Dashlane is a password manager app and secure digital wallet. A password manager securely keeps track of all your passwords. It’s the only way to create unique passwords for all your accounts, remember them, and have them typed for you online. Dashlane keeps track of all your passwords, whether you use them once a day or once a year. With Dashlane, you will never forget another password. You can add or import passwords, or save them as you browse the web. However, you get them in Dashlane, you’ll never lose track of them again. You don’t remember the passwords? Or don’t want to type passwords one by one? Don’t worry. Dashlane has powerful autofill typing feature which can automatically help type your passwords on any websites, saving you an average of 50 hours per year. What’s more, Dashlane’s strong password generator can help generate strong passwords and saves them right on web. Dashlane password changer instantly updates password just by touching a button. Dashlane backs up your passwords and keeps them up to date across your phone, computer or tablet. Dashlane uses AES-256 security encryption to secure your data with backup to the cloud or local-only storage

Dashlane Features:

Secure Password Manager

– Save and organize all of your passwords in a password vault only you have access to
– Generate unique, secure passwords for all of your accounts with our password generator
– Store important information and security codes with Secure Notes
– Automatically log in to apps and websites in seconds

Organize Unlimited Passwords with Dashlane

– One master password is all you need to access your private information
– Autofill passwords for all your apps and websites in seconds
– Create new passwords regularly to be extra safe
– Search passwords in your Password History to make sure you never lose one again

Digital Wallet

– Organize and store credit cards securely in your mobile wallet
– Sync up all of your apps for express checkout on any website
– Keep your receipts under lock and key in the Payments section
– Always have your passport and ID information at hand in Dashlane
– Let Dashlane fill in web forms for you instantly

Published by Tony Shepherd & last updated on January 23, 2020 8:06 am

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