I have a trip to China and right now I just come out from the airport and take a taxi. I power on my phone and want to listen to some songs, I find I can’t access SoundCloud at all here in China. How can I access SoundClound in China? It will be a boring trip if SoundCloud is not accessible in China. What’s the best way too access SoundCloud in China?

What’s SoundCloud and How Does It Work?

SoundCloud is an amazing music and audio streaming service. It is the largest music and audio steaming platform worldwide. Artists and musicians constantly upload new music. Sometimes, you can find the nest big artists alongside chart-topping albums, live sets, and mixes. It is very amazing to listen to and enjoy hip hop, electronic, rock, classical, jazz, podcasts and more. Every day, a constantly expanding mix of music is uploaded to SoundCloud, and it finds tracks you’re bound to love. Many users and subscribers are using SoundCloud whenever and wherever possible when they are on the way home, to work, parties, workouts or whatever mode you’re in. For many fans of SoundClound, if they can’t access Soundcloud, they will feel bored and frustrated and try many other ways to fix in order to access SoundCloud Successfully. In China, this tragedy accident will surely happen, as social media and streaming service websites and apps like this SoundCloud are blocked by China’s Great Firewall which is the China’s strong internet censorship. Why SoundClound is blocked and how to access SoundCloud in China?

Why SoundCloud Can’t be Accessed in China?

If you come to China, you will find SoundCloud can’t be accessed. How to access SoundCloud in China? In Mainland China, Facebook as well as other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud etc are blocked following the July 2009 Ürümqi riots because Xinjiang independence activists were using Facebook as part of their communications network. Many different people with different background are using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Line, Snapchat, SoundCloud etc for different purpose, and terrorist recruiter, supporter and sympathizer will use these social media websites for their political propaganda. Such social media have actually give lot of helps to these terrorist groups to make their plans for next target. Therefore, to avoid terrorist violence or any other unfavorable review or discuss caused riot, and to preserve China’s “cyberspace sovereignty”, Chinese government creates and operates its filtering system dubbed the Great Firewall (GFW) to censor its Internet. China’s Great Firewall controls and limits what and where internet users can browse, review, discuss and comment in order to avoid Terrorist violence triggered by potentially unfavorable incoming data from social media websites. Foreign websites, forums and data are banned in particular. That is the main reason why SoundCloud is blocked and banned in China. So, How to Access SoundCloud in China?

How to Access SoundCloud in China? What’s the Best Way?

So how to bypass the China’s Great Firewall to access the foreign websites like this SoundCloud in China? How to access Soundcloud in China? The best solution to access SoundCloud is to use a strong and reliable VPN. And what’s the VPN? VPN is a type of Internet connection that allows users to establish a secure connection between a computer, a Mac or a mobile device and a server. VPN strongly hide your internet activity from your ISP and government, and allows you to escape from censorship controlled by school, work, your ISP, or government. A VPN  allows you to escape from censorship controlled by school, work, your ISP, or government, enables you to “geo-spoof” your location in order to access services unfairly denied to you based on your geographical location. VPN can bypass the internet censorship to access the websites by tunneling in an encrypted, private and secured way. All exchanged information and communication through VPN tunnel will not be read and accessed. Therefore, if you use a VPN, it will help you unblock the foreign websites like this SoundCloud banned by China’s Great Firewall.

A person needs to install and download a VPN connection and open an account in this application consequently doing so, and later the VPN will commence using an interchange IP address the same as a substitute of their original IP address in the direction of to let them use any overseas website which is blocked in China including SoundCloud.

  • One should start by downloading a VPN protocol.

A VPN code of behavior is the online examine service, which acts similar to a multitude of the VPN connection and it has to be downloaded and installed to run and work smoothly.

  • How to download and install a VPN connection.

At present, there is a lot of VPN service providers existing in the market. A customer simply can choose between these options which are easy to get to on the web. Once they establish their privileged VPN program’s link, they can download it. If by any prospect no links are accessible, or the links are not functioning, one can frequently download the VPN file from any of the torrent websites reachable.

  • Running the program of VPN and also how to choose a country.

Once introduced the VPN program, when the clients run the program they’ll be invited to favor theirs chose a nation. Their purchaser will be energized and requested that which nation lean toward, and one should choose a nation where SoundCloud is not blocked and that framework the VPN will set up the processor with a reproduction IP delivery which will rise to be utilized from the fringe of China.

Take after these means, and there you are prepared to utilize SoundCloud app not with standing being in China!

Kindly Prompt: If you are confused and don’t know which VPNs you should choose to access SoundCloud in China or have any other questions about VPN, you’re welcome to contact our Yoosecurity online technical team by clicking Start Live button bellow:

How to Set Up A VPN Service (Take Android Device for Example)

How to access SoundCloud in China? What’s the best way to unblock SoundCloud in China? In order to access SoundCloud in China, you should first purchase a VPN service, then install its software and then do some set-up on your device, then you can smoothly use the VPN internet successfully, here below is the guide on how to set up VPN on android device. If you now are not familiar with all steps or can’t finish processes by yourself, you can contact our online support!

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Select “VPN” under the “Wireless & networks” section, select “More”.

Step 3: On the top-right corner you will find a + sign, tap it.

Step 4: Your network administrator will provide you with all your VPN information. Simply select your desired protocol and enter all the information. Enter a name to help you remember which VPN is which into the Name field, select the type of VPN server you’re connecting to, and enter the VPN server’s address (either an address like vpn.example.com or a numerical IP address). Hit “Save”.

Tap the VPN to connect once you have set it up. You can have multiple VPN servers configured and switch between them from the VPN screen.

Step 5: You can connect by going back to the VPN settings and selecting your VPN of choice. You will be asked to enter a username and password. However, you can save this account information for next time.

While connected to a VPN, you will see a persistent “VPN activated” notification in your notifications drawer. To disconnect, tap the notification and tap Disconnect.

Step 6: You can also hit the 3-dot menu button to set your VPN to always be on.

Kindly Note: Not all Android devices are on the same way of setting up VPN client. If you’re experiencing any difficulties while your android settings looks a bit different, you’re recommended to let us know the details by clicking Live Chat button bellow and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Video Guide Shows You How to Access SoundCloud in China

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