Hey there! How can I fix this Xinput1_3.dll is missing error? When I play games on my computer, I always get this error. Did I do something wrong on my computer? I just play games on my computer as usual. Why this error always pops up? I don’t know what Xinput1_3.dll is and where can I download it? Please help me fix this so that I can play games smoothly on my computer. Thanks in advance. By the way, my computer is running with Windows 7.

Information about Xinput1_3.dll is missing error

Xinput1_3.dll is a part of Microsoft DirectX for Windows program. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation to help some applications or games work properly. This error usually pops up when you start an application or a game. It can affect the performance of your computer and if you don’t fix this error accurately, you will not be able to use the related programs, the related applications and games. You should pay serious attention to this problem as this Xinput1_3.dll is missing error could be caused by a malicious virus. If your computer is really infected by a malicious virus, your computer will get more damaged. And it will be dangerous for your personal data, because the virus has the ability to spy on your online activity and get your sensitive information like bank detail and login password. It is important for you to fix this problem and check if it is caused by a virus without delay.

Screenshot of this Xinput1_3.dll error


Other common Xinput1_3.dll Errors

1. Xinput1_3.dll crash
2. Xinput1_3.dll was not found.
3. Cannot find Xinput1_3.dll
4. Xinput1_3.dll error loading
5. Cannot register Xinput1_3.dll
6. Xinput1_3.dll Access Violation
7. Xinput1_3.dll is missing
8. Xinput1_3.dll could not be located
9. The procedure entry point Xinput1_3.dll

Obviously, this error pops up due to the missing or corruption of this Xinput1_3.dll file. Why this file gets missed or corrupted? It may relate to Microsoft DirectX which is used by some Windows games and advanced graphics programs. Or your computer may get infected by one kind of harmful virus that can damage this file. If your computer gets infected by some kind of virus, you may experience many strange errors and your computer may perform weirdly.

Way to fix this Xinput1_3.dll Error

First of all, if you want to fix this error, you need to use Microsoft Register server to register the related DLL files. Surely fixing this error need a level of computer knowledge, if you are good at computer, I suggest that please contact a professional to help you to prevent from getting other serious problems.

Step 1 Click on “Start”. It locates on the left bottom of your screen. The icon is a Windows Logo.


Step 2 Type “run” into the search box, then tap Enter. Or you can press Windows Logo and “R” together on your keyboard to open then “Run” window.


Step 3 Type “cmd” into the box then tap “Enter”.


After you get this Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cdm.exe window with the black background, you should type the effective command into it then tap “Enter” then restart your computer. After restarting, there are more steps need to be done to fix this problem. But it needs enough computer knowledge or you will get other problems. So now I advise you to contact Yoocare online experts to help you.

In some case, you also can fix this problem in the following ways: 1) check the Microsoft DirectX to see if its version is the latest, if it is not, download the latest version from the safe websites and install it. 2) Uninstall the applications or games which cause this problem then install them again.

In addition, you should be noticed that this error could be caused by a malicious virus and the virus could be hard to perceive. You should scan your computer manually and carefully to see if there is a virus stay in your computer. If you don’t check your computer carefully, the virus will still stay in your computer without your knowledge and you may get the same error again or you may get others errors. So to fix this Xinput1_3.dll is missing error completely, it is necessary to check your computer to eliminate the existence of the virus.

NOTE:If you have spent much time to fix this Xinput1_3.dll error but still can’t fix it, If you don’t know how to check your computer and remove the virus manually, Contact our online professional for help now! Our online experts are always ready to help you.

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