As like cable TV, it provides a fantastic experience with on-demand contents and live channels that are available on a wide variety of devices. Also, it greatly works with the android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chrome cast and Roku along with a lot of smart TVs, tablets, phones and many internet browsers. With lots of finest channel choices and a limitless DVR, definitely the YouTube TV is one of the best premium live TV streaming services on the internet. Actually, this YouTube TV is totally varied from YouTube. This is completely a free video service with over two billion users per month. Basically, the services of video streaming are featured original or on-demand content, but others can fully replace your cable contribution. On the other hand, the YouTube TV always considers a latter approach that provides more than 80 channels of sports, entertainment and news in single package. In addition to, it incorporates the amazing features of DVR and highly assists a plenty of platforms. Apart from its peak monthly price, still, the service provides a great combination of streaming and channel specifications.

The YouTube TV provides one of the most comprehensive channel link ups of the entire video flooding services. As beginning with locals, you will obtain the entire major networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC and so on. If everything you care about is watching your local channels in a cheaper option. Some of the latest channels included on this YouTube TV are including MSNBC, CNN, BBC America, FOX News and CNBC. Besides the broadcast affiliates, the sports channels available on YouTube TV are including NBC Sports, NBA TV, ESPN, CBS Sports, NFL Network, MLB Network and ESPN 2. But recently, the YouTube TV lost the entire FOX regional sports networks. This line up alteration has noteworthy suggestions on your ability to monitor the routine gathering of NBA, MLB and NHL games. Moreover, this service includes the entire NBC owned regional sports networks. For several options, the sports enthusiasts must check out a roundup of the best sports streaming services. Also, the content mix of YouTube TV is as same as of Live TV plus Hulu, particularly when you access to some of the on-demand movies and shows from this channel.

Advantage of YouTube TV

The YouTube TV is primarily an online based effective streaming media platform that provides instant access to live as well as on-demand television and also DVR from the countless of TV networks to the viewers. Generally, the YouTube TV has numerous advantages. Once you sign up for this channel, you will get all in single place. Its intuitive interface can make the users to access this channel hassle free without even any hidden charges. This service actually provides its entire channels on your own option of devices. This means that you can simply begin seeing your favourite shows or movies on your smart television. If you are going out, your smart phone will select up where you left off and also carry on your tablet too. The major pros of this service are its robust and simple to use DVR features. This alone attracts several users to make use of the service a lot. Even the Google has ensured this as a broad platform support, which stands out from a mob. The YouTube TV streaming is practically perfect. Its amazing line up of news, sports and entertainment channels can impress several global users to access anywhere and anytime regardless of their needs and requirements as well. As like YouTube videos, this YouTube TV provides picture-in-picture mode for the android users.

Disadvantage of YouTube TV

On the contrary, there are lots of cons of YouTube TV. There is no FOX RSNs available. In fact, every best thing has its shortfalls. Usually, the YouTube TV is provided at $50 per month, but this range is greater than its competitors. Hence, it is not a pocket friendly choice of service for the users out there. Unluckily with that cost range, they do not even provide any major networks like PBS, Comedy Central or HBO. Another main limitation of this service is that it does not even provide an offline viewing option. Their DVR feature is fully cloud based. If you really want to see your favourite movies and shows while traveling or without even using your mobile data on a go, definitely, this YouTube TV is not a good choice for you. Furthermore, there are some other shortfalls in their contents of sports. For instance, they do not even display any MLB sports games that may be a no-go for the baseball enthusiasts. Also, the only fundamental parental control choices are supported, which cannot be favour for all. Finally, the YouTube TV does not provide any upgrades, which permit for many accounts to be included or many screens to see at the same time.


Overall, the YouTube TV provides an amazing selection of channels, hard performance and top notch DVD features. It is also a top most option for cable cutters who really need to reproduce the cable TV experience and offered you are eager to pay its high monthly prices. If you are searching to leave your cable contribution, of course, YouTube V is a fantastic choice, especially for cable cutters. With its prolonged channel line-up, now this service covers all such as fun, sports and news categories with aplomb. Also, this channel service features the high-class functionality of DVR and well-made interfaces all over several platforms. The major downside of this channel is cost of this service. When compared to any other live TV service, the YouTube TV is a smooth experience and also receives the choice merit of editors along with Live TV plus Hulu. The YouTube TV also has an obvious interface and moderately a bug free service to all the users. Since, it splits its clear interface into three labels such as Home, Live and Library. It has an equivalent appearance to the normal YouTube site, but there is a dark mode choice in the settings available.

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