If you know something about web hosting service, you should know about WordPress hosting. WP Engine is a provider specializing in WordPress Hosting for customers worldwide. Now many customers of WP Engine are searching for the WP Coupons & Promo Code to renew their plans and packages. It is simple to use WordPress Hosting to design and build website. WP Engine provides WordPress Hosting for agencies, enterprise, SMB, Marketer, developer and individuals. There is no WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code, and past customers have no way to renew their packages at a special offer. WP Engine provides four packages Startup, Growth, Scale and Custom. Different packages have their different targeted customers and users. WP Engine has such powerful features as creative agility, enterprise performance, actionable intelligence and ecosystem integration. Even though there is no WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code, you are suggested to use an excellent alternative product and service. Here you are recommended to use Namecheap web hosting as the alternative to this WP Engine hosting. Namecheap is also an innovative and full-featured web hosting. Namecheap provides different coupons, discounts and promo codes to help their customers to enjoy their affordable hosting services and other products. Namecheap is trusted and used by millions of customers worldwide actually and earn a high reputation. Namecheap has more advantage over other competitors. If you have no available WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code, you are advised to use this Namecheap Hosting service as an alternative.

About WP Engine

WP Engine mainly provides customers with various WordPress hosting plans and packages. WP Engine gives different WordPress solutions for different customers including agency, enterprise, SMB, marketer and developer. WordPress hosting is easy for people who want to create and design a simple and small website for their business. Everyone who just starts their online business can use this WordPress Hosting to host their website. WP Engine provides such tools or technologies as Python, Ruby, NGINX, AppArmor, Varnish, MySQL, New Relic, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services, which can greatly increase the performance of WordPress platform to host your website. WP Engine gives SSL Certificate standard to ensure your website secure. SSL Certificate can help prevent different online attacks like malware, phishing, identity theft and more. Besides, WP Engine gives Performance Intelligence suite which mainly improves your site speed, and monitors and manages your applications.

WP Engine Agency solution integrates excellent features and easy-to-use tools like Dev, Stage, Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git and SFTP connections to build and host your website effectively. Under Agency solution, WP Engine employs security threat detection, SSL certificates and proprietary caching technology and CDN to keep your website secure, and meanwhile your website will run faster and more privately. WP Engine cooperates with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) which provides the enterprise-grade solutions. And WP Engine always updates and optimizes the technologies for WordPress. Therefore, your website will become faster.
WP Enterprise solution mainly focuses on people who want a more flourish business and more powerful websites. This solution can make sure your hosting is properly configuring. SSL certificates, EverCache technology and a global CDN also are used in this solution to keep your WordPress platform stronger and easier to operate. Besides, tools like Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git integration are also added.

Solution for Small & Medium Business (SMB) is designed for small and medium size companies and corporations. This solution can greatly help customer to get the increasing value, expertise performance, and standout experience and growing revenue from your website. This is an effective solution to increase and expand your business online. SMB solution uses the powerful and remarkable technology and service to help customer to scale and host their website properly first. And then their technical team applies scalable architecture to keep your website online. Next the SMB solution keeps updating your WordPress platform to improve your website SEO, bounce rates and conversions. This SMB solution can greatly enhance your website traffic conversion and attract more new visitors.

Solutions for Marketer is an excellent solution to get your website on the market quickly. It has a strong performance to overcome obstacles of technology and process. It continues to strengthen the websites and apps. This solution mainly helps customers to quickly achieve more visitors and increase visitor conversion. It makes the SEO better, decrease bounce rates and conversions and increase the growing traffic. Marketer solution primarily boost the conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Solutions for Developer can help host and build website easies, and the website can be launched in a fast speed. Developer solution simplifies user’s permissions, backups and others to let you experience more freedom to build website you want. Many aspects like SEO search, bounce rates and conversions are all improved completely by this solution. Developer solution focuses more on customer’s expertise as it needs your experience and professional skill to build remarkable website you want. You also can use different tools to make the whole process of website hosting easier. Security solution like SSL Certificate are employed.

