step 1: Try to plug out the internet cable then restart your computer normally. After you can see the desktop, plug in the cable again. If the virus doesn’t pop up, you can continue from step 3. (If it’s wireless connection, turn off/on instead of plugging in/out cable)

Step 2: Restart your computer in safe mode with networking. To do this, please keep pressing F8 key before windows launches until you get there shown as below:

Step 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the Task manager to stop the progress of Fake ICE Cyber Crimes Center Scam. Because the name will be changed fast, it will be displayed with different names with random letters.

Step 4: Delete all the files related to ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus

Login to profile in which you are getting ICE Cyber Crimes Center Ransomware…
Go to my computer
Then press ALT button once
Go to tools on menu bar
Goth select Folder options…
Click on view tab
Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives
Click OK button

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Random.exe (it will be named randomly)
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Random.exe (it will be named randomly)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\random.exe (it will be named randomly)

Video Guide to Remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Fake From Registry Editor

Please bear in mind: ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus should be removed as soon as possible. If you leave it alone, it will not only stay in your computer, but also can put your IP in very dangerous condition. However, if you can remove it in time, it can’t do any harm to your computer and won’t ask for money any more. Also please don’t pay money to this scam, even if you pay to the hackers, they won’t unlock your computer. Never believe those so called free software! Don’t download to install those stuffs in your computer. They can not remove the ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus malware scam for you, but also bring you much more other virus such as ransomware, scam virus even fake things. You may not be aware that those so called free software can be another cheater, which will make you gain just more loss. Please don’t take a chance to have a try. It’s nonsense. There is no free lunch! If you really can’t remove ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus yourself, please find an expert for assistance. This is the best choice.

All for your sake: Contact an expert such as YooCare/YooSecurity for professional service if you really don’t know how to remove ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus scam that asks for moneypak code:

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