In the past few months bitcoin has been a big flop, but some of its supporters have stuck with it. Here’s one example: the winsons.

The twin brothers say people tend to think about the meaning of cryptocurrency in terms of interpersonal transfer. However, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can also be used to transfer value between machines, such as when a driverless car pays a transaction with another driverless vehicle.

Many people have been afraid to pay for cryptographic currencies, and the recipients have refused to accept them. Because the exact price of bitcoins is hard to pin down, if prices rise, it is better to hoard them than to spend them.
As volatility increased, trading increased, as did transaction fees on the bitcoin network. If micro-payments based on bitcoin do come true, transaction fees can be a big problem.

In addition to the wen brothers, others who are determined to see more bitcoin continue to be bullish. A day earlier, Thomas grossman, head of business development at Gatecoin, the exchange, said: “there is no reason for bitcoin to go up to $50,000 in December.”

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on February 26, 2018 9:52 am

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