With the release of VyprVPN 4.0 Beta VyprVPN team are launching WireGuard®. WireGuard® is the next-generation, open-source VPN protocol that promises to meet the needs of users who desire the highest level of privacy, security and speed. WireGuard®’s uber-advanced features include a greatly slimmed down codebase, stronger encryption and increased throughput.

Speed – Users can establish a connection more quickly than ever, enjoy faster upload/download speeds and have a better streaming and gaming experience.

Privacy – All of our global servers support WireGuard® so users are always assured of a completely private connection, and our publicly audited, no-log policy gives users an extra level of protection.

Security – WireGuard®’s superior, simplified code structure doesn’t mean users have to sacrifice security – all personal online data is completely protected.

Increased Battery Life – WireGuard®’s well designed, simple-yet-powerful codebase can help to save on battery life of devices.

Connection Roaming – WireGuard® will maintain a connection when users switch from one network environment to another. With other protocols, the connection is dropped.

WireGuard® is now available on our iOS, Android (in Beta) and Mac (in Beta) apps. WireGuard® on Windows is coming very soon.

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on May 14, 2020 8:10 am

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