Namecheap Web Hosting is A Great Alternative to WP Engine

Even though WP Engine specialize in WordPress Hosting service and gives different plans and packages for WordPress Hosting to help customers to choose from. And WP Engine does offer excellent and remarkable hosting service for customers who just want WordPress hosting service to host and build their websites. However, WP Engine provides the service at a high price without coupons or discounts right now for renewing the plans. This frustrates many WP Engine customers. Some customers now are confused if there is WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code for last customers to renew their purchase for coming X-Mas. Although there is no renewal coupons or promo codes for WP Engine hosting service, you are strongly suggested to changes to use strong alternative – Namecheap Hosting service. Namecheap has decades of experience in website hosting and building for customers all over the world. They not only provide excellent and remarkable hosting services including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and more, but also gives thousands of domains service for customers to registration. Namecheap is accredited by ICANN and always gives professional hosting plans and packages. Millions of users worldwide are using their web hosting service and registering their domain names.

  • Different Coupons, discounts and promo codes are provided by Namecheap regualrly:

1. 94% OFF Five Holiday Deal Days: Namecheap regularly gives affordable and even the lowest price for their service. Namecheap frequently gives different coupons, discounts and promo codes on different products and services. Now for the coming Christmas, Namecheap promote a new plan call Five Holiday Deal Days which can save up to 94%. 94% OFF discounts or promos codes are the huge savings for customers now. 94% OFF Five Holiday Deal Days covers products like domains, SSL, hosting, EasyWP Managed WordPress, and Private Email every day! That means you can get up to 94% savings when purchasing these Namecheap products and services during the promotion sale.

2. 50% off any of Namecheap’s Shared Hosting plans: Namecheap always give up to 50% discounts and promo codes on shared Hosting. With this 50% off coupons and promo codes, you can enjoy up to 50% off any of Namecheap’s Shared Hosting plans (Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business).

3. Namecheap will release the latest coupons with discount every month to help customer to get more savings when purchasing or renewing their products or service from Namecheap. All Namecheap discounts and promo codes makes customer’s domains and other products even lower in price. Now they give up to 94% off on .store domain registration and 80% off on .cloud domain registration.

4. Namecheap always gives different discounts on their SSL Certificates services: 35% OFF EssentialSSL, 46% OFF InstantSSL, 34% OFF InstantSSL Pro, 25% OFF EssentialSSL Wildcard, 18% OFF PostitiveSSL Wildcard, 46% OFF EV SSL and more others.

Namecheap Shared Hosting

Now Namecheap gives up to 50% off on their Shared Hosting service, which is a perfect option for customers who just start their online store and business. Shared hosting is the most costless, affordable and effective way to host website and build a great website. You can get unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, website builder and other assistant tools and extensions from Namcheap Shared Hosting to make website hosting and building. Share Hosting not only gives up to 50% off discount on all packages, but also provides such free services as a free.website domain name, free WhoisGuard, and up to 50 Positive SSL Certificates. All these features and free services not notly save your money but also increase more security for your website actually. For Example, WhoisGuard and SSL Certificate are all important security solution for website security, and they all the perfect solution to ensure website conversion and attracts more visitors. Shared Hosting also gives cPanel control and WordPress to help you simply design and build website easily. Website builder tools get your website presence online quickly and easily in an intuitive and simple way. Website builder saves your time a lot. Shared Hosting is chosen by most customers right now due to those important and attractive reasons.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Namecheap WordPress Hosting is also a perfect solution to get website online and achieve the great business revenue. It is the great alternative to WP Engine WordPress Hosting actually. Now Namecheap provides three packages EasyWP in this WordPress Hosting. And now NAmechepa gives the biggest discount ever on this WordPress Hosting plan. It is now up to 80% off on EasyWP Supersonic, now $19.88/yr. Therefore, you should prefer to use this Namecheap’s 80% off discount and promo code on their WordPress Hosting rather than waiting for WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code. All EasyWP plans under this WordPress Hosting is the true Managed WordPress Hosting Solution for all customers worldwide. And actually most customer also favorite this WordPress Hosting from Namecheap. And plus now Namecheap provides the 80% off discounts and promo codes on this WordPress Hosting. It is an unbeatable price now! Why Namecheap WordPress Hosting is the perfect alternative WP Engine? First it gives the 80% off discounts on this WordPress Hosting. Second, Namecheap WordPress Hosting is based on Namecheap cloud technology which surely makes the website run faster than any websites without cloud platform. Third, you can enjoy such services as easy backup and restores, SFTP file access, temporary EasyWP free domain, 1x WordPress website installed and ready to go and 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 friendly support. What’s more, Namecheap gives SSL Certificates and WhoisGuard technology to make your website more secure. These two technologies mainly block different cyber-attacks like malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spammer, identity theft and more.

