Do you know how to access SnapChat in China in 2021? Before we get to the point, let us talk about the Internet first. Internet plays an important role in this modern world. It is a very big question that how people of today’s world live without internet because everything is improved technologically with the internet. It connects people easily and it helps to communicate, share and entertains through number of applications. Social media is a part and parcel of internet. People are living their lives based on internet because they take this platform to share everything. Some of the most used famous social Medias are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, etc…

In every country, accessing Internet is very easy. But in China it is not a same case. It has so many formalities and restrictions to access internet. So automatically, the question may arise how Chinese access social media and in particular, this is all about to say How to access Snapchat. A new person who travels to China feels very difficult without internet. There are certain solutions to escape from this catches. That is so called VPN address. It is one of the famous software that helps to break the restrictions to use some social Medias in China. Many people download this VPN and start using their favorite applications. Not like other countries, Chinese prefers to use many social Medias. They love to use very partly. But they have multiple accounts for one person.


According to Statistics, Chinese uses more mobile phones and love to use modern technologies. The reason is because almost 60% of people who has the nativity of China, but works in US. This makes them to contact to their families and friends, so, obviously they use mobile phones more. Snapchat is one of the important applications which are available for all users like Android, Apple and windows. It is a multimedia which helps to take different varieties of photos and also it enables to send messages.

The data explains clearly that many people are using Snapchat all over the world. Almost 200million of photos are taken and shared per day in the world and per hour 20million photos are taken from Snapchat. The reason for using Snapchat is that it helps to capture photos with filters and send it with captions and drawings. Video chat is also possible in Snapchat. It also enables to save the snaps and stored in the storage with privacy.


Snapchat is restricted to use in different countries in no particular, in China also. Even in many schools, colleges banned Snapchat. It is definitely a bad news for Snapchat lovers. The reason for the restriction made in China is because of Great Firewall. The government of China is very strict and they follow their rules and regulations in such things. But there is a way which allows people to cross these barriers easily and to use such applications without any delay or confusions. VPN, in a word, we can say that this is the only helper to access the social media application in China. This deletes the pressure of Chinese people and enables them to use all kinds of social media. So access SnapChat in China in 2021 you need a working VPN service.

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