Hey, there! I recently encounter a problem with my Mac. It always gets stuck at the white screen once it’s starting up. Is there a simple way that can help me walk through to fix this problem? I want to fix it by myself, but Apple system is new for me, I even don’t know how to figure out the causes to this problem. Anyway, it will be highly appreciated if you could help me out of this issue.

What’s exactly about the problem that Mac can’t turn on or won’t start up?

Here, you should notice that it’s different between the problem ‘Mac can’t turn on’ and the one ‘Mac won’t start up’. These two issues may sound like the same matter, but actually they are very different. If you get following problems as what we describe, your Mac can’t turn on. You don’t hear a start-up chime, don’t hear any fan or drive noise, and there are no images, video or visuals of any sort on the display when you press on Power button. In this situation, your Mac isn’t turning on at all. You’re not even going to the point where it fails to start up. And the solution to fix a Mac that can’t turn on is also different from the one to fix Mac won’t start up.


How to check and fix Mac can’t turn on or won’t start up?

♦ If your Mac can’t turn on properly, you can try the following ways to check:
1.Check the connection to the power.
2.Try a different power cord or adapter (if you have one).
3.Disconnect all accessories (such as printers and USB hubs).
4.If you recently installed new memory or a new hard drive, make sure they are correctly installed and compatible (if possible re-install the old memory or hard drive).
If none of these steps resolve the problem, then you should attempt to reset the SMC

♦ If your Mac turns on but doesn’t load OS X or log into, please check it by following steps below:
1.Check the power supply to the Mac (and the power to the display if using a separate unit).
2.Confirm that all cables are connected securely.
3.Check that the monitor is compatible with your Mac.
4.Remove all display extenders, switches and any other devices between the Mac and monitor.
5.Unplug the video cable (if using a separate monitor) and plug it back in.
6.If using more than one monitor in a “daisy chain”, unplug all monitors and test using just one.
7.If possible try to use a different display, or a different adaptor (use DVI instead of VGA, for example).

♦ If your Mac is turning on and booting up, but isn’t loading properly, there should be some problems with software. And the disk of Mac may be corrupted or damaged, so you can fix this problem from Recovery mode.
1.Ensure Mac is off, if not, please shut it off.(if Mac gets stuck on a grey, blue or white screen, just hold down the Mac’s power button for several seconds until it gives up and shuts off.)
2.Press and hold down the Command and R keys together, and power the Mac back up again.
3.Release the keys you were holding down when you get to OS X Utilities screen
4.Click on Disk Utility. Click over to the First Aid tab, and try repairing your Mac’s disk. The Disk Utility performs a “fsck” (file system check) operation. In this way, you don’t need to manually run the fsck command.



♦ If it still doesn’t work by running Disk Utility, you can try to reinstall Mac OS X into your Mac.
To get ‘Reinstall OS X’ option, you need to restart your Mac back into Recovery Mode by following the ways mentioned above. Once you click on ‘Reinstall OS X’ option, your Mac will automatically download the latest Mac OS X installation files and reinstall its operating system. If your Mac’s operating system is damaged, you are advised to choose ‘Restore From Time Machine Backup’ to change the out-of-date and damaged software to latest software and healthy operating system.


If Recovery Mode doesn’t work, or Mac OS X doesn’t load properly even after you reinstall new operating system from Recovery Mode or Mac isn’t turning on no matter how many times you press Power button, it’s most likely a hardware problem.

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