Is Facebook allowed in China? Can tourists use Facebook in mainland China? Facebook is so popular and useful, but it can’t be accessed and used in China. How to access Facebook in China? When I tried to log into the web account, it prompted that “This Website is not available now”. I checked my network connection, and actually everything worked well. But why I can’t access and use Facebook now. I asked some friends in China about this issue, they told me Facebook can’t be used in China due to the net censorship of China. I have to use a VPN tool to bypass the Great Firewall, and then access Facebook successfully. I have not used a VPN tool before, and don’t know where I can get one. And it seems I can’t download this kind of VPN app also. I hope someone could help me with this problem, or it will be very boring if I can’t access these apps Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp. I can’t even contact my other friends in America.

Why Websites Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google etc Are Banned in China?

The life in 21st century has become synonymous with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, etc. But a few countries have banned these foreign websites in their countries, and China gets first place in the list. China is also among those developed countries that are most affluent with the technology, but many times, their policies come in between and make the country and its people to stay in isolation. However, there are certain ways through which one can easily access these websites and that too following the legal procedure.

Chinese organization has hindered a few outside sites because of high limitation arrangement and territorial limits. The online networking destinations were essential blocked after the July 2009 Ürümqi revolts after it was translated that Xinjiang activists were utilizing Facebook to relate, plotting and plan. In the perspective of the reality, China’s decision Communist Party has clearly precluded the web much of the time erasing presents and blocking access on sites. The restriction on Facebook was lifted in September 2013 however is limited to the utilizing region of a 17 square mile facilitated commerce zone in Shanghai, and whatever is left of China is as yet sitting tight for the elevating of this boycott. What’s more, Internet security in China is really unbreakable because it is suppressed and monitored by the most authoritarian firewall in the world, the Great Firewall of China (GFW). Therefore, many foreign websites and services like this Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc are blocked by China’s Firewall. How to Access Facebook in China? To detour this, it is very important to get a reliable VPN service.

How to unblock foreign websites like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube etc in China?

How to access Facebook in China? If someone is living or shifting to China and would like to access Facebook in China, then the only legal tool is to use a Chinese VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. This is an application which keeps internet connectivity fast, dependable, and helps to access the unblocked foreign websites. VPN is a type of Internet connection that allows users to establish a secure connection between a computer, a Mac or a mobile device and a server. The most awesome aspect of  this secure connection is that all traffic is “tunneled” through a cryptographic system that makes it almost impossible even very difficult for hackers or people who want to take a peek at your Internet traffic to access your data. It has a strong ability to bypass geo-restrictions and help internet users to access any abroad websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, Google, Line, New York Times, or Skype etc successfully.

How to use a VPN? How to Access Facebook in China with A VPN?

How to access Facebook in China? An individual first needs to install and download a VPN connection and open an account and afterward, the VPN will initiate using an alternate IP address as a replacement of their original IP address to let them use any foreign website which is blocked in China including Facebook.

  • One should start by downloading a VPN protocol

A VPN protocol is an online service, which acts as a host of the VPN connection and it is ought to be downloaded and installed to run and work VPN smoothly.

  • Running the program of VPN and also how to choose a country

Once installed the VPN program, the users need to run the program, and they’ll be provoked to message to prefer their selected country. There, one will be encouraged and asked which country to choose, and one should choose a country where Facebook is not blocked, and the VPN will set up the computer with a replica IP address which will appear to be used from external of China.

Follow these steps, and there you are ready to use Facebook even being in China!

How to Choose the Best VPN to Access Facebook from China?

