How can I get FBI Prism Malware Scam off my  Samsung Galaxy Tab E, my tab has been blocked by this FBI Prism virus for 2 days, and I even can’t power down  my tab at all. The FBI scam virus sends me several pages blocking my tab totally. It said I watched illegal pornographic materials, child pornography, rape and zoophillia, it even sends some disgusting and embarrassing porn pictures, but I swear I didn’t watch and read these porn materials before. But FBI Prism virus ridiculously and unreasonably asks me to pay a penalty of $500 which is more the price of my Samsung tab E. It definitely is a scam and a big hoax! Can you help me unlock my Samsung Galaxy Tab E?

What is FBI Prism Malware Scam? Is it real or phony?

FBI Prism Malware Scam is nothing but a big hoax to swindle some money $500 from Samsung users. Recently, many Samsung android devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, Samsung note5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab E are attacked and blocked by this FBI Prism Malware and demanded a fine of $500 via Moneycard. FBI Prism Malware Scam is actually created by cyber criminals to scare and cheat people into paying money. This kind of FBI Prism virus is categorized into a ransowmare list. FBI Prism ransomware disguises itself as FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to falsely display fake warning alert accusing you of illegal activities including viewing and distributing forbidden pornographic contents on the Internet. And your illegal activities have violated the Law of The United States of America.  And for this reason, your Samsung device has been locked and you have to pay a fine of $500 as a base measure punishment on you within 2 or 3 days. In order to make inexperienced people soon submit money, FBI Prism virus warns you in a threatening tone that you will be involved with a prosecution or caught by police to take into prison if you try to independently unlock the device without $500 payment within 2 or 3 days. Don’t be a fool, what FBI Prism Malware Scam warns and threatens is just a tricking tactic to tricking people into thinking they did something wrong and must bear some legal responsibility, even though some of them didn’t watch or view any porn contents online. In order to unblock their Samsung Galaxy Tab E, avoid getting trouble with police and bad record and being caught into jail by police, many victims choose to pay the $500 fines.

FBI Prism Malware Scam illegally use the name and logo of law enforcement FBI BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE to scare people and convince Samsung users that this notice warning is from real juridical institution, as many people are afraid of being caught by police or leaving any bad criminal records in police department. The FBI warning notice takes over the whole screen of Samsung device like Samsung Galaxy Tab E. you even can’t power down the Samsung android. No keys and buttons can work on Samsung Galaxy Tab E. It seems this FBI prism ransomware totally locks the system of Samsung android. So for many innocent victims, they thought the only way to get out of this disgusting matter is to pay that $500 penalty. Come on, you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t have to pay that $500 for FBI Prism virus. What’s more, this FBI warning message is a ransomware which aims at tricking people into paying money. But in truth, this FBI Prism Malware Scam will not help unlock your device from FBI Prism virus although you have paid the non-existent penalty within limited time. The cyber criminals just want to take out your money but won’t help unlock your device like Samsung Galaxy Tab E as it promises. Don’t be foolish! What you should do is to figure out how you can get this FBI Prism Malware off your Samsung device. Paying the non-existent fine will not help fix the problem. And you should be cautious when you’re online. This FBI Prism Malware Scam may come from phishing websites, malicious ads, spam email, popup link and random free-costing software. If you accidentally click on these spam things, you may get this kind of FBI ransomware.

Screenshot of FBI Prism Malware Scam Locking Samsung Phone or Tablet

Dad Activities Created by FBI Prism Malware Scam

1. The FBI Prism Malware Scam uses JavaScript to hijack browser then  pops up FBI warning alert on web browser like Internet, Browser , Chrome or Safari, locks the whole screen of android phone/tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab E, blocks internet access on your android phone or tablet, applications using Internet will not work properly.

2. You’re fined to pay for a penalty ranging from $200 to $500 USD through such payment system as Moneypak, iTune gifts card, Paypal, Vanilla card, PaySafeCard or Ukash to unlock your device like Samsung Galaxy Tab E. You’re accused of violating the federal law due to violation activities like visiting, watching or distributing illegal adult porn contents, child porn or child abuse.

3. Soon as the FBI Prism Malware targets your Samsung phone or tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab E, it blocks your device and prevents you from doing anything there. You even re not allowed to Turn off (shut down) your android phone/tablet or restart your device.

4. FBI Criminal Investigation FBI Prism Malware Scam is sort of Trojan virus which can put other malware or virus into target device even allow cyber hackers to remotely access your android phone/tablet for your important personal data and other sensitive privacy details.

If you find any symptoms listed above showing on your cellphone or tablet, then your device must be suffered with a malware infection(which can be Cyber Police Virus, FBI Headquarters virus, FBI scam virus, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus, FBI Moneypak virus, FBI Prism virus, U.S.A Cyber Security virus, AFP Crime Commission virus and GVU Ukash Virus etc.) that blocks your access to your android smartphone or tablet. Welcome to contact YooSecurity Online Experts for manual removal guide. Also, we will provide a short removal guide below for phone and tablet literate.

NOTE: Being afraid to do any wrong operation during the process of removing fake FBI Prism warning notification message on android phone or tablet? Please contact YooSecurity Online Experts, we are here to help you:

FBI Prism Malware Scam Manual Removal Guide for Android Phone/Tablet

If you see FBI Prism ransomware warning alert on your android phone/tablet, it will be hard for you to remove it with security tool completely, because there is no perfect antivirus to kill threats on android phone or tablet and also this FBI Prism virus is very tricky and can escape from security apps. And how to unlock your android phone or tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab E from FBI Prism Malware Scam? In this case, removing it manually with sufficient expertise online is the best way for tablet users to completely eliminate it from android phone or tablet.

1. Since your phone or tablet is blocked by this FBI Prism virus warning notification, you will need to restart your phone or tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab E to safe mode which starts up without loading any third-party add-ons. By this way, you are capable to carry out malware removal steps on your device. Here are two examples for you to put the android phone and tablet to safe mode. The method mentioned below is also applied to most android phone. Take Dell Tablet as an example:

For Dell tablet: 1) Power down. 2) Turn on till you see the Vendor’s logo, press and hold Volume Down key till you access to safe mode.

Note: Samsung, Sony, HP and other brands’ tablet users can also try the same way as Dell’s to put your tablet to safe mode. If you have put your tablet to safe mode successfully, you should see a text “Safe Mode” at the bottom left corner.
2. Once you have put your tablet in safe mode, you are capable to uninstall malicious apps of your tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E. However, the manual removal process of harmful apps requires sufficient expertise. To safely deal with this kind of FBI Prism ransomware and other hazardous apps, you had better contact an expert online for further removal help.


FBI Prism Malware Scam must be eradicated as soon as possible. Sending $500 as the FBI ransomware requests can help you really unlock the blocking device. This kind of ransomware usually disguises itself as the law enforcement, government department and police agencies like FBI department, Metropolitan Police, Australia Federal Police, or international cyber police to falsely display fake police warning notice to occupy the whole screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab E, demanding people into paying penalty for viewing pornographic contents even though the users didn’t do anything related to pornographic material. It is just a big hoax. To remove the FBI Prism malware as soon as possible is the urgent task, or this scam virus will be a threat to the security of personal information and data stored on the Samsung device like Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

Suggestion: Have spent a lot of time but can’t get out of FBI Prism warning virus on your android device phone and tablet? Contact online experts for tech support now!

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