I have encountered a virus that has appeared on my laptop this bogus Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 on when i turned my laptop this virus comes on from Microsoft Security Essentials. I am trying to read how to disable this can u help me?

How to Remove Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 Completely?

Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 is one of the newest computer infections that has just started to gain momentum, although it is still not as common as many of the main Trojan virus attacks that are out there causing harm. This virus can change your settings, generating redirect problems, so when user click on the sponsored link at the top of a Google search, he is redirected to a blank page, with a URL with a long string of letters and numbers. That is because this new virus does a great job in hiding itself in many very popular sites and quickly attacks and infects unsuspecting users. The Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 virus is also picked up through spam emails, and this is another reminder of how important it is to secure all your important accounts and don’t open the malicious attachments. Otherwise, you can easily get hit by the this virus.

Hackers have created many Trojan virus and put them on the internet from many sites in order to steal personal data from computers and then ruin the computer system. But the only coal is to gain money from people, how did you get this annoying threat? Well, some signs that a computer has been hit with the Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 virus will be a drastically slower Internet connection, as well as popup ads showing up on all sites that are visited. As the virus progressed the ads will become more frequent, eventually overtaking the computer and crashing any Internet browsing sessions. Like we mentioned above, it can cause many bad problems, what drives you mad is that your anti-virus won’t be able to deal with the problem, you have to fix it manually.

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What Will The Virus Do On Your Computer?

If a computer is experiencing any of the following symptoms it could be because of the Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 virus:

•    Extremely slow computer at startup and during normal operation.
•    If the antivirus programs are not working it could be the virus blocking them.
•    If some programs are not running properly it could be due to the virus removing files that were needed by those programs.
•    If there are pop ups showing up on sites that are normally viewed regularly without pop ups that is a sign that there is a virus.
•    The virus can hide folders that it has placed files in, so if there are folders missing it could be because of this harmful virus.
•    If emails are noticed in the sent folder or outbox that do not look familiar it could be the Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 virus sending them out to the contact lists.

Manual Removal Step by Step Guide

Step A: Open Windows Task Manager to end process related to the domain. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to pull up Window Task Manager.

Step B: Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. Go to Folder Options window, under View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

Step C: Press Windows+R keys to pull up Run box and type in regedit to open Registry Editor.

Step D: Delete all these associating files and registry entries of Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 in Registry Editor as below:

%AllUsersProfile%\Programs\{random letters}\
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”.exe.dll

Video On How to Remove The Trojan Virus:


Since the Win.Trojan.Bamital-1158 virus is fairly new not all antivirus programs will detect its presence, you must take care as it will attack the system and give hackers immediate access to the files, allowing them to steal personal information. Once fully downloaded, the virus will cause Google redirect problem as well. Just like with most other Trojan viruses,  this one gives the criminals control to the targeted computer and once they gain control it can lead to data loss, bank account information exposed, you need to eliminate the virus manually as virus removal tools didn’t work. If you are not sure what files to deal with, please find an expert to assist you, that is the best way to save your computer in time.

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