Namecheap VPS Hosting

WP Engine specialize in WordPress Hosting, but Namecheap gives many different professional and excellent hosting plans. The VPS hosting is also one of the most remarkable hosting plans. VPS Hosting is usually chosen by people who want a more powerful and complex website with tons of webpages or whose website has outgrown their Shared Hosting plan. Actually VPS Hosting is a perfect option to increase website performance, make website faster and increase website conversion. And customers believe it can greatly improve the website and business revenue. Namecheap VPS Hosting gives more disk space, RAM memory, more powerful CPU, more bandwidth. Namecheap VPS Hosting can ensure the 99.9% uptime for your website completely. VPS Hosting gives the SSD (Solid State Drive) storage which is up to 20x faster than those standard storages. Therefore, your website can run in a faster speed. Namecheap’s VPS is based on a high-performance network which is supported by Tier-1 Powered Network out of Phoenix, Arizona. Such a high-performance network gives lightning-fast speed in downloading and website loading. Customers all over the world rate this VPS Hosting mostly due to this reason. cPanel control and website builder are also given to VPS customers to make their website hosting and building easier than ever before. Namecheap’s VPS Hosting features more security and flexibility for website. VPS hosting makes customer have full control and administration on their server as website built in a single server with separate resources. No one’s website can interrupt your own one. Namecheap VPS is an excellent choice for web developers, webmasters, resellers, and for those who run resource-intensive websites. And you also can use this VPS Hosting as an alternative to your WP Engine plans.

Namecheap Dedicated Hosting

Namecheap Dedicated Hosting has something similar with VPS Hosting actually. Dedicated Server is always the perfect way to get optimal security and maximum bandwidth for your website actually. If your website now has outgrown the Shared Hosting, you are suggested to change to this Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting. Both Hosting plans are using dedicated server to host website, which can first ensure your website performance. However, Dedicated Hosting is suitable for people who have some knowledge of managing and configuring servers and other technical skill in website hosting. Unlike Shared Hosting, Dedicated hosting just allows only one website to be hosted in a single server solely devoted to one user. Dedicated Hosting devote more effort in enhancing website performance. Website performance can greatly attract new visitors, and increase the traffic conversion. That means it can greatly strengthen your website business and you also can achieve more business revenue with using this dedicated hosting. Dedicated Hosting can make website faster and more reliable because it provides more resources like CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth etc and other resources used only for your website. If your website receives massive volume of traffic, Dedicated server is the best choice to enhance the website performance. If you have Shared Hosting account and your website has reached the resources limits, you are suggested to change to this Dedicated Hosting or VPS Hosting. Therefore, Namecheap Hosting is also a perfect option to alternate WP Engine hosting.


Namecheap web hosting is a perfect, profession and expertise hosting service provider with over decades of experience and skills. Their technical team and staff are all in this hosting industry for over 10 years. They have more experience and expertise in website hosting and building. Namecheap has two data centers separately located in UK and US. Their technical team always upgrade and optimize their DNS, servers, and network for customers to have fast, reliable and secure websites. They have developed their own proprietary technology called WhoisGuard to add more security for your website domains, personal information like names, address, phone number, credit card number and others. This technology works together with SSL Certificate to make websites more secure and private for visitors. These technologies become a strong firewall to block spammer, telemarketer, identity theft, and other online threats like malware and phishing attacks. Namecheap gives powerful and innovative hosting plans and packages to make websites for customers worldwide. What’s more, domains are also chosen and registered by customers at the same time. Therefore, Namecheap web Hosting is a perfect alternative to your WP Engine service, especially now there is no WP Engine Renewal Coupons & Promo Code to renew your plans and packages. What’s more, Namecheap always provides different discounts and promo codes on different products and service to help you save money when renewing service. Every month Namecheap gives the freshest promo code with discounts. 50% OFF Shared Hosting, 80% OFF WordPRess Hosting and 94% off .store domain registration and more are great choice actually!

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