How to access Facebook in China? What’s the Best VPN to access Facebook in China? There are many different VPNs selling online market. You may know VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark VPN,,, Ivacy, PureVPN, VPNArea, HideMyAss!, IPVanish, VyprVPN, ZenMate, Private Internet Access VPN, Strong VPN etc. For many VPN beginners, it may be hard for them to choose the suitable one to keep online private, secure and anonymous. And the most important thing is that VPN tool should strongly help customers to bypass the internet restrictions and access many different blocked websites no matter where they are. In reality, many internet users choose to use VPN due to this reason. When it comes to select the best VPN, you should choose these reliable and strong VPNs not the FREE VPN, Free VPN has not so strong and stable speed, and even not had a high level of privacy and security. You should consider such factors as server locations, speed, price, number of device logins, privacy, security, protocols and more. You can take the important points listed as following to reference:

  • Price: Compare the price of the VPN you want with other competitors and see if the price is reasonable
  • Speed: Check if the speed of VPN is fast and stable
  • Supported Device: Check if a VPN works with devices based on such popular and major systems as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone and other platforms like Routers, Apple TV, Smart TV etc.
  • Number of server locations: If VPN provider offers numerous server locations, and popular server locations like USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia are must-haves. The more the better if you want to switch to many different server locations.
  • Number of simultaneous connections: Check how many simultaneous connections the VPN provider allows. Some just give 1 device login simultaneously, but others allow up to 5-10 simultaneous connections.
  • Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee: Free Trial or Money-back Guarantee is the best way to test and experience a VPN service’s feature, function, performance and other technologies. It can help users to decide if a VPN is fit and helpful for them, and can check if a VPN is really worth the money they sell.
  • Privacy: If the VPN provider gives Non-logging policy (never log online activities, browsing histories, traffic data or DNS queries or anything that could be used to identify you)
  • Security: If the VPN employs strong security measures or technologies like AES-256 encryption, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Double-VPN, and more
  • VPN Protocols: Check what sorts of VPN protocols a VPN employs. VPN protocols are strong and important bridge connecting between your devices and the servers. The most common VPN protocols include OpenVPN, OpenVPN over UDP, OpenVPN over TCP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and more.
  • Kindly Prompt: If you are confused about how to access Facebook in China and don’t know which VPNs you should choose or have any other questions about VPN, you’re welcome to contact our Yoosecurity online technical team by clicking Start Live button bellow:

    How to Set up VPN? (take Mac OS X for example)

    How to Access Facebook in China?- By using a VPN! After you sign up or contract with a VPN service, you should first install its software and then do some set-up on your Mac device by following the installing and set-up instructions offered by your VPN service, then you can smoothly use the VPN internet successfully, here below is the guide on how to set up VPN on Mac device. If you now are not familiar with all steps or can’t finish processes by yourself, you can contact our online support!

    Step 1: Click the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and click Network or click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar and select Open Network Preferences.

    Step 2: Click the plus sign button at the bottom left corner of the window and select “VPN” in the Interface box. Choose the type of VPN server you need to connect to in the “VPN Type” box and enter a name that will help you identify it.

    Step 3: The “Authentication Settings” button allows you to offer the authentication you’ll need to connect — anything from a password or certificate file to RSA SecurID, Kerberos, or CryptoCard authentication.

    The “Advanced” button allows you to configure the VPN connection in other ways.

    Step 5: When you finish all settings steps, please click Apply button to confirm your settings. And you’re kindly suggested to enable the “Show VPN status in menu bar” option, then you will get a menu bar icon to manage your VPN connection. The menu bar icon can easily help easily connect to your VPN and disconnect from it as necessary.

    Video Guide Show You How to Access Facebook in China?

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    Here you should know that the best solution to access Facebook in China is to use a reliable and strong VPN tool. VPN is created to specifically defeat internet restrictions and access blocked websites. Unblocking website is one of the most important functions provided by VPN tool. VPN tool also gives customers online privacy, security, and internet freedom. That means your private information and data is also protected by VPN tool. You not only can access internet-restricted websites but also browse privately and anonymously. You don’t worry if there is someone spying on what you do online. VPN hides your real IP address by replacing with another new IP address, which can mask your real identity online. No one know where you are exactly from. Other internet users and websites just know your new IP address and location, but don’t know your real IP address. So, you can bypass the detection of internet censorship and other geo-blocking restrictions. With a VPN, you can easily access any websites from anywhere and anytime. You can surely access and use Facebook and other popular social media apps in China. However, which VPN tool is the high quality one to access Facebook and other websites in China? ExpressVPN is top recommended. ExpressVPN $6.67/Month (Save 49%) and Avast SecureLine VPN $4.88/Month are stable and super fast with high ratings that still work in China.

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