So I had porn opened and a thing popped up saying “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” on my mobile. It was warning that I had violated some law about child porn and that they were and to look through my phone to see and hear what I say in till the investigation was over and then it listed what phone I was using and my platitude and longitude. It’s saying I have been accused of watching a pornography thing on my Samsung galaxy s8 and now u have to pay a £200 fine to unblock my phone I don’t feel like u should pay anything and was wondering if u could unblock my phone/Internet without me paying thank you this is my daughters phone by the way she is 13 and very distraught that this has happened because she would never watch anything like that. What can I do now?

“Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Blocks Your Mobile? Is it Real?

“Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” warning alert is a scam notification caused by malware, ransowmare and scareware. It has been categorized in a virus list which has the same feature or symptom as FBI virus, FBI Prism virus, FBI cyber crime virus, or Metropolitan British virus, AFP virus etc. It locks up vicitims’s mobile devices for ridiculous reasons and ask for a ransom to unlock mobile device. Cyber criminals use different malicious files like malware, ransomware and sacreware to pop up this scaring warning message and force people into believing that the only way to unlock their mobile device is to make a fine payment or ransom of $100-$500 or £100-£200. This kind of blocking warning message is mostly associated with ransowmare which is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim’s data or threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid. So this ransowmare usually pretends to be law enforecement, government department or police agency or other judicial institutions like FBI Cyber Crime department, FBI Prism, ICSPA, British Metropolitan Police, PCeU, Australia Federal Police to display this kind of fake message and falsely accused victims of watching and distributing illegal materials especially pornographic contents even though victims had never done these activities. Cyber criminal distributes this ransowmare to different countries and regions and the ransomware blocks the victims’ devices with different interfaces but with the same bogus warning notice “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity”.

This ransowmare can attack and infect a wide range of different brand mobile devices based on Android and iOS like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, Huawei, HTC phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. When mobile users are surfing on the Internet, it uses the Javascript to hijack your browser like Internet, Browser, Chrome, Safari or Firefox first then pops up this “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” warning message, next it will soon force installing unwanted malicious files into the mobile system to totally lock your mobile. Once your mobile device is locked up, you will find that the browser can’t be shut down or you can’t do anything with your mobile because all buttons don’t work. You will not be able to shut down or restart your mobile but just see this warning notice hanging there. To quickly get your money, it threatens you that you have to submit the fine payment within limited time or all your data will be deleted, your criminal case will be transferred to court or certain judicial department, and you will be caught by the police or taken into the jail. When some inexperienced victims find this warning message, they think it’s real as the logo, name and badge of law enforcement and police agency is there and warning message looks more genuine. Many victims worry bad records left in police even serving into jail, they soon give the fine payment or so-called ransom as this ransomware requests. “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” warning is a big hoax to extort people out of money. Even though you send the penalty, your mobile is still locked up.

Screenshot of “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Scam Warning

Dad Activities Created by “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Scam

1. The FBI Prism Malware Scam uses JavaScript to hijack browser then  pops up FBI warning alert on web browser like Internet, Browser , Chrome or Safari, locks the whole screen of mobile phone/tablet, blocks internet access on your mobile phone or tablet, applications using Internet will not work properly.

2. You’re fined to pay for a penalty ranging from $200 to $500 USD through such payment system as Moneypak, iTune gifts card, Paypal, Vanilla card, PaySafeCard or Ukash to unlock your mobile device. You’re accused of violating the federal law due to violation activities like visiting, watching or distributing illegal adult porn contents, child porn or child abuse.

3. Soon as the FBI Prism Malware targets your mobile device, it blocks your device and prevents you from doing anything there. You even re not allowed to Turn off (shut down) or restart your mobile phone or tablet.

4. This ransomware is sort of Trojan virus which can put other malware or virus into target device even allow cyber hackers to remotely access your mobile phone/tablet for your important personal data and other sensitive privacy details.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your mobile cellphone or tablet, then your device must be suffered with a malware infection(which can be Cyber Police Virus, FBI Headquarters virus, FBI scam virus, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus, FBI Moneypak virus, FBI Prism virus, U.S.A Cyber Security virus, AFP Crime Commission virus and GVU Ukash Virus etc.) that blocks your access to your android smartphone or tablet. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for phone and tablet literate.

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Malware Scam Manual Removal Guide for Android Mobile Phone/Tablet

If you see “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” warning alert on your mobile phone/tablet, it will be hard for you to remove it with security tool completely, because there is no perfect antivirus to kill threats on android phone or tablet and also this FBI Prism virus is very tricky and can escape from security apps. And how to unlock your mobile phone or tablet from FBI Prism Scam Virus? In this case, removing it manually with sufficient expertise online is the best way for tablet users to completely eliminate it from android phone or tablet.

1. Since your mobile phone or tablet is blocked by this FBI Prism virus warning notification, you will need to restart your phone or tablet to safe mode which starts up without loading any third-party add-ons. By this way, you are capable to carry out malware removal steps on your device. Here are two examples for you to put the android phone and tablet to safe mode. The method mentioned below is also applied to most android phone. Take Dell Tablet as an example:

For Dell tablet: 1) Power down. 2) Turn on till you see the Vendor’s logo, press and hold Volume Down key till you access to safe mode.

Note: Samsung, Sony, HP and other brands’ tablet users can also try the same way as Dell’s to put your tablet to safe mode. If you have put your android device to safe mode successfully, you should see a text “Safe Mode” at the lower-left corner.

2. Once you have put your android device in safe mode, you are capable to uninstall malicious apps of your mobile. However, the manual removal process of harmful apps requires sufficient expertise. To safely deal with this kind of FBI Prism ransomware and other hazardous apps, you had better contact an expert online for further removal help.


If your mobile has been locked up “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” notice warning message, your mobile is actually infected with some kind of malware or ransomware. The ransomware locks up your mobile for ridiculous reason and asks you to send a ransom to unblock your mobile. Even though the FBI or Metropolitan police logo labeled on the warning alert, it has nothing to do with these authentic law enforcement, police agency or other judicial institution. This ransomware warning message is not from real police department. It is just a tricking tactic to convince people into paying money and cyber criminal can collect more illegal money soon from innocent victims. Even though you had paid the fine payment,  your mobile would be still locked up. Cyber hackers will not care if your mobile is unblocked even they don’t know how to unblock your mobile actually. The main gold of cyber hackers is to defraud mobile user’s money.

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